Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Smackdown 2009...Jules vs. Christmas

Let's just first ignore the fact that part of this post
was supposed to happen about two weeks ago...
life got in the way of blogging...
but I have not recharged yet,
so here I am including it anyway...deal with it.
Oh, yeah...I apologize this is long.
I should have a giveaway at the end
for those who stick with it...but I don't.
Let me first say, that this may be one of the best Christmases in a long time...Oh it is always good for the kids, but I finally chilled out! I was determined to have a good time...and I promised hubby that "Happy Holly" was invited to this party. I usually stress myself out with making and packaging and wrapping presents up until the final moment...not this year...I started early, and when I got behind called for reinforcements...a babysitter!
Blinko made the trip with Mom and Dad...
and Jules was NOT allowed to touch him!

As for Christmas dinner...I did break out the china to eat off, but left the serving platters and bowls wherever they were hiding...we did not use the "fancy" stuff! I served in whatever was available. We made a great meal and we all got to sit down together.
I was a Christmas slacker and I am proud!

Honestly, I am glad we, and Christmas made it to that point.
I truly thought Jules was bound and

determined to take Christmas down,
and so I dubbed this year:
Yes, this face did some serious damage!

I never, in my wildest dreams, imagined what her fascination with Christmas would be. From the moment the boxes labeled "Xmas" came out of the garage, Jules has been on a rampage. Was she was overcome by the Christmas spirit or simply fascinated by it all - the sparkles, the lights, the tree the ornaments, all this stuff that sings and makes noises?
"Bells at the Bottom"
A traditon started by my grandparents...
my dad must have been naughty
when it came to peeking at presents,
so the bells go at the bottom near the presents,
to "alert" someone when a kiddo is peeking.

Well, on a daily basis, if she wasn't hiding in the tree, some toy or half eaten apple was. I found balls, shoes, Barbies, and dog bones...hiding in the tree. That was the easy part...we now have 10 missing chandelier crystals, 8 hidden jingle bells, 6 crackedsnowflakes, 4 smashed Hallmark Ornaments (unfortunately she did not break the half-naked Princess Leia one...I know you are jealous...I have two...any bidders?), 3 broken nutcrackers, 2 collapsed gingerbread houses, and a partridge in a pear tree. But oh what fun she had...I really couldn't be mad! I cannot wait to see where she hid the snowflakes and the bells!

Just a few casualties!
Just because I know you are dying to see it...
Princess Leia...you are sooo jealous!

Sorry, not done yet! I just have to talk about my favorite decoration of all - the Christmas tree. I love the way the tree sparkles and fills a room with soft twinkling light. Even I, in all my blah, blah, holiday spirit will admit there is something really beautifulabout a gorgeous tree with some simple white lights. Do you think people would think I'm weird(OK, I am weird!) if I bought a fake one and left it up all year? Jules would be thrilled!

Joe reading the Santa letter to Jules

To me the tree is magical. As a kid, I always wanted to go buy a tree ASAP and have it hang around as long as possible. I always wanted to leave the pile of presents by the tree for just as long. Funny how things change...as a mom, we unwrapped and fairly efficiently moved all the gifts to the respective new "homes" (sort of).

Yesterday, I took down the decorations. Today, just a few days after Christmas (gasp!), I took down the ornaments, in preparation to remove the tree tomorrow...I know, I know..I am horrible...but I just cannot stand the pine needles any more, and I like to start the new year off fresh.

And, yes, it did cause trauma...Jules cried, begged me not to take the ornaments, pleaded for me to hang them back up..but I am strong...I did not back down...however, she now has ornament hanging from various places in her room and I am sure she stashed a few in her back pack.
But, really I am looking at this perfect tree in its simple glory and reflecitng on this years holiday and so happy I took a chill pill (not really...and only one glass of wine!)


  1. I am ready to take down my decorations too! I work so hard to put them all up, but then I just want my house back. There is just so much stuff I cannot stand it anymore.


  2. Oh my goodness - your kiddos are SUPER cute!! Looks like everyone had a great Christmas! Wishing you all the best in the New Year!


  3. Congrats on not letting all of it get to you - and with only one glass of wine! My in-laws were here for four days and I drank at every opportunity!

  4. The benefit of being a Ninja Jew...no ornaments to take down.

  5. I took down all our decorations the other day too. Something about a decluttered house to start the new year right. your little girl is a doll and i was rolling reading about all the christmas "casualties".

  6. Anonymous10:42 AM

    My son took on the Christmas tree this year too. I'm not sure how it survived, and it's coming down tomorrow. He stirred ornaments with wooden spoons...took a nosedive into the branches...shook it so hard the star fell of the top (twice!) rearranged decorations, and stuck random objects into it (I just found the toilet from the doll house in there today).

    He also stole presents to use as stools in his climbing endeavors. Toddler Christmas is exhausting!

  7. I am with you on the Christmas tree thing. One of my favorite things to do at Christmas time is to sit in the dark with only the tree lit and just gaze at it. And when there are presents under it, it is even better.

