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Sunday, February 13, 2011

DIY Me a Resolution for the Kids!

Yep, it is February, but as far as I am concerned
it is never too late for a resolution!
Especially one for the kids...
although when I re-read this,
I could abide by a few of these too!
Way back when...
I made these magnet paper dolls (see below).
Jenn from Rook No. 17 came over to visit and we had a BRILLIANT IDEA!
Well, I was thinking it and she actually said it.
Images from The Graphics Fairy found HERE and HERE!
Are they not the cutest!
See that little chalkboard...that is the inspiration for this DIY

Anyway, there was this cute little chalkboard accessory (see it up there...so cute!) that came with The Graphics Fairy download. It had the most adorable saying on it and I had been thinking about making it a larger sign. Jenn came over was checking out the paper dolls (because those vintage paper dolls are irresistible!) and came up with the same idea - great minds think alike, ya know!

And so we got craftin' together (which was way fun!) and made this sweet little sign that looks adorably vintage with a simple and sweet message (and I am hoping my kids get the HINT! "Go to bed early").
Here is how to DIY this sweet sign.
Below if the tutorial for the FRAME and
Jenn at Rook No. 17 has the tutorial for the signage/writing.


  • 1 piece 1/4" plywood, luan, or other thin, yet (preferably) smooth wood, cut to size. Ours is 18" x 24" 
  • 3 to 4 yardsticks (about $3.00 each at office supplies store - ouch! Hardware stores also carry them and they can be found at all sorts of other random places, like thrift shops.)
  • Dremel Multi-Max or saw or have the store make a cut for you.
  • Gorilla Wood Glue
  • Gorilla Tape
  • DISChanger, 4"
  • Chalkboard paint, such as DecoArt Chalkboard Paint (NOTE: You could use a black acrylic paint, but the look of the chalkboard paint is just perfectly-vintage looking) 
  • Miter saw or miter box (you could do straight cuts too)
  • Stain such as DecoArt Americana Staining and Antiquing medium mixed with Asphaltum, as per package directions. (we used some random stains that we already have...when we checked all have been discontinued, but we feel you can achieve similar result)
  • Decoart Americana Acrylic Paint, Asphatlum
  • Rockler Deft Wood Finish Spray in Semi-Gloss
  • Compass, awl, etc. - for beating up the frame!
  • Paint pen, white (we used Painters Opaque marker, medium tip)
  • Computer print out of message in font and desired size. (Print your choice of wording on regular printer paper.  We used the wording from the Dolly Dingle blackboard, and used the font AbcDNManuscript.  You can download it free here:  http://www.eaglefonts.com/abcdnmanuscript-ttf-44294.htm)
  • Pencils
  • Ruler
  • Cut the luan to size (or have it cut at the hardware store.) I cut it with my Dremel Multi-Max.

  • Measure the yard sticks so you can make the frame. We used about a 1/2 " overlap on the main board and frame (1/2 of the ruler was glued to the frame and half hung over)
  • Miter the corners of the frame (or straight cut if you do not have access to a miter saw)
  • Lightly sand the corners and the yard sticks (especially if there is a sealer on the sticks)
  • With Gorilla Wood Glue, apply glue to the corners of the frame and match up.
  • Use Gorilla Tape to secure corners until they dry.
  • Remove tape and sand is necessary.
  • Get painting and staining. We used a variety of stains in similar colors on our frame, but this is super cute painted too - you will see texture of the numbers through.
  • Between coats of stain we beat the frame up with a compass/awl.
  • We continued to stain and paint and beat up the frame until we each had a desired result. We also utilized some dry brushing with the Asphaltum paint.
  • When satisfied and the frame is dry, spray with Deft Finishing Spray.
  • Finish off with a DISChanger and hang it up for the kids to see! 

So...what do you think? Super Cute, eh?
How are you doing on your resolutions!
    PS-I promise, Tickled Pink Spotlights are coming!

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    The Graphics Fairy


    1. Just saw the other half of this over at Rook No. 17! So cute! I love the vintage vibe! Shared this on my FB page!

    2. This is SO cute...thanks for sharing!

    3. Oh my gosh Holly this is so cute!! I LOVE that ruler frame - and the saying is adorable!

    4. Hey Holly,
      I think this has to be one of my favourite things I've ever seen. Really and truly. I LOVE it! I thought the tutorial was for the sign itself and that you had a beautiful vintage sign...but NO!! Hooray!

      It's so completely gorgeous. I'm going to try and make one *gulp*.

      Thank you so much for the tutorial.


    5. Such a cute idea. :)

      I think your blog is awesome so I nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award! Head on over to the link below to collect your award button. Have a great day! :)


    6. So cute, Holly!! I absolutely LOVE the ruler frame. Fabulous project!

    7. What a great idea!
      I hope you are having a great Valentine's Day!

    8. That is SUPER cute! I love the rulers!!

    9. This is another great idea! And I *love* the new blog look- very clean and sophisticated...

    10. I totally love that frame! What a cool board!

    11. I love your blog, you have so many cute projects here!!


    12. What a lovely project! Happy Vday!

    13. That is entirely too cute!

    14. Love the darling blackboard, I think I should make one for my classroom and write my class rules on it!

    15. Very cute! I especially like the ruler frame!

    16. so cute holly! I like how you used the compass/awl on the frame. Pefect little aged holes!
      hopping over to rookno17 now!
      great job girl!

    17. Very cute Holly! I think it turned out perfect! Yeah, um, not doing so well on the resolutions! :)

      I hope you had a Happy Valentines day!

    18. I really love the feeling the old rulers/yard sticks add. I have some & have been looking for a project to do with them. Love your blog too.

      Warmly, Michelle

    19. What is it about rulers that can make anything look cool!
      Have a great day!
      {posting it on my FB}

    20. Just dropping by to say `Hi`
      I love your new bloggy look.
      Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

    21. I just published a post in which Debbie gave me the Stylish Blogger Award. Please stop by and see who I have passed it along to!

      Extreme Personal Measures

    22. Holly....OMG Love it...first visit...be back often...fondly Julie
      from lifeatfirelakecamp.com

    23. this is ADORABLE! I love it! This would be such a cute idea for a teacher's classroom too! Thanks for linking up and sharing about my party too, you're awesome:)

    24. amazing... you two are quote the dynamic duo!

    25. Super cute! You are so crafty =) I really need to start making things. This is fab!
      PS- LOVE the new look =)

    26. Hi Holly! Kristin here, from Windy Poplars - I've lost touch with you for awhile, and it was so nice to reconnect via eisymorgan's party! I have a new blog now actually: living-graciously.blogspot.com it's more of a non-personal inspiring/informative blog, (Windy Poplars is more of my personal blog now). Anyway, look forward to keeping up with you! ~Kristin

    27. This is such a clever and fun project. Congrats on being featured on Ohdeeda too!

    28. Anonymous7:26 AM

      This is incredibly cute! I'd love it if you would link up at Fun For Kids Friday.


      Jo @ SmileMonsters

    29. How sweet! I love how you used the old rulers. Maybe this Single Nester can make one for potential boyfriends :)

    30. Saw this on Rook 17. Love both blackboards!


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