Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Just Ducky Valentines

I almost ignored Valentines...but we have received such a fun reaction to my daughters idea for "Just Ducky Valentine's" that I thought I'd share. And, yes, I realize Valentines Day is right around the corner...but seriously these are SO EASY and take hardly any time to put together. (be sure to check out my 2016 ducks including FREE PRINTABLES!)

Simple novelty rubber ducks, paper tags and a pen are just about all you need for some seriously cute valentines.

My daughter has always loved these novelty rubber ducks...and it seems so do many other 7 year olds so when I saw how inexpensive I could buy the ducks for, I thought ...we have got ourselves a Valentine!

Cupcake stye Ducks and simple tags from the paper craft section

  • Rubber Ducks (affiliate link). I bought these on Amazon (and it you have Prime and order today, you probably can too). They also have mini rubber ducks at Michaels and craft stores (I saw them with my own eyes at Michaels)
  • Paper Tags.These tags were on clearance at the craft store. You can make your own on cardstock or try the paper crafting section or even an office supply store.
  • Marker: I used a black Sharpie (yep...we are writing the messages by hand!)
  • Ribbon, bakers twine, yarn.
  • Optional: heart stamp and stamp pad

A package of mini ducks from Michaels

Make it!
  • Write your message on the paper tags. We used "You are just DUCKY" and "You QUACK me up."
  • I simply spaced the words out and wrote them with sharpie. My daughter is writing a message on the back (or signing her name).

Writing our message with a Sharpie

  • We added a red heart stamp because we had one and it is cute.
stamp a simple heart on each tag for fun

  • We replaced the string that came with the take with some bakers twine and tied it around the ducks neck. 
  • And we are DONE! Super simple and it cost me about $14.00. Yes more than store bought Valentines (which I totally love and have used many, many times).

4 ducks and two valentine messages. the kids are going to love this!

Happy Valentines!

Oh and don't miss the 2016 version!

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