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Friday, October 30, 2009

Last Chance To Be A Halloweener

Joe's Cub Scout Pumpkin

I had every intention of breaking out of my Halloween blah this year! Really, I had it all planned out...31 days of recipes, crafts, and tributes to Halloween. I was even going to dress up this year...well, sort of, if you call a Jessie Steele retro-chic vintage-inspired apron, great jeans, and stiletto boots a costume...Oh, you don't get it...a 21st Century Stepford Wife...that's about as costumey as I get (and a great excuse to buy the apron!).

But alas, it is October 30, and I have tons of pumpkins...I {heart} pumpkins, even if I don't {heart} Halloween. To top it off I have been way behind in wifely, motherly, authorly duties and then the flu done kicked our behinds the last few days. So, here I am...October 30...time to kick it in gear...last chance to be a Halloweener.

Today, I tried very hard to get a little festive, not sure I got it quite right, but I tried. Most of the projects were totally tweaked to be done in a day or hours...here's a peek.

This wasn't really a project, but our Cub Scout den "volunteered" to help out for the annual Pack Pumpkin Carving Meeting. What does this mean - me rounding up 50 pumpkins and gutting them...so the kids can carve them later that evening. I got sick the night before, but the gutting continued thanks to the other ladies of the pack (go girls!). I do LOVE how my porch looked with all these pumpkin though...Think I could convince me hubby to spend a couple hundred dollars on pumpkins next year? Hmmmm...not likely.

30 of the 50 Cub Scout pumpkins
Joe's creation is the top picture.

I was going tot make these super cute candy corn cake pops that I found online at The Genco Journal. I made about 20 before illness and time constraints caught up to me. I abandoned the idea..next year though...they are super cute! I'll just share the few I made with the kids I know.

Candy Corn Cake Pops

Instead, I made popcorn balls with a recipe from allrecipes. They are yummy, yummy, yummy! My biggest problem is that I don't always read the directions...I am a blonde genius ya know!  Let's just say I didn't let the candy mixture cool down enough before I dove in, and now I can probably embark on a life of crime because I have no fingerprints left. Ouch! See what happens when you cook and craft late at night!

Popcorn balls with a chocolate drizzle

My cute little banner was going to have frills...not this year....some triangles out of cardstock, chip board letters, glue dots and yarn/ribbon that not quite made it to knitting night and voila! It is still cute.

Easy-Peasy Banner

I have been wanting to try these little ghosts for a long time...mainly because I get to use stuff called Stiffy and when I think about the name I imagine Martha saying Stiffy a hundred times in one of her demonstrations and trying to keep a straight face (I actually don't watch Martha...too much time and $$$ wasted on crazy projects).

These are my little ghosts. I am hanging them with a glow stick inside, but they would also look tres cute with a battery operated tea light in them along the walk way. You need 1 bottle of Stiffy, cheesecloth, a mold of sorts (I used a mason jar) and some string or a hook. Easy, peasy!

This ghosts rocked with the glow stick inside...
unfortunately the photo doesn't do it justice.

So, what hip gal doens't have 30 black feather boas in her garage? Add one wire wreath frame and instant glam-spooky Halloween wreath (it only took 2 boas!). I just used short lengths of floral wire and secured the boa to the wire frame. Then add this sparkly sign I bought for about $2. I {heart} it! My hubby doesn't...he loses this time.

Glam-Spooky Boa Wreath

My pumpkin totem pole...not quite my original vision, but the base is made and I will paint a design or faces on it later. Next year, it will be 6 feet and made of multiple types of pumpkins.

It's amazing what you can do with a hammer, a wooden stake,
and determination! Too cute!

I love candles (really, who doesn't!). Some jars, vases, and other containers filled with beans in Halloween colors, and there ya go...super cute little accent pieces.

Black beans, an orange candle and a trifle bowl

So, the final product a festive Halloween porch that doesn't look too bad considering it happened overnight!

As for Halloween night, chili and cornbread are on the menu, along with some wine!.

So that is how I threw Halloween together in 24 hours give or take. Phew...I need a cocktail!

Happy Halloween!



  1. You are amazing! My house just has a few decorations scattered around. I'm impressed.

    Glad that everyone is feeling better in time for trick or treating!


  2. Looks great! Chili and cornbread are on our Halloween menu,too! Hope you all have a great Halloween!

  3. Man oh man...we need you here! We didn't even get a pumpkin this year. I know...tsk tsk...at least our little one is too little to know we didn't do squat!

  4. Wow, you have been really busy! I think everything turned out great, and it certainly looks festive. I particularly like the ghosts with the glow stick inside. I've been meaning to make those, and now I'm really inspired to give it a shot after seeing yours. Great work!

  5. Holly, I'm not exactly the "craft" type person, but this is incredible. And you did this all in a day? Wow. I am impressed to say the least. You have quite the imagination.

    Thanks for some nifty ideas.

  6. Just a note...I did already have the making of all this stuff....I am a craft hoarder! Shhhh...Don't tell my husband (although I think he already knows!).


  7. Wow!! You are a domestic goddess!! I love, love, love that wreath. Seriously. I saved the picture on my computer and everything. Love the topiary, too! Have fun!

