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Sunday, January 8, 2012

DIY! Welcome Friends and Family

My front door is right next to this fairly large window.
I like to hang a banner or something there when we have a party...
but now I have a new idea...one that even works for every day!

A Welcome Window!
And it can be changed with the seasons!


Additional Supplies
  • Window Washing solution
  • Paper towel/rag 
  • Template - pen or pencil and large piece of paper (newsprint/paper bag/etc.)
  • Level

Go checkout the full tutorial over at
DIY Club

It is a super easy project - you just need the basic supplies and 2 vinyls. I created the template for frame myself...but like I said this was EASY!

Want to know what the best thing is...you can replace the snowflakes
and continue to update the vinyl as needed with the seasons or occasion!

You know what I LOVE - this was my intention (and I had said nothing to anyone about it) and my son walked up to me after I finished and said
"Hey, mom, we can keep changing up the designs for each season!."
I love that kid!

My pumpkin snowman loves his new sign!

The vinyl is pretty and makes a lovely way to welcome guests.
A fun and affordable idea you can do for all of your parties!

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  1. Looks great! What a nice way to welcome guests!


  2. Too great! And what a smart boy you have there. :> Love the pumpkin snowman too....wish I would have thought of that - instead of throwing several small pumpkins into the yard waste just before Christmas. Ack!

  3. I like it alot. Gives me an idea for our windows over the flower boxes.

  4. I LOVE it! If I can figure out my Silhouette I think I will make one for our door or window....adding it to my to-do list:-)

  5. Beautiful!!! I love snowflakes with anything in winter. In fact my table and mantel are adorned with them. Adorable snowman too. ;-)

  6. You always have the best ideas Holly. I love this!

  7. CUTE, Holly! I love that you can change it with the seasons. Great idea!! Pinning. :)

  8. Your welcome window is brilliant. I can't wait to try it out in our home.

  9. That is so cute Holly!! I love the little snowflakes and that you can easily change it out!!! It looks super cute with your little snowman too!

  10. great to findyou on here via the pinterest challenge. only just discovered pinterest and so excited! i am a professional artist in the uk.following along now janexxxxxxxx


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