Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rethink Your "Must Haves"

This week's discussion topic at Rethink What Matters is
RETHINK Your "Must Haves."
At first I thought, I could go "deep" and talk about the "must haves"
for sustaining my sanity and creativity in this crazy world...
but I really don't know that answer...I just keep plugging along...
figuring it out as I go...really, I have no plan!
Then, I thought I could just go light and easy, have some fun...
and tonight...after this week...I am thinking light and easy
is the best way to approach my "must haves."

I could cut to the chase, after all,
the first sentence of my bio sums it all up...
"Makeup, mochas, and "I love you Mama get me through my day,"
but that is no fun - Let's elaborate!

I did decided to limit my "must haves" to 5 per category.
And, just so ya know, the categories are just kind of random.
Have fun and make your own list!
Must Haves in the A.M.
*One {or three} make-it-at-home mochas.
*Kiss and hug from Joe.
*Kiss and hug from Jules.
*Saying bye to hubby before he takes off to work.
*A quick email check {come on...the computer was off for 6ish hours!}.
Pretty "Must Haves"
*{Really} Good moisturizer and 70 SPF sunscreen {2 for 1 must have}
*Spellbound perfume by Estee Lauder - Yes, it is from the 90's. I have tried new scents, but this one is apparently "me!" People stop me all the time (really) asking me what I am wearing.
*Mascara - In "Very Black." Big lashes are a must for me.
*{Cheap} Lip Gloss - Color 568
*MAKEUP - I love my makeup...and guess what about 2 weeks ago I went out and bought the Bare Escentuals Starter Kit. After who-knows-how-many-years of watching the infomercials I did it...and you know what I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner. My skin feels great...the coverage is fantastic...I {Heart} Bare Escentuals! They have won me over B-I-G time.

Relaxing "Must Haves"
*Sitting in the sunshine.
*5 minutes of quiet {somewhere, somehow, someplace}.
*A good book - Fiction or Non-fiction {mostly non-fiction} - I love books.
*A steamy hot shower - 'Nuf said.
*A Mocha - Yes, fueled by caffeine!
Entertaining "Must Haves" 
*Good music - Sets the mood {I almost always forget to turn it on though}
*Candles - Makes everything {including people} look better and makes a room feel warm.
*A clean bathroom - the whole house does not need to be spotless, but the bathroom must be.
*Great food/beverage - It doesn't need to be fancy, but it needs to be good and fit the occasion.
*A smile and some great conversation - Do I need to elaborate?
Pantry "Must Haves"
*Lemons - Put lemon on it my kids will eat it.
*Balsamic vinegar - Better yet, put balsalmic vinegar on it, my kids will devour it.
*Cinnamon - Buy it in bulk!
*Almond butter - Even the kids prefer it over peanut butter.
*Mommy's vice - Special Dutch Chocolate No-Sugar Added Powder from the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I mail order 4 or 5 canisters every month for my make-it-at-home mochas.

Crafty "Must Haves"
*Good Glue - All sorts...glue sticks, white glue, hot glue, tacky glue, and even Mod Podge.
*Glitter - It must sparkle.
*Sharpies - Best pen {Marker?} ever.
*Shape Cutters - I have punches for shapes and blades and templates to cut all sorts of crazy things...but sadly no Cricut...yet!
*Paper - Handmade, scrap book, can do crazy stuff with paper!

Make-My-Life Complete "Must Haves"
*Finish and sell a work of fiction
*Travel to Norway, Spain, and Greece {No all at the same time silly!}
*See my grandkids - I am not being morbid, but if my daughter {or son} wait as long as I did to have kids...I am going to be really up there in the years.
*See hubby retire...on second thought what would I do with him around the house all day...he needs a job!
*Build our custom home.
{Honestly, I have not thought about this much...but I can guess what I will be dreaming about tonight!}

What are your "Must Haves" to get you through your day?
What are your Make-My-Life Complete "Must Haves"? 

