Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tag Your It!

What the heck happened to December?
I have this calendar hanging up...
and I keep looking at the days, refusing to believe
things are happening as quickly as they are.

I often loose track of days -
when I was planning weddings, that did not happen at all!
However all has changed.
So again, I have miscounted, misjudged,
over scheduled, and...I am out of time.

And unless you are like me,
you are probably not looking for anything new to do,
but here I am posting about gift tags anyway...
just days before Christmas...woops!
Um...next year I will so be on it!

So, if you are new to the game over here,
and thinking my tags are ugly like my son does,
(Yes, he still despises the newspaper idea!)
checking out It's a Wrap for the story behind the "ugly."

Last year I made tags too and bought my label maker
...which I love! - to simplify the process.
I also did a couple of tags by simply cutting straight lines
and decorating with pinking shears or corner rounders.

So, voila...here are the gift tags that match the "ugly" presents.

Card stock, scrapbook paper, newspaper
Ribbon, yarn, or string
Hole punch
Label maker punch (optional)
Paper-tearer (optional)
Glitter (optional)
Glue and/or adhesive
(I like glue stick for the tags and
regular old white glue for the glitter)

How To
1. Cut or punch out numerous shapes in your
base paper - usually the card stock.
2. Cut or punch out numerous shapes in your accent paper
3. When I use newspaper, I also use card stock
and glue the newspaper onto the card stock (for some strength).
4. Tear you accent paper in half or into three's.
I keep all the parts and use them.
For example, sometimes the accents are on the top,
sometimes the bottom, sometimes the middle.
5. Match up the pieces to the shape of your tag and glue.
6. Punch or poke a hole in the top or side (your preference)
7. Slip some ribbon or string or yarn through the hole...
You Are Done!...almost.
8. I am using Sharpie's or a thicker marker to write the names
because of the pattern and colors of some of the papers.

For the initial toward the top of the post,
I just brushed white glue all over a chipboard letter
and smothered it in glitter.
I thought it was a fun accent to my "ugly" wrapping.



  1. Anonymous8:07 PM

    I now dub thee Tag Queen!!! Those are some spiffy tags you made. Love them all. :0)

  2. Once again Holly, your ingenuity shines. You have quite the talent for making the ordinary, extraordinary.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  3. Not only do I love your tags, I need you to send me some asap! :)


  4. Those are so not ugly, Silly Boy, lol. I am going to have to try making some of those they are so cute! :)

  5. Wow, these are SUPER CUTE!!!

  6. I feel the same way honey! I feel like I was just out by the pool in June! Time flies when you're getting older...bummer. Kori xoxo

  7. Those are adorable. You are so creative.

  8. I love your "ugly" wrap and tags ;)

  9. I really love the tags..and the newspaper idea! The only issue with the newspaper would be the babe putting it into her mouth...or everyone's black inky fingers all over the babe.


  10. Those are so cute! I have a label shaped punched, too, and I love it! I usually use my design software to add pictures or designs and the "to" and "from" text, then print each sheet on cardstock and cut each tag out with the punch.

  11. I think they are really cute!

    Merry Christmas!


  12. I love those tags!

  13. Love them...wish I had the energy!!

  14. Seriously adorable. I'll have you know that I'm absolutely stealing your newspaper paired with amazing ribbons this year for my gift wrapping. I used to always use newspaper but would just maintain that it had to look ugly if I did that so I didn't do much embellishment. As you've shown me, they can look super pretty!


  15. Too dag gone cute!

    You ROCK!!!!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Holly. Thanks for stopping by so often I really appreciate it!

  16. I'm salivating over these gift tags. I could NEVER be that creative!!

  17. I think the tags and the gifts are Super Cute!

  18. The gift tags are a creative touch--nice work (from someone with no creative abilities)...

  19. You are so creative. I think they are lovely.

    Merry Christmas, friend.

  20. I am loving the matching tags! You can wrap my gifts next year. ;)

  21. So cute. Your son is wrong.

    I love em!
    Please give me more good ideas in January! What else will I make on ICMT mondays?!

    Merry Christmas!

  22. I am in awe Holly - really. I have no creative talent in this department but you obviously shine!

    Happy Christmas!!

  23. The tags are great--honestly. I don't see pulling them off this year, but I'm keeping the idea on hand. It seems like you could really use these year round.

    And as far as the newspaper wrap--we host an annual youth Christmas party every year where we wrap tons of stuff that everyone competes to win based first on the way it is wrapped and a second round based on what was actually in the package (tons of fun, but I digress)...and this year, the most fought over wrapped gifts were done in the newsprint style--the kids LOVED the look of those. So--not ugly at all, at least to Virginia kids!

    Merry Christmas, Holly!

  24. Holly - they are ADORABLE!!!! I *heart* them!!
    You will have to swing by my place when you have a moment - I had a little surprise today :o)

  25. I adore the newspaper tags Holly! Crazy, I know, but it is Christmas Eve, my house is spotless, presents all wrapped, children at their grandparents' husband golfing, and I have nothing to do. So I'll make some tags!!! No reason my gifts shouldn't be prettied up any more than they already are! Merry Christmas Holly! Wish that the day will be beautiful and peaceful, and filled with love for you!! XO/Angie

  26. Anonymous3:26 PM

    I still lose track of the days even with hours to go b4 2010 comes.

  27. Love, love the gift wrapping Holly :)

  28. Merry Christmas Holly! I love how your tags came out, the pointsettias are my favorite the glitter is such a fun nice touch.

  29. I think these are lovely. I'm going to keep these in mind for the next time I wrap presents.

  30. Wow Holly, I am impressed...these are neat, you have talent and patience, maybe someday I'll create something , but for now I'll admire you for doing it for us, you are blessed! Thanks for stopping by and showing me some love. God knows I needed it...smile!

  31. Holly,

    You really are so talented & creative. Fabulous ideas. I just skipped wrapping period this year and looked like a total schmuck even though it came w/ the caveat, "I'm trying to be green, so I didn't wrap your shit."

    oh well!

  32. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and have a fun filled New Year's Eve! Wishing you much success and happiness in 2010!

  33. Those are some classy gifts! love how you made newspaper look awesome! I am adding you to my collection of awesome Christmas posts to refer to for next year!

  34. Those tags are fabulous! I love seeing how creative everyone is, everyone except me that is Lol!

  35. cute cute tags!!! so creative!!

  36. Holly, I think these are fabulous!

  37. What a fabulous DIY. They turned out just lovely!

  38. I love these tags! I may have to use this idea next Christmas! Your blog is great, by the way!

  39. Those presents are so not ugly! That's a fantastic idea! I've always wanted to do something fun like that but my mom once gave me a look that said "I will disown you if you even consider wrapping presents in anything other than wrapping paper." Next year, perhaps? :)


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