    PS I'm going to redeem myself (maybe) for Christmas.

  8. Don't I feel like a slacker! You are my new holiday idol, getting all that done in 24 hours!

    I'm not sick, but my daughter is. The only Halloweenie thing I managed to do was buy candy and dump it into bowls. There are ten pumpkins sitting on my porch begging to be carved. Guess I know what I'll be doing while I enjoy my coffee in the morning!

  9. Look at you go! Great job, your porch looks fantastic!

  10. A very festive entryway! Everything you did was great but I'm "Jonesing" the ghosts and the pumpkin totem pole.

    BTW, Joe's carved pumpkin is delightful!

    I finally finished the Gryffindor scarves yesterday and have yet to carve pumpkins. Started feeling ill: dizzy, fatigue, slightly queasy. Decided to spend most of the day in bed. Hopefully I'll get to the pumpkins today. Heck, the more I think about it the kids are old enough to carve their own pumpkins!

  11. You are amazing. I'm so stealing the black beans orange candle thing! I really like how all of those pumpkins look (even if they were for cub scouts). We had our cub scout parade last night and it was sooo warm. xoxo


  12. CHEERS TO YOU!! What a great job..way better than mine and I actually put mine up with purpose and clarity and I wasnt sick either. I made those ghosts one year a long time ago..love the glostick idea..and that Wreath..FABULOUS Love it..will have to do that next year!! Happy Halloween!

  13. You're superwoman! Your porch looks amazing - each details is perfect and doesn't look like a 24 hour put together. Everything looks so festive and beautiful! Great job! Now go get that cocktail! You deserve it! :)

  14. We carved pumpkins last night - all 3 of them! And we're having chili tonight too! Happy Halloween!

  15. Well, if this is you skimping on the festivities, I can't wait to see it when you get REALLY amped up!

    Sorry you've been sick. i just returned from the doctor myself--no flu, just out-of-control allergies topped with some sort of random,respiratory virus...yuck :(

    Hope you are feeling better--I love your decor. I'll have to look at it a lot, because I didn't get much Halloween up and running at all...good thing my kids are older!

  16. You are amazing. This all looks phenomenal. I feel really guilty about my pitiful spiderwebs and lame uncarved pumpkins outside. I do have 2 skeletons hanging, too, but I certainly didn't make anything by hand, even though I wasn't sick! You rock!!

  17. I think it all looks awesome! I had just enough time and energy to put up some homemade construction paper decorations. I love Halloween but this year was just too hectic...bring on Thanksgiving!

  18. 1. So sorry you were sick.
    2. I almost fainted when I saw all the pumpkins. Relieved to read why! I was about to sign you up for a support group.
    3. Your displays are FAB. Really...I love them!
    4. The whole Stiffy paragraph had me in stitches. Well done my friend...well done!

    Thanks for coming by. Hope you have a great Halloween! Holly at lifelaughlatte.blogspot.com

  19. That's some serious Halloweening. The Candy Corn Cake Pops look delicious.

  20. Holly you came through like a champ. One would never know that you haven't felt good. I could only wish to have a fraction of that talent!!!

    Stop by on Sunday, there will be a little something for you.

    Happy Halloween!

  21. I don't do Halloween, but your pumpkins all lined up on the porch look cute and that chocolate drizzled popcorn ball looks yummy!!

    happy SITS Saturday!

  22. You are cordially invited to an award ceremony over at Leigh vs Laundry.
    Get dressed up because you have an award waiting for you.


  23. Happy SITS Sharefest!

    Your porch looks spooky cute!

    Sweetly Sweet

  24. holy crap! you are soooo talented! and creative! everything looks fabulous. you need to come decorate for me next year :)

  25. I LOVE your Halloween decorations! I am going to have to "borrow" some of your ideas for next year. Hope you had a great one!

    My babysitter is getting married in a year. I HAVE to buy your book for her!


  26. happy SITS Sharefest!

    ooOOooh! I *heart* your boa wreath, too! My husband would try to veto it, too and he too would lose!!


  27. Stopping by from SITS to say hello! Looks like you had a successful Halloween!

    Enjoy your Sunday!

    Here's my Halloween post...


  28. Stopping by from SITS to say hi! Sorry your family has been sick. Your porch looks awesome-I love the Halloween banner-it looks great just as it is.

  29. Holly, all your Halloween decorations turned out great! I was admiring your banner last night. Where did you get those great chipboard letters? I love the font! Your house looked great! You looked beautiful in your costume (gotta get me one of those aprons!), and your chili and baked brie were divine! Thanks again for everything!

  30. LOVE your wreath...and all of your other decorations! I am a new follower :) I'd love for you to come visit/follow me! My new blog is www.shelleysswag.blogspot.com It's just a fun little blog about couponing, free samples, sharing recipes, etc.


  31. Love, love, love the decorations!!! :)

  32. Just returning the visit... you comment, I follow! Thanks for leaving a comment! I'm really liking this blog... full of great ideas! ... I may just stick you on my sidebar!

  33. That black feather wreath is all kinds of awesome!

    Stopping by from the SITS Halloween Parade! :o)


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