Go visit Rethink What Matters.
Think about your "Must Haves."
Answer the five questions...
{did I mention there are prizes?}
Then come back next week for some more!
Happy Rethinking!
Rethink What Matters is a campaign by Bare Escentuals that challenges me...challenges all of us to Rethink What Matters. Each Friday through March 26, 2010, Bare Escentuals will pose a new topic for us to consider, to ponder, and to discuss. It is not just about is about living your life and what is truly important. So gather your never know what you'll discover! 

Want to join in on the discussion...
There are prizes and free products to be had..and more importantly thought provoking topics coming your way. Just visit Rethink What Matters to answer 5 simple questions. Then you can see how your answers compare with others. Seriously it takes no time at all to do this...and you may learn a little something about yourself or your friends! And if you are lucky enough to live in San Fransisco, New York, or Chicago the Quickie Van could be coming your way.
DISCLAIMER: So, here's the back story and legal who-ha I must include. I was contacted via email about this campaign and checked it out myself. I thought it was interesting and thought provoking. I was not paid for this review/post or compensated in any way (products or otherwise).

Thursday, February 25, 2010

You Gave Up On Me....Before I Gave Up On You

If you are looking for the latest Spring tablescape,
click HERE...if not...

I have had so much crating going on,
I really needed to "just write" something!
{And I am sure the men are tired of ribbon, glue, and DIY's}
Here it is...Prompt #1:
10 Reasons why you’re better off without him….or her….or it.
You Gave Up On Me....Before I Gave Up On You
Our relationship started off on the right know one of those things that you are not expecting, not looking just happens and feels so right. I felt like I had made the perfect decision and we would have a long life together. But, you did it, you gave up on me before I gave up on you. I am OK with it now...I have at least 10 reasons why I am better off without you.
  1. Fool me once...You left me stranded on Highway 46 in 112 degree weather and no one to turn to.
  2. You never accommodated my guests, always leaving them out.
  3. For awhile I was able to bounce back from your antics and so were you. Then, it became too much.
  4. You provided a safe and comfortable environment until you decided it wasn't for you.
  5. You never liked my music. 
  6. Fool me twice...shame on me. You left me stranded in Santa Monica, 350 miles from home.
  7. I was growing and you were having trouble fitting into my life.
  8. The ride was always bumpy, but I always overlooked your flaws..I really, really liked you.
  9. Your family didn't like me much and your parents turned their back on me.   
  10. Without warning you gave up on me. You left and never looked back, leaving me looking for the elusive answer to my problem.
Would you like to now know the source of my angst...

My Saturn Vue.
Sorry, but my the length of my explanation, you can tell I am not over it yet! So, feel free to stop now...or continue on to hear the saga...this is clearly something I needed to get off my chest!
image from
I loved that car. I really did. In 2006 on the road between LA and Monterey, the car disappointed me for the first time, leaving me and Joe on the side of the road {a pretty barren piece of highway} 100 or so miles from home and no where to go. The throttle body had given out.

Fast forward to 2009...I had been belly aching about getting a new car - something a little bigger, but hubby said no. Fine..I get it...I accept it. On 2/13/09, I was visiting the gang in L.A. and on the way to Santa Monica the car pooped out on me again.

Then began the problem...that dealer  - well, I have nothing nice to say about them - said they couldn't look at the car for three days...REALLY?! So I had the car towed again to another dealer. They looked at it right away, but when I got the call, it is never what you want to hear..."Do you want the good new or the bad news...well really there is no good news."

