Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crafts and My Love Affair With The Hardware Store

I could spend endless hours in the hardware store
perusing the aisles and thinking of all kinds of cool things
to do with the hooks, dowels, hinges, shims, pipes, and hoses
{the paint and glue is already a given}.

On Sunday, I went to the hardware store 
with the intention of buying some sort of tool...
I cannot even remember exactly what now, because
just like shiny, sparkly things distract me,
so do tile and wood and glue and paint...
and then I saw it {or them}...biscuits!
I have never used them..
but I {heart} their wooden petal shaped goodness. 
I added a vintage egg print from The Graphics Fairy.

As thus these lovely little biscuits were my inspiration for this little picture frame...OK, they were the inspiration for a tray but along the way the Mod Podge, paint and ink pad got in a fight and the frame won!

I went for a worn vintagey look with my project, but I could totally see this project clean and simple with a smooth biscuit surface, painted in a creamy white, or a slick black {with a few more steps - see note below}. Scrapbook paper would also work very well.

-Picture Frame - I used the $1 unfinished wooden frame from the craft store
-#20 Biscuits
-Mod Podge
-Paint (optional)
-Brushes or sponge brushes
-Exacto knife or scissors {small pair}
-Decorative Paper, i.e., Scrapbook paper {I used the book pages left from the Birthday Chandelier}
-Ink pad {pigment ink..I used black)
DIY it!
-Paint picture frame, let dry
-Dip paper towel in ink and rub it on edges of frame. I also rubbed mine lightly all over.
-Paint biscuits {one side}, let dry.
-Gather your decorative paper.
-Apply Mod Podge to the unpainted side, and lay "Mod Podged" side down on the paper.
-Let dry.
-Use Exacto to cut around biscuits - it does not have to be perfect...we'll be sanding the edges and the rough edges of the paper will "disappear."
-When dry, sand edges of each biscuit.
-Rub edges of biscuit in the ink pad {or use a tool to apply ink}.
-Layout your biscuits on your frame so you know how to place them {after this, you will need to take them off, you can place them along side the frame on the table for reference}. I chose to have the edges hang off the edge of the frame, but you could have the points of the biscuit flush with the edge of the frame and the points "over" the photo area.
-You must have painted and inked frame and paints/sanded/Mod Poged biscuits ready.
-Apply a layer of Mod Podge to the top of the frame, let dry slightly, apply another thin layer.
-Apply layer of Mod Podge to the painted side of the biscuit and place on frame, as per layout.
-Continue this process until complete, let dry.
-When dry apply a layer {or two, your preference} to the entire frame and biscuits, getting into the grooves with a smaller brush.
-Let dry...TA DA!

*Biscuit Notes:
Biscuits come in a few different sizes, so you can pick smaller ones too. They also have {or at least the ones I purchased} a texture and the size number stamped on them. I played around by sanding a few down, and by also applying a layer of wood compound/filler. Doing these steps definitely adds some time and extra steps to the project...It really depends on the look you are going for.

OK, next week, I will do a project with color...my last few have all been black and white!

Have fun!

P.S. Thanks for sticking with me all...I know I am behind {way behind} on my visits, but I promise when i get my act together I will make it up to you! I am working on it!

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  1. This is so cute! What a great idea. Thank you for posting such excellent instructions.

    Best wishes,

  2. Anonymous4:50 AM

    You are so clever and creative. Great stuff!

  3. How cute! I like your b&w crafts.

  4. I LOVE this! As I struggle to release my own creative blocks, it's inspiring to see someone be inspired by such in-the-moment objects.

  5. I love how you just take some components and just go with it and see what emerges--the heart of a true artist. I also like your reminder about the little mom and pop hardware stores. I forget about those kind of places sometimes, and probably miss out on some good things, because of it.

    I am not sure what biscuits are, either, but I seem to have some sort of memory of them kicking around in the back of my mind. I want to say they are a little like shims, you know, little pieces for wedging into places to even things out and firm things up, say on some sort of construction project--but even typing this I realize I sound vague and unsure so I think I'll quit before some knowledgeable person comments declares me completely incompetent....

  6. Clever ~ I love what you've created! I'm guilty of roaming the isiles just looking for something new and exciting as well.

    Have a great week~

  7. I really love your projects, and may I say, you do a FANTASTIC job of breaking it all down for the craft-challenged like me! Thanks!

