Monday, March 21, 2016

Simple Chenille Stem (Pipe Cleaner) Bunny

I admit it...I am a bit of a banner or garland or bunting - whatever you want to call it! - addict. I really find it is one of the easiest ways to decorate and redecorate. And I L-O-V-E to layer these banners. Before I made my Watercolor and Pastel Bunny Banner, I made these cute (at least I think so) pipe cleaner bunnies. Well, I'll fess up, I made them a long time ago and I have always loved them...but never posted them because I could not get a photo to do them justice. I adore them for the fuzzy simplicity! And...don't they look cute paired with the other bunny banner? I think their fuzzy, fluffiness and single color compliments the colorful bunny banner - it makes the colors pop!

Literally, this craft is done in seconds. And be creative! Tie one bunny on a ribbon and attach it to a pot or vase for a sweet Easter gift.

  • 30MM Chenille Craft Stems (or as I call them big ole chubby pipe cleaners). I have seen them online as separate pieces, but I have not seen individual stems recently at the craft stores. I have seen continuous length of this same width and fluffiness at the craft stores. You'll just need to cut them into the desired length.
  • 2 Yards (more or less, depending on how long you want the finished project to be) or ribbon or twine.
  • Optional: white pom poms and glue (hot glue)

Make It!
  • Cut you length of string/ribbon
  • Grab each end of the chenille stem and bring them up together to meet (the bottom will just be round). (STEP 1 PHOTO)
  • Grab down about 3 inches and twist the two ends together. Use a glass or small clay pot to get your circle the right size if necessary.
    (STEP 2 and 2A PHOTO)
  • OPTIONAL: blue on the pompom now.
  • Place the bunnies equally distant apart to get your spacing and the look you like. (STEP 3 PHOTO)
  • Begin at one end and tie the string around the area where you twisted. (make a knot). Repeat as necessary.
Now hang up those cuties and enjoy!

While you are at it...make a Watercolor PRINTABLE Pastel Bunny Bunny Banner to compliment these cuties!
Printable Bunny Banner

Or grab a FREE Printable template and use your own favorite scrapbook paper to make a Bunny Banner.

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  1. How very creative, Holly! Those fuzzy little bunnies are just adorable. Thanks for showing how to make them.

  2. Very cute bunnies. Love the water colors. I suggested in BOBB that you change the text in your searchbar to 504Main, instead of TechFrost.

    What problems are you having with the template code?


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