Here is a synopsis of the rest of the events:
*Saturn customer service convo {summarized}:
"Sorry, there is nothing we can do...We {Saturn} don't have any in stock. NO ONE has any in stock. The manufacturer went out of business and we have not found a new supplier. There are none to be had...anywhere. The part is not covered by warranty anymore...because you have already had it replaced."
"How am I supposed to get home?"
"You could rent a car?"
"Do you offer any compensation or a loaner?"
"What if I don't have any money to do this?"
"We cannot help you."
"Really, I have two kids, and I am 350 miles from home."
"We'll call you when a part comes in."
"When will that be?"
"Hopefully June." { is February}
*I made it home. The car stayed in L.A. I had the resources to get home, but what made me really angry was thinking about someone who may not have the resources I did...what would they do? What would they do if this was their only car? This is not OK!
*In March, we gave up...we looked for a new car. I actually found a dealer in L.A. that was willing to take the Saturn as-is for a trade. Hubby flew to L.A. and brought us home a new car.
*Jule 17, 2009...I received a phone call from Saturn {or whoever was running them at this point} letting me know the part was finally available...5 months later. seriously?!

That's it...thanks for sticking with the story. I really loved that car. I am sad it gave up on my before I gave up on it.

Spring Table Decor

One of my favorite things to do it to create beautiful and whimsical tablescapes. 
My kids have the bug too. I usually let them have at our holiday tables.
At the very least, if I chose to remain in control, I do let them add touches.
I did manage to put together this Spring Tablescape by myself.
And I love is perfect for our Easter brunch...
pretty, elegant, but with some fun and whimsical touches
my kids and m y guests will appreciate.
Spring Table Design

Brunch Tablescape
I had a big dilemma here...
I really wanted to go bold and funky -
really put a bright spot in my day -
but while my brain was saying that...
my accessories were saying slightly shabby chic with
a hint of vintage, and a muted {but not boring} color palette...
so I went with it.
{Bold to come next week}
For the underlay I used a simple ivory tablecloth.
It was over sized and draped on the ground {which I LOVE}.
At the thrift store, I discovered this great striped silk shantung fabric.
I cut it down and used it as an overlay.
I draped the sides and added a single flower.
At the same thrift store, just as I was on my way out...
this hand painted tray caught my eye.
I just fell in L-O-V-E over the color combination.
I also thought the beautiful turquoise blue
added a fantastic punch of color.

I just had to use this tray as part of my centerpiece.
Some moss, a gold scroll egg with a little birdie inside,
a handful of blown and coffee-dyed eggs {I made them},
and another vintage ad touting a "Spring Opening,"
made the vignette complete.
Have I told you how much I love beans when I decorate?
{Yes, I know I have!}.
I thought the little white beans looked adorable...
but you could also fill the nests with Jelly Belly's!

For each place setting, I printed out a
vintage Spring image from *The Graphics Fairy*,
then added some glass glitter to the edges.
The addition of a little nest brought a touch
of whimsy to the place setting.
A bouquet of Spring flowers watched
over my little tray of goodies.
A larger version of the vintage Spring image,
nestled amongst the decor.
The glitter frame went quite nicely with the other details
and my other FAB find..these adorable pink glass candle holders.
A little birdie perched atop the bouquet!
I fashioned a rosette out of some extra fabric
{and the frayed edges do not bother me!} 
{of course I used coffee...I am fueled by caffeine}
A view of the "complete" centerpiece.

So, that is what the birdie left on my table. 
It definitely left me in a good mood...
anxiously awaiting more blooms, sunny days,
and perhaps a cocktail on the deck.
What are you waiting for Spring to bring you?
Spring Tablescape
An over all view of the table set up.

This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre

Vintage images, *The Graphics Fairy*; China, Eternal by Lenox {my wedding china}; Glassware, Jamestown Gold by Mikasa; Flatware {Oops! Cannot was thirteen years ago!...and I did;t care that much...then.}; Linen underlay, thrift store {$6.00 - YEAH!}; Linen overlay, silk shantung fabric remnant; napkins, Target; everything else...thrift store!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crafts and My Love Affair With The Hardware Store

I could spend endless hours in the hardware store
perusing the aisles and thinking of all kinds of cool things
to do with the hooks, dowels, hinges, shims, pipes, and hoses
{the paint and glue is already a given}.

