Monday, June 30, 2014

Pretty Paper Pinwheel Centerpieces

The last few months of my life have been insane,
and to add to that insanity I threw my daughter a birthday party right before we moved.
Last month I posted about the A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E
mini sugar cookie favor boxes I crafted...and finally (better late than never, right?)
I am showing you a simple but oh so pretty paper pinwheel centerpiece I made for the party as well. I used the same Chalkboard Paper Pack as I did for the favors...because it has to coordinate, right!?
Pretty Paper Pinwheels by 504 Main

Whenever I have a party, I know my Lifestyle Crafts Evolution Die Cutter will be put to good use...and this was no exception.


Make it!
NOTE: These pinwheels do not spin. You can make them spin by substituting wood dowels and small nails for the paper straws and brads, but I thought this was a safer alternative for the kids.
  • Cut each sheet of paper in have lengthwise. You will need one half of the sheet to make one pinwheel.
Pretty Paper Pinwheels by 504 Main
  • Run the pinwheel die, along with the Chalkboard Paper - in your choice of patterns/colors - through your Evolution.
Pretty Paper Pinwheels by 504 Main
  • You might notice there are 2 pieces after you cut the die - they are different! If you are going to mix and match colors/patterns, be sure to keep "like" shapes in separate piles. You need one of each shape to make the complete pinwheel.
Pretty Paper Pinwheels by 504 Main

  • Place the 2 pinwheel shapes on top of each other; Begin at holes at one of the "points." Insert a brad (you can also use a toothpick, etc. to help thread the paper together) through the two holes (one on each piece/shape). Then (below) add the next point under the first set (making sure to add BOTH shapes) to the brad
Pretty Paper Pinwheels by 504 Main
  • Then the next and the next. Finally take the brad with all of the "points" of the pinwheel on the brad and insert it through the center hole. Open brad to secure.
Pretty Paper Pinwheels by 504 Main
  • Grab one of the shapes in each hand and twist in opposite directions - this opens and separates the pinwheel.
Pretty Paper Pinwheels by 504 Main
  • On the back, where the brad is inserted, drop a small amount of hot glue; place the straw (about 1/2" down from one end of the straw) in that dollop of hot glue; wrap the brad around the straw.
Pretty Paper Pinwheels by 504 Main
  • (Optional) Flip the pinwheel over and add a button to the center of the pinwheel.

    Pretty Paper Pinwheels by 504 Main
    • I opted to display 3-4 pinwheels in each pot. I used sand in the bottom of my pot and then covered it with white beans. It makes it so simple to insert and position the pinwheels.
    Pretty Paper Pinwheels by 504 Main

    I loved the daughters friend loved the pinwheels...
    but most importantly, my daughter loved the pinwheels.
    Pretty Paper Pinwheels by 504 Main

    Using my Evolution Die Cutter make add fun details to all of my parties and occasions a snap! You can grab a 20% discount by using the code 504MAIN at check out when you order from Lifestyle Crafts!

    Finally I am moved into my house and slowly unpacking.
    I hope to have many more fun ideas and decor to share with you from Lifestyle Crafts!
    This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre
    disclosure: I am a member of the Lifestyle Crafts Studio Team.
    Supplies/compensation were provided for this project.

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