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Friday, January 7, 2011

DIY! "Leave Your Words of Wisdom" Guest Book ReVamp

It is January Project Party Time at The DIY Club!
Two weeks to come up with a Fab project and have a chance to win SUPER prizes!

Check out the vendors  - you must use a vendor sponsor product to enter...but get this sponsor products cost as little at a couple of dollars for craft paint...and did I already mention you can win cool prizes.
To kick off the year, I created a guestbook vignette for a wedding, shower, birthday, or any other special occasion...like New Years!
I may not plan weddings as much as I used to but the thrill, the romance, the creativity of brides and grooms and the events they create is still close to my heart. Many, so many couples ask how to create a guestbook without it being a guestbook. Did that make sense? The guest book is one of my favorite projects to revamp.

Now, I love little birdies and would be truly giddy to do a stylish birdie inspired wedding. Until then, I have created this display that can be used for a non traditional guestbook at a wedding.
The back of the cards read "draw a picture - write a poem  - share your words of wisdom." The guests would select a card write or draw a special something to the couple and drop it in a large glass bowl when done.I would do 3 of these displays and then have the remainder of the cards in a pretty crate or basket - depending on the size of the wedding.

The whole point of this is to get guests to eave creative well wishes in their own unique way. Have pens and markers, and even crayons out for the guests to go to town!

I do think this would be FAB if you hung the branch with pretty ribbon and had the birdie postcards hanging from the wires.

See I am all excited talking weddings!!

For those non-weeding folks, you can also do something similar at a bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party, or other special event like New Years.

The key component to this display are the absolutely fabulous Chelsea Groves Postcards from Moo. As soon as I saw them, I loved them. Each and every different bird is sweet and colorful and chic and I think I may be framing some...I think I know the perfect place!
  • Moo postcards in design of choice - be careful you may be over there for days! So many GORGEOUS choices. 
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Branches (I used only one branch for this display...and found it in the yard)
  • Drill with small bit (how technical is that)
  • 16 gauge copper wire (or color of choice)
  • Moss, optional
  • Wire cutters

Go check out THE DIY CLUB for the FULL TUTORIAL!
PDF coming tomorrow (a girl has got to sleep!)

DIY Club

To decorate the table, I used natural elements - burlap, twigs, branches, etc. - mixed with some vintage pearls and buttons and finally a crystal or 2.
There are so many possibilities! 
Stop by in a bit..It is Tickled Pink Time!
Disclosure: Some products have been provided to me for my use though my affiliation with The DIY Club


  1. really beautiful Holly! I am so sorry I have been MIA this week... started a new job and it's cutting into my blog time. Tell me your secret for balancing it all!
    XO Malia

  2. Can't wait to see all these projects you've been working on! And hear your exciting news. Happy weekend!

  3. What a cute project:)

  4. Hi Holly!

    Well, that is just too cute! That's it, I'm packing my bags, heading your way and am going to "shadow" you for a week to see your secrets of doing so many things all the time! LOL

  5. Can you please rub some of that craftiness off on me!


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