On Sunday, I went to the hardware store 
with the intention of buying some sort of tool...
I cannot even remember exactly what now, because
just like shiny, sparkly things distract me,
so do tile and wood and glue and paint...
and then I saw it {or them}...biscuits!
I have never used them..
but I {heart} their wooden petal shaped goodness. 
I added a vintage egg print from The Graphics Fairy.

As thus these lovely little biscuits were my inspiration for this little picture frame...OK, they were the inspiration for a tray but along the way the Mod Podge, paint and ink pad got in a fight and the frame won!

I went for a worn vintagey look with my project, but I could totally see this project clean and simple with a smooth biscuit surface, painted in a creamy white, or a slick black {with a few more steps - see note below}. Scrapbook paper would also work very well.

-Picture Frame - I used the $1 unfinished wooden frame from the craft store
-#20 Biscuits
-Mod Podge
-Paint (optional)
-Brushes or sponge brushes
-Exacto knife or scissors {small pair}
-Decorative Paper, i.e., Scrapbook paper {I used the book pages left from the Birthday Chandelier}
-Ink pad {pigment ink..I used black)
DIY it!
-Paint picture frame, let dry
-Dip paper towel in ink and rub it on edges of frame. I also rubbed mine lightly all over.
-Paint biscuits {one side}, let dry.
-Gather your decorative paper.
-Apply Mod Podge to the unpainted side, and lay "Mod Podged" side down on the paper.
-Let dry.
-Use Exacto to cut around biscuits - it does not have to be perfect...we'll be sanding the edges and the rough edges of the paper will "disappear."
-When dry, sand edges of each biscuit.
-Rub edges of biscuit in the ink pad {or use a tool to apply ink}.
-Layout your biscuits on your frame so you know how to place them {after this, you will need to take them off, you can place them along side the frame on the table for reference}. I chose to have the edges hang off the edge of the frame, but you could have the points of the biscuit flush with the edge of the frame and the points "over" the photo area.
-You must have painted and inked frame and paints/sanded/Mod Poged biscuits ready.
-Apply a layer of Mod Podge to the top of the frame, let dry slightly, apply another thin layer.
-Apply layer of Mod Podge to the painted side of the biscuit and place on frame, as per layout.
-Continue this process until complete, let dry.
-When dry apply a layer {or two, your preference} to the entire frame and biscuits, getting into the grooves with a smaller brush.
-Let dry...TA DA!

*Biscuit Notes:
Biscuits come in a few different sizes, so you can pick smaller ones too. They also have {or at least the ones I purchased} a texture and the size number stamped on them. I played around by sanding a few down, and by also applying a layer of wood compound/filler. Doing these steps definitely adds some time and extra steps to the project...It really depends on the look you are going for.

OK, next week, I will do a project with last few have all been black and white!

Have fun!

P.S. Thanks for sticking with me all...I know I am behind {way behind} on my visits, but I promise when i get my act together I will make it up to you! I am working on it!

Make it Yours @ My Backyard Eden
The Girl Creative


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rethink What A Revolution Feels Like

This week's discussion topic at Rethink What Matters is
RETHINK What A Revolution Feels Like.
When I saw this topic, I thought, maybe I will just skip it this week, but then I began to think...the brain went off on its own tangent and I have been rethinking what my own revolution feels like all day.

I am a complete and total rule follower. I could never get away with anything anyway. If I broke a rule, I told on myself. As I got older, I lived in the city in which my Dad was a police officer...and for a long time thought the world began and ended in that wherever I went someone was watching me. I actually did move to a neighboring city...Dad knew people there too. I had my own personal patrol unit - what every single girl living alone needs!

I avoid conflict {except on reality TV shows} in my own life. I'll take you down if you mess with my kids {assuming they didn't deserve whatever was being dished out}, and when planning a wedding I will fight for my clients. Personally I do not rock the boat.It just freaks me out! All this considered, I figured I am not a revolutionary...but I was wrong.