  8. The biscuits are grat used this way! There are so many things that can be made from them because they can be drilled.

    Thanks fro sharing!

  9. Fabulous idea!!! I never would've thought of using biscuits in that way!!!

  10. I heart the hardware store, too! We used to have an old one in town (it closed a few years ago) that had the creaky wood floors and the nails and screws were displayed in tin buckets. I loved that place.

    Your project is adorable! I want to make one! You are so creative!

    Wanna know what the biscuits are actually for? They are used in furniture or cabinet making. You use them to join two flat surfaces together without visible fasteners(look at a cabinet door, there is probably a biscuit where the side "rail" and top "rail" join together). You use a biscuit cutter (electric) to cut a slit in the edge of each piece, coat a biscuit with glue and then slide the biscuit into the slit and join the two pieces together. The glue causes the biscuits to swell which makes a strong joint. My husband and I have built a few pieces of furniture, so we have some experience with biscuits.

  11. I would love to have even half of the creativity you have in your right hand :O)

  12. That is too cute...love the frame!!

  13. My BFF insists that Ace Hardware is her absolute favorite place to shop. I would never think of such!

  14. Can you lend me your brain for a while? You crafty, writer, siren you!! Where do you come up with this stuff!?! I love it! And now I love biscuits too!! (Note: I've always had an affection for the buttery fluffy ones, too!)
    Great Job, friend!!
    Kelli @ SustainingCreativity

  15. Nicely done.

    Hardware stores are great to entertain our little ones as well when it is too cold to go outside for long. There are always brooms, mops, door knobs, toilet plungers, and other fun stuff to entertain them.

  16. What a cute idea! You are so incredibly crafty!!! I LOVE it!

  17. Anonymous9:51 AM

    You could spend hours at a hardware store-you're every man's dream!

  18. Great idea!! You are very crafty!!

  19. Love how ultra fem it turned out! I normally buy my wooden shapes at the craft store. Hadn't thought about perusing the hardware store, where have biscuts been all my life?

  20. Amazing...you have so many talents Holly. Why can't you live next door? Not sure what I would bring to the "neighbor" thang...but I know I'd get baked goods, dinner ideas, cute b-day gifts...yeah...I'd definitely get the better end of the deal:) Holly

  21. I wouldn't have any idea what a biscuit is for either. But your creative mind sure knew what to do with them.

  22. I think that turned out CUTE! Great work, for sure~! =-D

    It was several years ago where I first saw Abe Norman from This Old House using biscuits in furniture making and thought it was the coolest idea! I like what you've done with them, too!

  23. This is very creative of you. To tell the truth, I didn't know what a "biscuit" was, until I read this post.
    Ah, the mysterious treasures you can find in hardware stores.

  24. Sew creative! (get it? sew? not that this is a sewing masterpiece, but...ahhh, never mind, lol)

    Very cool! Martha would be envious of your talents!

  25. You're so creative! I never think outside the box...should work on that.

  26. This is really cute. But then everything I've seen you make is cute!!!

  27. Holly, you are my craft wet-dream come true!! I LOVE how you take the most ordinary items and turn them into BEAUTIFUL pieces of art.
    xo Mary

  28. So creative!!! And I also wanted to thank you for visiting me on my SITS day and leaving some blog love!


  29. You are so crafty and creative.

  30. I passed an award to you! Check out my blog!

  31. Oh my you are so creative, by the way I believe the biscuits are either used for leveling like when putting in a counter or for woodwork, to connect woodpieces. In either case this frame is awesome, thanks for sharing.

  32. Cute idea, I love the egg print!

  33. Blogging is making me see the world differently. I hate going to the hardware store...but now, maybe I won't. I really don't know how you think of these things...but, it was a great idea. I love it!


  34. wow that is so cool! you are sooo creative!

  35. You are such a clever crafty! I shall live vicariously through you. I can not craft or sew worth a dime. The only creative thing that I do is make semi-okay knitted projects

  36. Biscuits! How cute are those! I never would have thought to get stuff at a hardware store for crafting stuff. But then isn't that the original do it yourself place!? And I love the frame ideas. Those would be great for say Christmas....hmmm...maybe I should I bookmark this...but will I remember! haha.

  37. Anonymous11:02 PM

    That is a very interesting craft indeed. Who knew you could have so much fun in a hardware store. I've never been to one myself, well at least a real local one.

