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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pause...for Randomness

Are you having trouble adjusting to the New Year? I am!
I seriously woke up this morning, at 7:45 a.m. (I only hit snooze 3 times), and the house was still quiet...um yeah, no one (as in small kiddos) slept past 7:15 am the entire Winter vacation. I actually looked at hubby and said, "Maybe I'll let Joe skip school today."
I really did not want to get out of bed!

I spent yesterday trying to catch up on blog commenting...I always make it a first priority to comment on those who comment on mine...I think I did it...I must double check. Of course, I got sidetracked...and read some new blogs...and commented on those...and along the way I read a lot about resolutions and goals. A few blogs talked about selecting a word for the year. One blogger choose the word "pause"...at first I thought, "pause" - no way! I can "pause" when I am dead...BUT then it hit me this is what I need to do for 2010.

I do not pause ever. I am in a constant state of motion. When Renee was visiting she actually noticed this and made me take time to "just sit down" (I thought I was going to jump out of my skin!). By being in this constant state of "Fast Forward" I miss or rather overlook a lot...the joy of just watching the kids play together...of playing with them......of blowing bubbles...of watching a movie (you should see my list!)...of simply petting the dog. So, I am going to take time to "pause." I must get over feeling that if I pause the world will pass me by, because by not pausing the world is passing me by.

Random, Part I...An Award
Now, in an effort to maintain the randomness of this post. I would like to thank Crafty Chic Mommy for an award she passed on to me (and yes, I still need to update my award widget from the last go around!). I will play by the rules later and nominate 10 blogs, but just HAD TO SAY THANKS and tell everyone what a great blog she has - go visit!

Random, Part II...A Winner
Now I must also pass along a HUGE thank you to a blog that had a great giveaway...and that I won the honored recipient of. Daily Violets hosted a giveaway featuring her Mini Mosiac Artwear Collection...and I was lucky enough to catch it on the last day, pretty much in the last hour...and I won a sterling silver pendant with four tiles! I received my PRIZE and I am in LOVE with it! My son had a great time looking at her website and has selected a slew of other tiles for me to purchase. Below is what I selected, but you just need to go visit the site now because this is a fun and fabulous piece of jewelry.

Random, Part III...A Winner...Again!
I just cannot get enough of good stuff...yes, I realize this sounds greedy, but I was a winner again...but this time it was for my Mom. I randomly came across the Cosa Verde blog, and let me tell you I was H-A-P-P-Y! I am seriously in love with Cosa Verde now...really cool products and they donate a portion of the profits to charity...go visit and SHOP!

I caught them during Give it Forward 2009. In their words, "We're giving it away; you're giving it forward." 

I won the coffee sack messenger bag from It's Our Earth, for my mom with this comment...

"I am so in love with this bag! I would give this bag to Lynn...my mom! She and I love parrots...in fact she has a parrot (mainly because of me) for the last 25 years! So beyond buying me a parrot she also went along with my recycling craziness back in the day (20+ years ago) when you had to collect, separate, and drive it to the store or drop off center yourself...that's commitment. She is a selfless mom who, as I grow older appreciate more all the time."

Thanks to all for making 2009 fun and exciting and eye-opening! 
Back to pausing for a moment...
Do you have a word to "Live By" or a motto for 2010?

I am going to write a post for my much neglected wedding blog,
start preparing for Healthy Happy Hour posts (FINALLY!),
ponder the wonder and disgust of a sewer camera
(more on that later)
...and then to...
Happy New Year!


  1. I can relate to 'pause' but like you would rather stay in motion. Pausing is great around an activity...reading a book, having coffee, working on a creative project, blogging...that is when I pause. Wish my family saw it the same way. Ironing just doesn't give me the same satisfaction! Interesting notion, I will have to think about that one now!
    All the best
    Jeanne :)

  2. Hi. I want to introduce myself and let you know that I am a follower. I have been following for a while, but haven't commented for a long time. I just love you though and wanted to let you know!

