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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Buffet...an Entertaining Essential

We entertain a lot....it is not always formal, in fact I am more than happy to make a sweep of the house, throw everything in the laundry room and have good friends over for a game night or a crafting afternoon (sometimes I do freak about cleaning the bathroom).
One thing is for sure there is always a lot of scrumptious food!
I am really tired of it always on the kitchen counter. I would love a place, a buffet or sideboard for my home where I could stash all of those entertaining essentials, that would also function as a dedicated serving space. I almost think this is a necessity in my quest for totally home organization (which is going quite slowly by the way!).

In my current home, I do not have a lot of room for a big piece of furniture, nor do I want anything too fussy. Function is key if I am adding any furniture into my home right now.

This simple sideboard in distressed brown has storage, it is not too big-not too small, fits in perfectly with my decor, and also has surface area for hors d'oeuvres and other goodies.

On the other hand a sideboard with wine storage, bigger cabinets, and a little more surface for displaying and serving. I was also drawn to the lighter color. The style is a little different than some of my other pieces, but I am in a design transition now (that is a fancy way of saying - I am tired of some of the stuff!), so it could work.

Oh and then I saw this gorgeous Jessica McClintock Buffet 
(I may have had a dress or two designed by Ms. McClintock in my day!)
I fell in L-O-V-E!
It is not simple, but it is glamorous and gorgeous!

So, tell me how do you entertain?
Are you formal, casual, afraid to invite people over at the spur of the moment?

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  1. hmm. choices choices choices. Those are good things to have when thinking about entertaining. I live in a 632 square foot apartment, so all entertaining is pretty much done outside on picnic tables :)Oh, and potluck style... It's nothing picture worthy, but living on campus with a bunch of grad students makes for some fun, weekly potlucks.

  2. So...Apparently while you were writing your comment I was installing Disqus in my blog. Anyways, your comment got lost but I saw it in the email and wanted to thank you for being my 100th follower!! Woohoo! I wish I could make cookies for you :) Instead, I will make cookies for me and celebrate, and hopefully find more followers for you. How about that?

    Now, for someone who has over 2000 followers, a mere 100 is a small milestone. Teeny tiny. But I did a little happy dance when I saw your face light up the numbers. Cheers!

  3. Guests are not allowed in our house without a newly clean, spotless bathroom with fresh hand towels. I just can't cope otherwise. Mr. Man has, maybe, finally learned he is WELCOME to invite people over, but he has to clean first.

  4. I am a very casual entertainer. I have a sideboard that has sides that can be raised to increase the length. It's my favorite piece. I mostly do family dinners now as we don't have a lot of friends to invite over. (We moved 5 years ago. It's hard to make close friends as you get older.)

  5. I love my big hutch and potting table my son, Josh, made for the reasons you stated about entertaing...I usually have some big crowds, I use them as stations...for desserts, drinks, or as the starting point for a buffet holding just dinnerware and napkins. Holly, I would love to come party with you!

  6. I love to have people over but keep it casual. I always have some coffee and some sort of munchie. My house isn't perfect, but I think my guests are comfortable here.


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