Sunday, November 15, 2015

Teenage Boy Gift In A Jar

Buying Christmas gifts for my teenage boy is hard work! He has aged out of toys...well sort of, now he wants those very expensive electronic toys! LOL! It takes some thought to find smaller, affordable gifts that make him happy and make me happy. Of course, if I was going for "mom happy" there would be a vegetable-of-the-day club membership, a book, deodorant, and new socks, but you can imagine how well that would go over! Well, I think this year, I have collected a few affordable and necessary, "teenager-approved" items all nicely packaged in a Mason Jar!
This gift in a mason jar has a dual function: It is a drinking glass after he opens the gift!

I was trying to by sly when I first started making this gift collection. I casually asked my son what kinds of things he would like as part of a gift in a jar...two words..."CASH" and donuts. I opted to not give cash, but seriously a mason jar full of cash is not a bad idea either! And no donuts either!

You know what I love about creating Mason Jar gifts - you can swap out item sand personalize the gifts for each person. I had so much for coming up with ideas for my teenager, and here is my final gift! And take a look at these amazing ideas for kids and adults of all ages (and there's a giveaway at the bottom of the post too!)
Mason Jar Christmas Gift Ideas over 30 ideas for everyone on your list.jpg
  • Mason Jar (I used a wide mouth 24 ounce jar)
    • 2 piece steel lid (made for drinking/straw)
    • Stainless Steel Straw
    • Mason Jar Drink "Cozy" (Tutorial coming!)
NOTE: You can buy Mason Jar drinking lids online at Amazon or in stores like Target. Just make sure you get the right size (regular or wide mouth)

Mason Jar Gift Ideas for a Teenage Boy

"My Gifts"
Now, this is for my son, so I did spend a bit more than if I was giving this to someone else (a more casual acquaintance). But that's the beauty of this gift - so easy to swap thins out and personalize and change the price point! This is a great gift filled with candy and a single gift card too!

Mason Jar gift idea for a teenage boy
  • Heath Bars (my son's favorite candy...EVER!)
  • Portable charger (because he keeps "borrowing" mine.
  • Earbuds (He always needs another pair)
  • iTunes Gift Card (because all teenagers want this). Google Play or Amazon are other great gift cards.
  • Barnes an Noble gift card (with the caveat that he MUST buy a book with it)
  • Subway gift card (because there is one near his school and he is ALWAYS hungry)
Mason Jar gift ideas for a teenage boy

Here are some other ideas for gifts:
  • Wallet
  • Money Clip
  • Watch
  • Grooming Kit
  • Coffee Card
  • Cash (as requested by my son)
  • Lego Mini-figures (or whatever he is collecting) 
  • Trading cards
  • Socks
  • T-shirt
  • Tech accessories
  • Cologne
  • Items from his favorite show (Dr. Who, Star Wars, Walking Dead, etc.)
  • Key Chain
  • Mini Puzzles/Brain teasers
  • Belt
Make It!
  • I decided I wanted the jar to be dual-functioning, so I purchased a wide mouth jar with a drinking lid and straw.
Mason Jar gift idea for teenage boys.
  • Just for fun, I sewed together a Mason Jar Drinking Cozy (I promise there will be a sew and a no-sew tutorial soon...very soon!). It was super simple to make and just makes the gift look even better!

Goft in a Mason Jar for a Teenage Boy

  • Fill the bottom of the jar about 2" deep with candy.
  • Nestle the larger items - portable power and earphones - in the jar.
  • Place the gift cards inside. I may or may not attach notes like "This Barnes and Noble gift card is for BOOKS!"
  • Make sure it all fits into your jar.
  • I carefully put the lid back on, twisting the straw down into the jar through the gifts.
Mason Jar gift idea for a teenage boy MUST check out all of these amazing gift ideas -
-from the other bloggers - with this creativity, your holiday gift giving will be a breeze! 

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What would you gift in a Mason Jar? 
This gift in a mason jar has a dual function: It is a drinking glass after he opens the gift!
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  1. That Star Wars cozy is out of this world and smart thinking with the gift cards! Thanks so much for hopping with us... I'm pinning this asap!

  2. Oh I love this! Three boys and 2 of them over the "toys" makes it hard, this is perfect! Thanks so much, pinned

  3. Perfect gift for the teenage boy on your list. I love that you used the Mason cup too!


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