  38. I don't know how you do it, Holly! However I am beyond impressed at your creativity and energy. You need to get your own show!

  39. You are BEYOND crafty, I AM impressed!!!

  40. You are so freakin' crafty! I love it. I love all these ideas you have. I too love Hardware stores, Restoration Hardware in particular.

  41. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Wow, that came out so cute! You're so creative!

  42. That is adorable. You DO love the hardware store! :)

  43. Holly,
    You are a genius!!! This is fabulous! I've seen those wooden biscuit things before, but I would never have thought to use them in this way. Gorgeous! Thanks so much for giving me credit for the image, you're a doll.
    I would love it, if you would link this one up next Monday to my "Brag Monday" party, I know my readers will love this project!

  44. We have an old local hardware store in our town that's been there for years. It has huge tall dusty shelves and creeky wood floors; I always feel like I'm walking into a time machine when I'm in there.

    Love the frame!

  45. Those are adorable. Yeah and the late night ways do pay off. You got me laughing. I am a late nighter too. Thanks for linking up. Have a great Wed.

  46. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Wow! You are just so crafty! Thats a really cool frame.

  47. Loving this piece! If I had seen it in a gift boutique I would have snapped it up before anyone else had a chance!
    Great job,

  48. This is a beautiful frame!
    I hope to try this over the weekend! Very creative!
    Stopping by from Trendy Treehouse to say Hi!
    I am a follower and I will come back & read more!
    Please stop by!

  49. Very creative. And, I love the print you chose for the frame

  50. Gosh, you have such a talent! I just love this idea! Thank you so much for inspiring me each and every time that I visit your creative blog! Ciao, Roz

  51. Haven't been by in a while - LOVE your birthday chandelier!!

  52. Now that is crafty and creative! I could never think of that! I guess this is another reason I started blogging, to get all these awesome ideas!

  53. Love the hardware store, even more than the shoe store. :)

  54. That is so creative!
    I have a surprise for you so come on over:

  55. I absolutely love this. The hardware store is by far my favorite place to go! To the point that Hubs refuses to go with me becuase I can stay in there forever! Just walking around going up and down every single isle looking at everything. I designed and we build a log cabin bed for my son out of land scape timbers last year after we were just walking around and I saw them and thought oh wow those would make a really cute bed!!

  56. oooh, this is fabulous. I share your love for perusing the hardware store... I always end up buying various upholstry tacks- haha!
    we have a friday fun find party- if you're interested, we'd love it if you'd link up tomorrow!

  57. Hi Holly- When I saw your photo of the frame I had to smile. My dad was a woodworker, so I grew up knowing what those types of bisquits were. Very clever use for them. I love the finish you added. I also love the hardware store, especially old time ones. They are hard to find, but still around in some small towns.

  58. I've been thought to be odd for the time I spend at the "Depot"...lol
    Nice reading your blog.. I'll be back!

  59. I love the frame you made. It does look very vintage.

  60. I love that! Great tutorial. I also downloaded that nest graphic from Graphics Fairy!

    Thanks for linking up to Make it Yours day! I look forward to more of your great ideas!

  61. I can spend hours in Home Depot or the like, but never see what you do!

  62. Thanks so much for linking this one up Holly! I just adore this!!

  63. This is so cute and creative!! Thank you for sharing. Glad I found your blog!!

  64. wowwwww, this is so cute, so unique,,,,,,,so clever,,,,,,I love it,,,, it inspired me to create a new set of Cs.

  65. Love your use of the speckled egg graphic. I used it too on some linen napkins. Love Graphics Fairy and her generosity.

  66. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Have you been rearranging without me?? 504 main looks fantastic!
    Just coming up for a little air before I plunge back into the flea-market abyss. If you don't hear from me by the end of March, COME FIND ME!!!!

  67. I love the small Mom and Pop hardware stores too! I think the biscuits are for spacing between tiles.

  68. I LOVE it! Way to go!


  69. My husband uses the "biscuits" when refinishing furniture somehow. Never paid attention.

    I wonder if he would notice if I took some of his? I probably had just better buy my own.

    This is a wonderful project that I must try.

    I visit The graphics Fairy quite often which is where I found this.

    Keep up the GREAT work.

  70. So fun! I love thsi!

  71. So fun! I love thsi!


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