  3. Holly,
    It is the Mocha's that keep us in the state of constant buzz. Okay maybe not, with me, it is the constant want to make sure everyone is taken care of. BUT like you said, if you do not PAUSE life will slip through your fingers and you will wonder what happened. We also forget that if we don't take a moment to PAUSE for ourselves, we are not the best we can be. We need that down time so that we can recharge and refocus on what is important to us. Take that time and enjoy your family dear!
    CONGRATS on all the winnings!! I can not think of anyone more deserving :o)

  4. I totally agree with you about the "pause" thing. Actually, sometimes we do just the opposite of what makes us really productive: we fail to take a break. Those moments of "Pause" are actually what give us more fuel to move forward.

    I liked this post very much. Very astute.

    Happy 2010! Can you believe it's 2010?

  5. I am all for the pause thing too.

    If I write or type 2009 on one more thing, I am going to punish myself with a cold shower.

  6. It does seem to be harder than you would first think,
    Happy New Year :)

  7. I love your thought process. I too chose the word pause because I tend to run full speed ahead and not live for the moment. I want to remember to pause for the important things in life.

  8. I love your word! My word for 2010 is Happiness.
    Congrats on the prizes, they are great!

  9. To pause and live in the moment! Now that's a great resolution. I'm happy to see you Holly and congrats on the award and the winnings! Way to go!

  10. I totally love your prizes! No wonder you're so tickled about them!

  11. I have such a hard time pausing too! Or even if I do get a chance to sit down, I immediately grab my phone and start checking email, etc. Why can't I just pause?? I need to think about a motto for the New Year.

    Congrats on everything you won!

  12. Holly-I love your random post. A few years ago (6) we moved to a new town, I left my dream job behind, my youngest left for college and I didn't know anyone. My entire life went on pause after years of "busy every moment" living. I didn't deal with it well. I curled up into a ball, I cried, I got angry...I was lost. I didn't know how to pause. I wish I had tried it when I still had that busy, active life...rather than when it was forced on me.

    Now, not much has changed...the kids are still gone, I'm still not working outside the home, I do know a few people but they are younger and still in the busy/kid stage of life...but, my days are full and pausing has become much easier for me. It is a good word.


  13. I must know more about the sewer camera, but I can wait until you're done pausing. =)

  14. Anonymous1:58 PM

    PAUSE. I like it. I like it a lot. Congrats on your wins! What a way to start off the year.

  15. It's like a theme :Gently.


    Those are both good ones too! ;)

  16. Congrats to the winners!

    That's the coolest bag evah! Really...so super awesome!

    Pausing...yes...it's one of those skills that is a bit difficult to learn for some. Trust me though, once you get the hang of it, it will be one of your most treasured skills.

    Today I paused to watch nearly 15 birds flutter, fight, share, and hangout around my winter feeder. I would've missed knowing there are now three new species of birds eating at our Perch. May seem lame but it was great to be unplugged from the techno world and 'paused' in nature....

  17. Missed you Holly. Just read your last few entries to try to catch up a bit. Had a wonderful break, and today the kids returned to school. Charisse came over and we had a quiet vlog session that felt so good after 2 noisy weeks. Just laughed hard and caught up. Then I said, gosh...let's take one of these days we are together and roadtrip to see Holly. She was totally onboard. So we'll work it out, maybe meet at the Red House for lunch. Love your "pause" thoughts. Felt like after the company left that was just what I did for the next 8 days. Read almost two books (unheard of for me in that amount of time). Played with kids, lots of great hikes with the pup and hubs, lots of long dinners and video games and dominoes. Honestly sad it has come to an end. Happy New Year friend! Holly

  18. Pause. What a wonderful word. I need to do that, but not waste it. I have a tendency to pause...and check out! haha. Congrats on your award and your wins.

    I have something for you as well!

  19. I'm so glad to see you back at it! I'm still envious that you got to sleep in...my kids are still on vacation but get up around 6:30/7, those little monsters.

