504 Main by Holly Lefevre: A Big Thanks and the Google Game
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Friday, October 9, 2009

A Big Thanks and the Google Game

504 Main has had a nutty week...and I am a couple days late and a dollar short on extending this "BIG THANKS," but this week at our place, the motto is "Better late than never." I would like to thank Cynthia at Running With Letters for passing on the "One Lovely Blog Award." I really appreciate it!
I really enjoy her blog and if you have not stopped by to visit her...you should go do it NOW...it is fantastic.

OK, there are rules...The rules of the "One Lovely Blog Award" are accept the award, post it on your blog along with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. Pass the award along to several other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award...

...but I am not playing by the rules tonight...BUT I promise to asap. I cannot currently form an intelligent thought (I am just messing around tonight and watching Survivor and Project Runway..I do have priorities!)...neither of my kids will sleep! Oh yeah, and I am trying to pack for a small trip.

I also realize that I did not pass on the "Over the Top Award" from last week...Please forgive me..I am a newbie. So expect a post next week with all the recipients.

Steph in the City does a Group Blog on Thursday (I discovered this today...I am still new at this!), and I love these things...So I decided to jump in on the Google Game. I have 2.5 hours left to finish.

Now it's your turn. Answer these questions, using Google pics, and post the link to your blog below:
1. Your Favorite beverage:

I live on mochas! I actually order the powder form Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and make my own!

2. Your hometown

I am from Torrance, CA and went to Torrance High...famous for Beverly Hills 90210 (and 90210) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

3. Your favorite TV show

Fabric, scissors, and attitude.....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

4. Your Occupation/You are in school for

I despise this movie...after it came out, wedding planners were asked the stupidest questions.

5. Your first car

Mine was graphite black and we had WAY TOO MUCH FUN in it.

6. Your favorite dish

The best pizza and breadsticks (smother in butter and garlic or butter and cinnamon/sugar) ever.

7. Celebrity you've been told to resemble

Elizabeth Shue...I'll take it and she look HOT in this photo...I do not look like that.

8. Celebrity on your "to do" list

Saw/met him once in Manhattan Beach...can you say HOT! I am so excited every time I see a Chevrolet Traverse commercial. Really! I almost bought that car because of him.

9. Favorite Childhood toy

I had two of these. She is my favorite..PINK!

10. Any Random picture

Googled random photo and that was at the top of the page...I'll go for it....reminds me of my family--they love his movies. He is from Torrance too.


  1. Hy....I am so glad that I discovered this morning your charming and interesting blog, I found you through a comment you left on willougsbough;
    I enjoyed reading some of your posts and as I am asked sometimes to organize important events I am sure I will find important hints and tips by a real professional like you are!!
    (excuse spelling errors, english is not my mother language, but i try to do best I can!)
    I live under the TUSCAN SUN, come and have a glimpse of it!
    have a beautiful day and see you soon!
    PS. hello from SITS too!!

  2. ahh the bedtime battles, I think I have put Ollie back to bed about twenty times tonight.....one day it will be easy, at least that is what I keep on telling myself.

  3. I absolutely LOVE your new header! Did you take the picture yourself?

    The Google Game looks like fun, I may have to try it myself!

  4. Aww...thanks so much, Holly! With a nice plug like that, I'm sure I'll have folks stampeding on over to my place :)

    I enjoyed your Google Game pics and answers...looks like fun.I feel a little clueless, though, for not being exactly sure who Elizabeth Shue is...I think I might have to do some Googling myself...

  5. PS Woah...I almost missed the new look here! I caught it on my way out...I like it!

  6. Love your new look!! Not a big Chuck Norris fan, but love the new look!

  7. I love all that pink on Barbie. Wedding planners have my utmost respect. That's a stressful job!

  8. Holly,

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog--I keep seeing you everywhere, too! I love that you're a newbie like me. I'm learning the ropes one day at a time. I've been blogging for a year and a half, but only lately am I trying to do more w/ it and meet other bloggers who can give me guidance and share tips...

    504 is my old area code from New Orleans, so I think your blog holds a special place in my heart!

    I'll be visiting again to play catch up soon!

  9. This is the second or third post like this that I've read and I love them! I am seriously considering breaking the rules and doing my own, once I do the laundry, take the kids to school, make bread and get the baby down for a nap...ugh.

  10. Hi Holly, Love the banner. Did a double take wondering if somehow I had never noticed it before, or if indeed it was new! Fabulous...like everything on your blog. Always makes me happy to come here. Like learning about all things you love. Very fun. Have a great day. Holly at lifelaughlatte.blogspot.com

  11. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Elizabeth Shue is hot, but don't sell yourself short!

  12. Thanks for coming by..I just cannot resist these things (it was just what I needed to do last night..fun!)...I spent way too much time doing this on Facebook!

    Thanks as well for the comments on the semi-new look...still working on it..could change tomorrow. One thing that has been really fun is that I carry my camera with me everywhere now...snapping away!

    Elizabeth Shue...Leaving Las Vegas, Adventures in Babysitting...I am stumped...I have also been told Crystal Bernard (Wings), but that one I really do not see.


  13. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Oh my goodness!! Howie Long is my "it" guy!! People even say my husband resembles him (why do you think I married him!) Too funny! I thought I was the only girl with a crush on him!


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