Rethinking what a revolution feels like starts within me...this is the year for optimizing my health - cutting out the crap {for the most part...sweet indulgences will still be here and there} and eating pure clean, real food, as well as working out {again} regularly. This is the year to reclaim me - the girl who got pedicures every week has not had one in months! This is the year to sell the book proposal sitting on my desk and finish the other 5 that are "this close" to being done...and finally find the confidence to start on my work of fiction {eeek...did I say that out loud?} This is the year I empower myself to make changes where I feel they are needed - whether that be in friendships or careers {I'll keep the hubby and kids}.

More importantly, as I thought about this subject, I realized that when I decided to become a parent, a mom, I took on the role of "revolutionary." I am now a role model and responsible for teaching and nurturing two precious beings into adulthood. I need to show my children what it is to be a friend, a good spouse, a good parent, a good person, a responsible person. I need to do whatever I can to make this world a better place for the kiddos. I need to recycle. I need to vote. I need to care about my neighbor. I need to be an advocate for my children and teach them what I believe is right and wrong {I have very strong opinions about many things, but just choose to keep them off the blog}.

I have realized that my own revolution is not selfish,
it will ultimately help my children too. 

So, that's the story of my revolution.
Are you a leading your own revolution?
What your story?

answer the five questions...
did I mention there are prizes?
{maybe you will win!}
Then come back next week for some more!
Happy Rethinking!

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Rethink What Matters is a campaign by Bare Escentuals that challenges me...challenges all of us to Rethink What Matters. Each Friday through March 26, 2010, Bare Escentuals will pose a new topic for us to consider, to ponder, and to discuss. It is not just about is about living your life and what is truly important. So gather your never know what you'll discover! 

Want to join in on the discussion...
There are prizes and free products to be had..and more importantly thought provoking topics coming your way. Just visit Rethink What Matters to answer 5 simple questions. Then you can see how your answers compare with others. Seriously it takes no time at all to do this...and you may learn a little something about yourself or your friends! And if you are lucky enough to live in San Fransisco, New York, or Chicago the Quickie Van could be coming your way.
DISCLAIMER: So, here's the back story and legal who-ha I must include. I was contacted via email about this campaign and checked it out myself. I thought it was interesting and thought provoking. I was not paid for this review/post or compensated in any way (products or otherwise).

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Crunching! A Ginger Pecan Crunch Cake

For all my talk of eating healthy,
there has been entirely too much cake
around here this last week.
All I can say is that is was made with love
{ahhh, isn't that sweet!},
tasted pretty darn good,
and it was a special occasion!
The cake I made for hubby's post-real-b'day celebration is one that I first tried like 14 years ago...way before I actually enjoyed baking. I did have a little {cook} book habit back then {and still do}, so I really did own some amazing books with some amazing recipes...but they all looked scary. Anyway, my other obstacle was that back in those days, there was never eggs or butter or flour in the house, so when I wanted to {had to} bake something, I would have to go out and buy EVERYTHING! Those were some expensive cakes and cookies. OK, enough of my is what you are waiting for!

Ginger Crunch Cake with Strawberry Sauce
Adapted from The Best of Gourmet: 1996 {I made a few minor changes}.
Crunch Topping
1 cup pecans, toasted and chopped fine
1/2 cup gingersnap cookie crumbs (about 8 cookies worth)
1/2 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1/2 stick (1/4 cup) unsalted butter, melted

Ginger Cake
1 3/4 all-purpose flour
3/4 tsp baking soda
3/4 tsp ground ginger
3/4 tsp cinnamon {I added another 1 tsp...we LOVE cinnamon}
3/4 tsp salt {sea salt}
3/4 cup unsulfured molasses
2/3 cup buttermilk
1/3 cup sugar
3/4 stick (6 TBLSPN) unslated butter softened
1 large egg, beaten lightly

Whipped Cream "Frosting"
3 cups well-chilled heavy cream
1 tsp vanilla
2 TBLSPN sugar

Strawberry Sauce
{I actually had homemade strawberry sauced on hand that I had canned in the summer, so I didn't make this...then I forgot about it and no one missed it, so you can skip the sauce if you'd like!}
1 pint strawberries
1 TBLSPN fresh lemon juice
2 TBLSPN sugar
-Preheat oven to 350 F
-Grease/Butter 3 8" x 2" round cake pans

Crunch Topping:
-Combine topping ingredients, stirring until everything is combined.
-Divide toppings evenly among the three pans and press into pan.

