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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

DIY! EASY Ornament Craft for Kiddos!

Every holiday we make some type of ornament at my house...I never really thought about it, but I guess you could say it is a tradition. This year the ornament is simply beautiful and we just used some gorgeous, glamorous paint and simple clear ornaments.
Before you go any further....I realize I am not diving into uncharted territory. I like to mix up the bigger, more complex crafts with ones my kids can help with or do themselves.

My eyes lit up when I received Glamour Dust from DecoArt - this product is fantastic - a creamy glittery goodness that I have never experienced. I have about 3 more projects using Glamour Dust  too - all different so you can see its many uses (now I just need to get a good photo...have I mentioned how incredibly hard it is to photograph in my house).

So what do I love about this project:
1 - A three year old can help!
2- It is inexpensive!
3- The outcome is PRETTY!
Do you really need to know more?

  • Glamour Dust by DecoArt. I used Ice Crystal, Sizzling Red and Gold Glitz.
  • Clear glass ornaments (from the craft store - they are 50% right now at my store)
  • Tiny bit of water.
  • A cute 3 year old (or any age!)
Jules has become my new crafting assistant...
when she sees the supplies coming out her eyes light up. 
  • Watch out...this is way too easy!
  • Remove the top of the ornament.
  • Put a few drops of one or each of the glamour dust paints into the hole of the ornament.
  • You may or may not need to add a few drops of water - I did this just so that the paint swirled around a little bit better ( and I am impatient)
  • Place your finger over the hole (you can use a paper towel so your finger does not get dirty).
  • Roll, twirl, and spin the ornament around to get the paint all over the inside.
  • Place atop a glass or jar with the hole upwards to let dry.
  • Replace the top, add ribbons, trim, etc if you want and enjoy!

Doesn't the Glamour Dust make a beautiful sparkly marbly ornament? L-O-V-E!
So, I know I am WAY LATE on my Christmas crafts, but I have a few left to show you.


  1. I'm here as witness to say that this works GREAT! I have some in my very home on my very tree!

  2. I really love the swirls on the ornaments. They look so pretty.

  3. Hey Holly,

    These are so pretty. Your daughter must think she's in craft heaven - which she pretty much is having you as her mummy!!

    I LOVE traditions that aren't 'official' traditions - they just kind of morph into something you do each year as a family because you all love it! They're the best ones, I think!


  4. ok, where were you yesterday???? i am hosting a homemade ornament exchange for kids friday night and my kids and i made our ornaments today- but this would have been great! we did crayon ornaments. it was fun, too, but i think my son would have loved shaiking the paint around!

  5. She is so stinkin' cute! And those ornaments are adorable! We did these last year and my boys had a blast!

  6. Your elf assistant, Jules, is so adorable. Making memories and traditions with your family is priceless. Happy Holly Jolly Joy...
    The ornaments are gorgeous.

  7. She's so cute. You just wish you could freeze them at that age for a while!

  8. I love this idea! My daughter made some with so other type of paint a few years ago but this one looks like it's perfect for kids.

  9. This is a brand new idea to me! I've never heard of it before. These balls are just gorgeous. I'm bookmarking this post for next year with my boys. Thanks Holly.

  10. I think these are so pretty. Really, it is a great craft to do with little ones.

  11. I love that no two of these ever turn out the same and love to watch how the paints run together. Thanks so much for linking up!

  12. What a great idea to use more than one color at a time!
    I have painted the inside of a clear ornament black, when I needed a black ornament for my hummingbird ornament (http://www.toquascrafts.com/2011/02/beading-purchased-patterns.html) Black isn't very exciting... but it works with this ornament! Yours is much prettier!!



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