    This was not long at all. I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I can't believe that little face could do such damage!!

  9. Anonymous1:29 PM

    I LOOOOOOVE the idea of putting the bells at the bottom of the tree! Ingenious! I too, am enamoured with the Christmas tree. However, this year, I'm ready for it to go! Which is kind of funny, considering I remembered to put water in the tree and it's still alive! No falling needles! I'm starting to feel clausterphobic, but am having a New Year's Eve gathering and want my house to look pretty, so I have to keep it up till next weekend! And yes, I'm VERY jealous of your Princess Leah ornament (was that a cruel joke that someone gave that to you?)
    PS: I ordered my stuff from the EcoStore! I'll let you know when I receive it!

  10. Jules is the most adorable little girl!! How could you take her tree away??? And Joe seems like the best big brother ever!

  11. Oh my looks like you have been very busy....

  12. I am so jealous of the Princess Leah of the ornament.

  13. Jules is beautiful! I love the story of the magic of Xmas for the little one :) How adorable. Thanks for the sweet/funny story.


  14. Sounds like a Wonderful time. I am hoping to take down our stuff tomorrow, I am sure there will be protests :)

  15. Your little girl makes me smile! She likes to keep busy, huh? :) Sounds like she has a wonderful spirit. :)

    I too love the Christmas tree and the simple lights. Our tree has small twinkle lights and i absolutely love them. I will cry the day that those lights die. For some reason the bulbs aren't replace-able. :(

    But anyway, great post today! ps - your kids are adorable.

  16. Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas!! Don't know when I'll get the decorations and tree down...I have my grandson this week....I know...don't know how I did it when I had 2 of my own at home ...oh I know ..I was younger.

  17. It is a little overwhelming to take it down each year... I hate that. It looks like you had a great Christmas honey! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my Kat Von D post. I'm sometimes not sure of her either. I just like her style. Kori xoox

  18. Anonymous9:03 PM

    So glad to hear you took the chill pill and it was such a lovely Christmas. Jules is just adorable!

  19. Glad to hear that you had a wonderful Christmas!! Your kids are gorgeous!! Looks like they were having a blast!

  20. Ahh! Your children are adorable. Yeah, my daughter is the one that seems to get into more than her brother.

    We did a Christmas village this year. Oh great! One more thing to drag in and out every year.

    Hope you have a great New Year Darling!

  21. It sounds like a wonderful Christmas. I too tried to be less stressed this year and it really worked! Hope you have a wonderful New Year.

  22. Holly,
    It sounds like you had an amazing Christmas, and the kids are so cute! Love the bells at the bottom of the tree tradition, too!

  23. Good work, Holly--no stress, lots of memories, and fresh and clean for the new Year-wow! I am currently 3 states away and have all the undecorating to look forward to when I get home....

  24. What a great Christmas, glad you were able to relax and enjoy. Happy New Year (almost)!

  25. Ha, I was the little kid hiding in the tree with my toys a few years ago as well. I think that is why the Mrs. setup the guy's tree upstairs (now called the kids tree I mean), so that all the junk gets broken on the tree she cares least about.

  26. Too funny, kid's make everything more memorable. You'll be telling that story years from now☺ I am dreading taking down the decorations, I know ER will throw a fit like last year. She wants the tree on all day.

  27. What a great post. Your little girl sounds just like mine...BUSY. I wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog and I've shared an award with you. Happy New Year


  28. Hi Holly! I'm so glad your Christmas turned out to be so wonderful! I love Blinko! And the tradition with the bells ~ so clever! Hearing about Jules's fascination with the ornaments and tree was darling! Somewhere, deep in your genetic code is a love of holiday tradition and sparkle that clearly got passed down to her.

  29. I took everything down today myself. Truthfully, as much as I like having it up, I'm glad it's all put away and my living room is back to normal. I feel less cluttered ;O)

    Your tree was beautiful...so full! I have one of those prelit trees myself...makes setting up and taking down so much easier! Looks like you had a wonderful holiday and I just loved seeing your daughter's grin!

    Hope your New Years celebrations are fun and safe!

  30. That bell idea is wonderful! I might steal it for next year. Your daughter sounds fantastic even with all the broken bits! My two year old knocked the Christmas tree to the ground five days after it was put up and decorated. The tree is over six feet

  31. This was a really great post!! :) Love the wrestling reference in the title. lol Happy New Year!!

  32. My little dude was most obsessed with all things Christmas too! He's only 18 mos. and I didn't think he would be that aware of things. But, boy was he. Can't wait until next year!

  33. It's so sweet that she loved the tree and ornaments that much. She is adorable. (As is your son.) I'm glad you had a happy, relaxed Christmas!

  34. Awww she's so cute! That's great that she loved Christmas.

    "she did not break the half-naked Princess Leia one...I know you are jealous...I have two...any bidders?)" Okay, I have to ask... where did the Princess Leia ornament even come form?


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