-In a large bowl, whisk together flour, baking soda, ginger, cinnamon, salt.
-Add the remaining cake ingredients and with an electric mixer beat on high speed for 2 minutes.
-Carefully spread batter over topping in the 3 pans.
-Bake in the lower and upper two-thirds of the oven switching positions halfway through.
-Bake 20 minutes in all, or until a tester comes out clean {OK, here is where I went "Huh?"  I switched my cake sat about 15 minutes and they were nowhere near being done. I checked again at 20 and they were still not done - no surprise - I left them in for a total of about 30 minutes...JUST CHECK!}
-Immediately invert cake layers onto racks lined with wax paper {I did not do this, I just let them cool for about 15 minute sand then inverted}.
-Cool completely.

-In a chilled both with chilled beaters {I did not chill}, beat 3 cups of cream with vanilla and 2 TBLSPN sugar.
-Beat until it holds stiff peaks.

Cake Assembly:
-Arrange one layer crunch side up on a platter {or pretty plate!}.
-Spread whip cream on the layer, evenly. I used about 1/2 to 3/4 cups.
-Position second layer of cake, add whip cream layer.
-Position third layer.
-Leave top plain {the recipe states this, but I whip-creamed my entire cake}.
-Spread/"Frost" the sides odf the cake with the whip cream.
-Chill wrapped ( cover loosely in plastic wrap) cake for at least 4 hours and up to 24 hours.

Strawberry Sauce*:
-Hull strawberries and slice them in half.
-In a bowl with a potato masher, mash the berries with the lemon juice and 2 TBLSPN sugar.
-In a food processor puree berries and then strain.
May be made up to one day ahead
*If I would have made this, I would have probably cooked the strawberries, lemon juice, and sugar for about 30 minutes and served the sauce with "chunkier" pieces of fruit.

Garnish with a few strawberries - whole or sliced -
and serve cake with strawberry sauce and enjoy!
Oh...and please notice my super-FAB cake stand...
a glass platter {the top of a broken cake stand, boo-hoo!}
set atop an upside-down trifle bowl.
I picked a few camellias from the garden
and set it all on a silver tray...
Hope everyone is having a good week...
I am taking it easy here {or at least trying to},
hence the fewer posts...
but I am recharging!

Happy crunching!

Monday, February 15, 2010

DIY...A Birthday Chandelier!

So it was hubby’s b’day this weekend
and he is not one for attention…
good thing, since everyone else in the family is!
I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to do for him…
there were many parameters…
no big parties…nothing embarrassing…
and his favorite, all time saying “Don’t spend any money.”
{Yeah, right!}
So instead of blogging into the wee hours for the last couple nights,
I was printing, ripping, and crafting…
and thankfully he received an invite
to the AT&T golf thingy in Pebble Beach
so he was gone the whole day and I could finish up!
It’s not like this craft really takes that long…
if you don’t have kids,...
and you are not making it up as you go along.
The inspiration for my birthday chandelier comes from the
book and burlap wreaths I have been seeing…
but as far as I know this is my own “creation.”
Even as I was making this and especially
when I saw the finished project,
I could totally see this becoming so many things…
baby and bridal shower decor...
made in colorful paper as party d├ęcor...
made out of a children’s book for a nursery...
Endless possibilities {and I will milk it for all it is worth}!

