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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pure Craziness In the Kitchen!

So, y'all know I am a little crazy.
I like to take on too many projects at one time.
Usually they are small, but not this time.
Finally...and I mean finally...
after 5 years of living in this house,
we are tackling our kitchen.
I won't even post a before shot until
I have a good after shot...
because it is that bad.

In my dreams, I hired someone to come in and
take over and then woke up one day, after vacationing in a villa somewhere
and poof, just like magic it was done and paid for...
but, then a 2 year old jumped on my head and
woke me up and brought me back to my reality.

Honestly, every contractor I spoke with, every kitchen designer
I talked to told me some of my ideas were crazy...
and somewhere down deep I know I am right!!!!!!
And that I could not let someone else take over...
so I am putting on my painter/contractor/DIY hat and hitting the tile.

It is not a crazy gut job...but enough to make me crazy
and make it look like my kitchen threw up in my living room.
So, my and my two wonderful assistants will be painting and scraping,
and sanding away for the next few weeks...and I HOPE
to have some great photos to show you
- and hopefully it is the work I have done...
not work I had to call someone in to do because I screwed up.

So, my presence here will be sporadic...
you know I cannot completely stay away!
Although today I pretty much had too...
hubby would have sledgehammered the computer
if he came home and I had a new blog post,
but the kitchen cupboards were still full...
demo starts tomorrow!
And I have some new project to work on for the DIY Club...
did you all go vote. Click HERE to get to the post and
view the top ten and then GO VOTE!

504 Main

And not to worry...
{like you were going too!}
I am not sure if there will be a post before Friday or not,
but Tickled Pink will be here this Friday
and will be a Blog Hop again!
Who is going to be Tickled Pink this week?????
Come back Friday and find out!
That was fun...thanks everyone for linking up!
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Welcome visitors from Twee Poppets! 
Tuesday Tag-Along

I am trying really hard to get back with everyone
from Tickled Pink, and last week in general, etc.
{I totally sound like a broken record these days!}


  1. Ok you need prayer good luck . Just drop me a line and I will make you a brew whenever and sit here and drink it for you. just having breakfast then off to work. CAnt wait to see the pics

  2. Just taggin' along from Tuesday tag along--what a great blog! Where have you been all my blogging life? how have our paths never crossed? baffling:)

  3. What a great idea. I am looking forward to the result.

    I am one of your newer follower, I found you with Tuesday Tag-Along

    I am looking forward to getting to know you better. Have a fab day. xxx


  4. I admire your tenacity and spunk for tackling a job like that. I am no handyman, so God bless you on the project. But knowing you, something tells me the end result will be superb. Go get 'em Holly.

  5. ok good luck and it will look amazing, our kitchens are important to us women....LOL
    miss ya,... wish we lived closer and I would watch your little one....

  6. Seriously. My prayers are with you. I gutted my kitchen, hired so-called professionals, fired-co called professionals. Had things stolen from my house by workers, was over-charged. you name it, it has happened, but if you're doing the work yourself you're good. One last thing, if you really like the layout of your kitchen, and your cabinets are good. Do NOT tear them out! Reface them with new door, or simply paint the old ones, new hardware. In the end you will be glad you did. I could go on and on...just brings back memories.

  7. oh, good luck with your big project! You will be upside down for a bit but it will be worth it!!!

  8. good luck with the kitchen. its a huge process!

    new follower from tweepoppers hop


  9. You know, I had carpet on my living room and dining area. The only tile I had was in my kitchen. I got tired of asking people to take their shoes off to keep my beige carpet as clean as possible.

    One day, I got tired (not before I made sure we had the money), and ripped the carpet off the floor. All that was left was cement. I went to Home Depot and found out that they had free tiling lessons on Saturday but you had to call ahead and make an appointment, so I did. There were other 4 DIY's there who were also doing their own tile.

    I learned that setting your tile is easy (if you have the time and strength) and a lo of physical work. I had the time, and I could stand to lose a few pounds.

    Plus, they have this already mixed adhesive that you can use to set your tiles down, without having to buy a cement mixer, and the wheel barrel...all that.

    I did the whole area downstairs by myself. It took me a few days, but I finally finished. I love my tiled floor and I'm happy that I did it myself!

    I called a contractor and they wanted $1200 to do the job. No thanks! :)

  10. oh...and loooking forward to your after pics! :) good luck!

  11. I don't like to be told no either. It can't be done sounds like a challenge to me.

    Plus the other thing is, at least you know that you won't cut corners or halfass anything. I swear every time we have ever had anyone do work for us we end up mad we didn't just do it ourselves. Ya know?

    I can't wait to see what you came up with. Kitchen remodels are my favorite.

  12. Now see, I love a good challenge like that! I'm sure it will be beautiful when you're all done. We remodeled our kitchen this past fall and it's now my favorite place in the house. I can't wait to see your before and afters.

  13. Much Luck! Trust your DIY instincts and go for it! (And make sure you've got plenty of take out menus...)

  14. Good luck on your remodel! How exciting. I can't wait to see the after pictures.

  15. Hi Holly-- Hope your kitchen project goes smoothly + quickly!

  16. Any bottled frustration will be completely wiped away after a good time spent swinging a sledge hammer!

    Good luck with the project - Can't wait to see pics!!

  17. Lots of luck Holly! The kitchen is the hardest to tackle, but you'll be so happy when it is over!

  18. Yeah it will be a lot of work but will look amazing.

  19. I'm excited to see it! It's going to be fabulous and obviously really unique!

  20. We tackled every room in our house over the last couple of years and I can't wait to see what you're going to do with your kitchen!

    I'm your newest follower from Tuesday Tag-Along and can't wait to read your blog.
    Stop by when you've got a chance.


  21. Ok...so you know how you asked me to come make you a writing nook...and then I asked you to come and plant me a garden?
    Well, I'm adding another to the list...
    I don't want you to demo my kitchen, I happen to like it, but would you put your decorator hat on and come work some interior design on my home. I just posted about that today...I suck at it. And my walls are barren because of it.
    Kudos for tackling this project!! I'm proud of you! Talk to you in a few months =)!!
    Kelli @ SustainingCreativity

  22. Good luck with this project. I hate our kitchen and we've haven't done anything to it since we moved in 6 years ago. This summer we are planning to tackle it. We'll see how it goes!!


  23. I have no doubt this project will be amazing. You just make everything work so well...and since you make everything look easy I suspect it is just you...being the talented Holly that we all admire.

  24. Oh I cannot wait to see your remodel! Sounds like fun.

  25. I'm so excited! I'm sure it will be amazing. If anyone can pull it off, you can!

  26. I'm so excited! I'm sure it will be amazing. If anyone can pull it off, you can!

  27. Oh so exciting Holly! OF COURSE YOU CAN DO IT - you're fabulous. Cannot wait to see photos of the process. You have the magic touch girl.

  28. Good Luck on the kitchen remodel... That is a big JOB! I want to check out your wedding blog,too. Thanks for following! I'm gonna follow along with you, too! Lezlee

  29. Hey beautiful Holly! If anyone can tackle this kitchen project it's YOU! You are fabulous! Not to worry, Bumpkin and I will be on standby with cocktail shakers and martini glasses in hand ready to help you unwind!! XOXO Oh! and I am going to play in Tickled Pink this week!

  30. Het there! Thanks for stopping by today! I think I had just started following you a few weeks ago from some other blog I hopped over from...it is fun to see who connects with who!

    Oh man...that sounds like a HUGE job! But I am really excited to see your magic! I always just try to think...one or two weeks of mess...& then it is done forever! Or at least until it goes out of style :) Good luuck with your project! I can't wait to see it!

  31. It's possible that I would rather shoot myself in the foot than endure a kitchen remodel. I'm in awe of the patient souls like yourself who are willing to tolerate the mess, the work. I'd be in the nut house. But just think, when I got back home, my kitchen would be lovely!!

  32. Hi Holly, thanks so much for visiting from 2 Shades of Pink and your sweet comments on the garland and signing up as a new follower. I love your blog! I am going to sign up as a new follower, and I have a feeling you're going to keep me very inspired..I love DIY projects.

    Thanks again!


  33. This sounds so exciting, Holly! Have fun-- I can't wait to see the photos!

  34. Oh my word! You have a lot going on AND a LOT of followers... you are one busy lady - best of luck with your project :)

  35. Hee, hee, this is a fun post! Where on earth do you find time for all this?!?



  36. Hi!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. There is nothing wrong with drinkin' coffee at 1:30am. I do it at 3am!!!

    Good luck with your kitchen, and tell the contractors to grow a creativity ball. They're suppose to be creative, inventive, troubleshooting minded people.

    Pleah. DIY it!! Cheaper and easier than dealing with others b.s.

    Thank you again for stopping by and I'm following also.

  37. Girlie Squeal! I can't wait to see the whole process! I am trying to figure out what to do with my middle girl's room. It's not painted with anything except for flat white base. Bleh! I want to do something fun! *sigh* I will have to do some research.

  38. Congrats, I just became your one THOUSANDTH follower! :)

  39. okay, you are officially the queen of the DIYers!!! I love this, you are so adorable and put together but still down to earth enough to gut your kitchen yourself. So cute. I can't wait to see before and after pictures!!!!! My Dad always did all our tiling and i was always impressed. Home makeovers never fail though so I"m really excited to see and I'm not just saying that. Good luck Holly!

  40. Cant' wait to see the finished result! The hubs and I have gutted and remodeled one house and one building (flips). It's hard work but SO satisfying!

  41. I'm sending you good vibes!!! You are such a stud=0)


  42. O.K! I'm more excited than you are I think. That's because i'm not doing the labor. I can't wait to see the finished results. You GO GIRL!!!!

  43. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Kitchen remodel...I had a marriage break up over a remodel. I didn't realize he had such bad taste...awk!
    Good luck...it'll be fine.

  44. GO FOR IT!!! I remodeled my kitchen with the help of my mom and everyone thought we were crazy too. One of my friends husbands bet us that we could not get it done in the 7 weeks we were giving to the project. A fancy dinner out was on the line so we gut the whole kitchen to the 2x4's and had it done in 5 WEEKS. (i'm not really that competitive) heehee But I did all sorts of unconventional things and it turned out amazing! I can't wait to see yours!! Be safe!

  45. Oh Wow!! What a great project.
    I'm sure you'll do just fine, without any major screw-ups.

  46. Sounds like a big project you are tackling Holly! I know you will not disappoint! Can't wait to see the pictures! Sometimes you just have to do it yourself to get what you want huh?! Unfortunately it's tons more work for you, but at the same time it will be so much more rewarding!

    Can't wait to see who's Tickled Pink this Friday! Have a splendid day pretty lady! :)


  47. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Oh wow, that is a very big project to take on. Wishing you much luck and strength and a beautiful remodeled kitchen!

    Thanks for stopping by the other day.

  48. Oh no, don't go, don't go, don't go!!! I can't survive without my girl! Ok, now I'm dying to know what kind of crazy ideas you had for your kitchen. Do tell!!! Miss you...

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

  49. You are so brave, Holly! GOOD LUCK! Can't wait to see the progress!

  50. Good luck with the remodel!! Sounds exciting!!

  51. Just discovered you from the Lady Bloggers. You were right: your blog is SO easy to boot scoot around on! Looking forward to see your new kitchen (hope you don't get too many headaches, got plenty of Motrin?) and to getting to know you better. : )

  52. Good luck with your kitchen! I had to laugh at your fantasy of how it will be done, though!

    Look at you, lady- 1,000 followers! Awesome!:)

  53. Wow!! How incredibly brave (and - ok - a little crazy! But, I'd be right there with ya, sister!!!) I can't wait to see what you're doing. I dream of a different kitchen ... and maybe I'll get the nerve - once I see how you do!! ;)GOOD LUCK! (Too bad Tim "the tool man" Taylor isn't on anymore!!!! Hey, this may be the start of a whole new show! Hang in there!)

  54. I can totally relate - we have lived here five years, and I'm only just now getting a bee in my bonnet wanting to tackle a million things at once, just in time to probably think about being relocated again! Figures, right? I can't wait to see your kitchen transformation!

  55. Yikes! Good luck with your project! Mr Hubby and I have some crazy ideas for our kitchen and one of these days we are just going to go for it!

  56. Not happening either. Cracks me up. I feel your pain.

  57. Good luck with the remodeling! I can't wait to see the pics.

  58. Good Luck! I can't wait to see the results...maybe it will inspire me to get busy in my kitchen. I have a few ideas about my kitchen that includes 'raising the ceiling'!
    Have Fun!

  59. Post. The. Pics.

    PLEASE! I love your style and I NEED to see that kitchen!

    As far as designing - IGNORE them. You know what you do and how you need it.

    Two words; Countertops, Pantry
    Less is NOT more.

    I'm so excited to see it!

  60. I can not wait to see your photos of the kitchen!

  61. Spending a rare day in blogland...and of course you are out to lunch too:) Good luck with the remodel. Miss you. HOlly

  62. sigh, good job, though I feel tired for you. :)

    Hope you get it all done to your liking!

  63. I'm so glad my parents waited until I moved out to remodel. I like peace and order even though I'm a little disorganized. Don't try to figure it out. lol.

    you're remodeling and you're still able to detox. Whew!
    I hope the fam makes it through the week in one piece. lol. looking forward to the after pics


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