Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Cheer and Holiday Fun at Austin's Trail of Lights

My little girl has been nicknamed "Little Miss Christmas Spirit." She LOVES everything about Christmas...and while I am a little bah humbug myself, I have to admit her enthusiasm is contagious. So, I have decided we are doing everything to instill and encourage this sweet Christmas spirit in her and hope it catches fire in the rest of us. We started off by attending The Trail of Lights in Zilker Park (Austin, Texas). My husband really wanted us to go last year, but time ran out...however, this year we had the amazing opportunity to attend the Trail of Lights on a Preview night and it was amazing! There is nothing like a good (and that's an understatement) holiday light display to get you in the Christmas spirit!
Austin Trail of Lights

The Austin Trail of Lights began in 1965. It was much smaller in scale and was called a "Yule Fest." Last year over 400,000 people attended the Trail of Lights and it has established itself as a beloved Austin holiday tradition. Here are just a few facts I found fascinating about the #TrailofLights:
1. There are over 1 million light bulbs on the Trail of Lights.
2. It takes an estimated 15,000+ man hours to assemble the trail.
3. It takes an estimated 5000 hours to disassemble the trail.
4. There are 3,309 lights on the Zilker Park tree.
5. The Zilker Park tree is 155 feet tall, making it the worlds tallest man made free-standing tree.

Here is some great information about planning your trip to the trail.
(Please eexcuse the clarity of my photos...I need to brush up on my nighttime photography a lot!)

I have seen photos of previous years and thought it looked pretty, but seeing the Trail of Lights in person is an Throughout Zilker Park is an amazing trail full of Christmas and holiday cheer. 

Tunnels of lights...

Homage paid to Austin's bat population...

Displays or cherished childhood favorites sponsored by local businesses....

Trees wrapped in lights making a magical scene...

There are Ferris wheels and carousels...

And a whole lot of family fun!

The Trail of Lights is open from December 8 through December 22. Through December 15, admission is free, and then tickets are reasonably priced.

For all of you local Austinites or those visiting the area, You may want to consider upgrading to a ZIP pass. The Trail of Lights ZIP Fast Pass, presented by HomeAway, gives you front of the line access to enter the trail at 6pm (One hour before it is open to the general public). You also have access to Kringles Kantina and HomeAway ZIP Lounge for cookies and cocoa. Passes are required for ages 6 and up. Please see more information here.

The Trail of Lights is hugely popular and the ZIP pass can enhance your experience. When we attend getting in early and being able to walk around without crowds made the experience so much more memorable.

Because this event is so popular, I highly suggest you go prepared. Check out the Trail of Lights "Plan Your Trip To The Trail" page. Also consider using the FREE app Metropia to navigate your way through the Trail Of Lights. Use their special customization for planning your visit, including how to avoid road closures and crazy parking situations.

Wherever you live, I encourage you to get out and see some lights and catch a little Christmas spirit!
This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre
disclosure: my family and I were invited to a Blogger Preview Night. Experiences written about are my personal opinions.

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  1. What fun! I love Christmas and all the beautiful lights are one of my favorite parts of the season. This looks like a great place to visit. You have a beautiful family!


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