Sunday, September 11, 2016

Produce Label Towels

I have a serious love affair with kitchen towels. I find it one of the easiest ways to show some personality in my kitchen. I have quite a large collection of California themed towels, and a ton of towels I have made, like the sweet vintage mason jar towel. Well, it is time to make some more towels...I thought about fruit...then vintage labels...then how much we loved going apple picking in the Fall...then POOF - it hit me, how about some produce label towels (and, I totally know that when you pick apple off the tree they do not come with labels...ok?). My kids thought I was being weird and then realized this was pretty appropriate because, while I do wash the fruit for their lunches...its early...I am NOT a morning person, and I always leave that produce sticker on.

Fun and quirky custom produce label flour sack towel tutorial.

As I mentioned, I have made quite a few towels. Some I have been using for years and the graphics still look pretty darn good...the rest of the towel, not so much, so I will spare you a photo of my messy towels...but trust me...this can withstand multiple washings.

produce label kitchen towel


  • Flour Sack Towels (easy to find at Target, Walmart and Michaels), usually 3-5 per pack.
  • T-Shirt Transfer Paper. I have tried many different brands. I am using Avery for this project
  • FREE printable Produce Label Sticker
  • Iron, ironing board, pressing cloth.

 Produce Label Sticker by 504 Main


    1. Size it. I am printing the graphics at 5 x 7 (I get 2 on each sheet of specialty paper).
    2. I use Avery Ink Jet t-shirt Transfer
    3. Be sure to use REVERSE or MIRROR image when printing...or your words will be backwards.
    4. Print the image.

Produce sticker label flour sack towel

  • Cut out around the image, as close as possible to the edge of the design.

produce label flour sack towels

  • Press (the washed) towels.
  • Position the graphic (FACE/PRINTED SIDE DOWN) on the towel. I pick on edge, measure up about 5" vertically and center it horizontally (I usually press a crease into my vertical center).

flour sack towel with produce label graphic

  • Place the pressing cloth over the top and press according to manufacturers directions (on package - the directions vary for each brand).
    • I press hard with the iron all over the design for about 30 seconds. I keep my iron moving but make sure I press hard.
  • Let cool slightly, and begin to peel the backing. If it does not peel easily, press again.

produce label flour sack towels

Yep...that easy...your done. Cute and quirky! I can't wait to make more!

Produce label sticker flour sack towels

Aren't they super cute and unexpected? Package them in these cute baskets (from Michaels) and give them as housewarming or holiday or anytime gifts!

Produce Label Flour Sack towels.

What produce shall I tackle next???

If you like towels as much as I do...look how fabulous these Mason Jar towels turned out!

 Mason Jar flour sack towel

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  1. Those towels are gorgeous, Holly! Love the idea of the apple label theme. I, too, have been using the iron-on transfer sheets for many years, mainly for designing tee shirts for us and they have held up very well, for the most part. I don't know why, but I've never used them for kitchen towels. I enjoyed your post and the great tutorial. Thanks!


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