  20. Hey Holly hope the Holidays were wonderful for you and your family !! and i wish all the best in the new year !And congrats on your awards :) XOXO Connie

  21. You sound just like my cousin..whenever I go visit her I just follow her around!! So much energy!!

    I need to come up with a word too!!

  22. I hit the snooze so many times this morning! I am having a hard time adjusting to being back at school.

  23. Holly, you crack me up!! You'll pause when you're dead and I'll sleep when I'm dead. Honestly, I need to get myself to sleep for more than 5 hours a night. I keep saying, oh, i will sleep when I'm dead, there's just so much to do, but if I keep up these crazy hours I will be dead soon.

    Anyway, here's to pausing. Have fun while at it, will you?

  24. Pausing is not one of my strong points, but I do want to get better at it. I think it's important to remember to slow down every now and then. Thanks for the great reminder!

  25. Hi Holly, Pausing is good for all of us. Just stopping to enjoy the special small moments. It is so wacky what the children remember when they were young. It is simple and do-able.

    Warm wishes darling!

  26. The necklace you won looks really cool!

    I'm not the best at pausing - I am the multitasking Queen over here. But it's a good idea to stop every once in awhile.

  27. Holly,

    You totally hit home with this post. We all should take some time to pause and enjoy the small pleasures in life because at the end of the day that is what matters. I am guilty of not pausing and getting frustrated when I am forced to relax. (usually by my boyfriend). I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your interest in my shop. :)

  28. Hi Holly, I forgot you had this page, awesome! Please stop and Pause and take in all the wonderfulness in your life, it goes by much to fast to not stop and take it in once in awhile!!

    I am so with you about school starting back up and sleeping in...ewe...time for the 6am coffee brewing, but hey it gets me to the gym earlier!

    Yours in HEalth,

  29. Wow, you have a wedding blog, too? Between being an amazing author and everything else, how do you do it?

    And Happy New Year mama!!! ;)

  30. Holly, what a wonderful resolution and reminder to "PAUSE". I don't want this year to go by as quickly as the last and I truly believe that slowing down and savoring a few quiet moments will help in achieving this. Congratulations on all your wonderful winnings!

  31. Nice loot! I'm checking out some of those sites. Love the tiles.

  32. "by not pausing the world is passing me by." I love this! I have to keep reminding myself of this truth constantly. During my first attempt at college dorm life, I did not sleep often--or for long--because no matter what time I went to bed, I was tormented by the belief that I was missing out on something, somewhere on campus. I actually slept in my clothes, and was basically an all-around mess. Thanks again for the reminder to pause, breathe, and enjoy the moments long enough to allow them to become memories.

    And so glad to hear that the "healthy" posts are coming! I was actually going to email you to see if I somehow missed them--great way to start the new year!

  33. Pause is a perfect "word of the year"!

    And how's this for randomness: Dude! I just saw your Princess Leia ornament and now I am so annoyed that I don't have one! Lucky!

  34. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Just wanted to let you know that I received all my goodies from The Ecostore today!! Blogged about it! Come over and check out what I ordered!! Thanks again for this fun giveaway!!

  35. Love your blog -- it's new to me.

    I'm in Florida and it's Soooo cold here -- for us, anyway. That makes it really hard to get out of bed!

    I'll be back to visit your blog.

  36. I know, sometimes those pauses help to truly reflect on what you need to do and what you have to do. I love how you were almost going to allow a school skipping! :) Happy to hear about your other blogs!

  37. Great thoughts. To some I can relate. Especially about thinking the world will pass you by. Like Oprah always says, LIVE IN THE MOMENT! It sounds so right, but do I really know how to do that? I don't know. Keep writing tho please, I love this stuff. Thanks, keri

  38. Anonymous2:12 PM

    I think Pause is a great word! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy 2010 to you...

  39. I love that parrot! Cute and chic :)

  40. Wow! From the moment your blog came into view on my computer I was impressed. You are so professional and put together. I love it.
    I love the idea of pausing. Many of us get going so fast we forget what is important.
    I am a complete newbie to blogging, so I will love following you and seeing what a well put together, well written blog is all about.
    Thank you


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