This is what it looked like on Saturday night,
hanging over the cake.
DIY Birthday Chandelier

  • Wire coat hanger (or wreath frame) and wire snips/cutters if you use the coat hanger.
  • Exacto knife {or preferred cutting/ripping tool}.
  • Ruler (metal)
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch (I used the small hole punch)
  • Glue sticks (glue dots could probably work well too).
  • Old book (you will be tearing it apart) or scrapbook paper cut to size or sheet music.
  • Ribbon (I used ¼” ribbon and a thin string to complete my chandelier)
  • String or fishing line
  • Cardstock in preferred color (You could use double sided scrapbook paper, but I found it helpful to use solid color cardstock…anything you can utilize both sides of the paper is good, so that you do not have to cut double mats to cover up the back side of the paper).
  • Photos
NOTE: For my purposes I will be referring to a wire hanger and an old book – {not a wreath form and scrapbook paper}
1. Cut the hanger part of the hanger off on both sides
2. Using the wire snips or pliers make hooks at each end of the hanger. Hook them together and them use your hands to form a circle with the hanger. It does no have to be a perfect circle…but it should resemble one.
3. With an exacto knife, cut the pages from an old book. The size of the wreath and the size of the folds you do in the next step will determine how many pages you need.
4. Fan or accordion fold (lengthwise) each page. A large fold will make a fuller look, a smaller fold will be a tighter look (see photos for example). I used a larger fold for my chandelier. {If you are going to pink, tear or dip the edges* do it now}
5. Once the page is folded, fold it in half, and run a glue stick along length of folded paper.
6. Sandwich the hanger between the folded page…the hanger should go right into the crease of the page. For extra hold, I stapled mine too.
7. Continue placing and gluing until your wreath is full. 
8. Before fanning out your folded pages, cut 3 lengths of ribbon approximately 36 inches long (you may want more lengths to add some flourish to the wreath like I did). Visualize a triangle on your wreath and tie (knot) a length of ribbon in these places. I liked placing one of the ribbons at the closing point/hooks of the hanger. Leave long tails so that you can take the 3 lengths and tie them together (hold them up and visualize the lengths being equal and tie a knot). 
NOTE: For Step 8 and for step 9, I am showing your the ribbon placement without the paper attached to the wreath frame. It is much easier to attach the ribbon with the paper already on the it hold the ribbon in place.
9. If you are going to be hanging photos or anything else from the chandelier, you may want to attach the fishing line now as well. You can do as many lines as you want. I did two, dividing the wreath frame in half, each way. See NOTE from step 8.
10. Glue The top of the folded paper and then fan out and glue the two halves together.
11. With wreath still flat (or…I actually found it helpful to hang the wreath for this stage of creating), glue the top of the folded pages. Then open the folds to create a rosette and glue the sides together. Repeat as many times as necessary.
NOTE: Top, a larger accordion fold. Bottom, a smaller accordion fold.
12. When the glue on the wreath is dry you can hang your photos.
13. Tie photos to the wreath frame and along the strings you crisscrossed across the frame. Hang them at different levels for interest. Stand back every now and then to reassess positioning. You will also have to balance out the photos so the chandelier hangs straight at this stage.
  • On the computer, print out your photos. I found it helpful to print them all out in the same size using Microsoft Picture Manager, wallet size photos.
  • Cut mats out of cardstock or paper. I found it helpful to use solid color cardstock and then I could put photos on both sides.
  • Cut photos out and affix to mats (I used glue, but you could use scrapbook tape runner)
  • Punch a hole in the center top.
  • Cut lengths of ribbon or thin string (I cut them about 36” long…enough to play with) and then tie to mounted/matted photos.
Add Some Sparkle!
Dip the edges in glue and then glitter for some sparkle!
Hang a few crystals for some glam! 
Pinking shear or tear the edges for some additional detail. 
Oh yeah, did I mention the best part...this cost N-O-T-H-I-N-G! And how FAB is it!

Happy DIYing!

PS-I have a ton more photos if anyone want to try this and wants to see more....Just let me know!

This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre