Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rainbow Peek-a-Boo Star Bunting (Die Cut)

Almost every week, my daughter asks me too make something for her teacher or classroom. Once I dared question her about this, to which she replied "You are the crafty one, think of something?" (Yes, there was attitude, but it was also pretty darn funny). This week she wants something for St. Patrick's Day. So, I got out my Lifestyle Crafts Evolution Die Cutter and got started on a cute Rainbow Bunting.

As I have mentioned before, I don't do a lot of "holiday-specific" decorating, but I was itching to make something with a rainbow, and thought I could make a cute bunting that was inspired by St. Patrick's Day but not 100% specific to the day. It will also be the perfect addition  to my daughters mini St. Patrick's Day celebration in her classroom. I will be making Shamrock Surprise Pound Cake and this sweet little banner will be the perfect backdrop for it.

  • Ribbon or yarn, about 2 yards)
  • Needle (with large enough eye for the yarn)
  • Fabric Fusion Fabric Glue 
  • Scissors

Make it!
I wanted my rainbow banner to be colorful, but cohesive. I purchased the Wool Felt in Electric Company and 1/2 yard of the Chartreuse color.

1. Cut 9 (larger) triangles in Chartreuse. 

2. Set up your next cuts on the Genius platform - this is where that magnetic base comes in really handy!
3. Use a Pennant Nesting Die that is one size down from the larger one you selected. Place it on the Genius Platform.
4. Inside this Pennant, place one of the small Nesting Star Dies (select one that fits inside the Pennant Die).
5. Cut (smaller) rectangles of the colors in Electric Company - just enough to cut one Pennant in each color. 

6. Cut 1 Pennant/Star Combination in each color.
7. Set the stars aside.
8. On the back of the Star Pennant, run a line of Fabric Fusion all around the outside edges and around the star.
9. Place the Star Pennant on the (larger) chartreuse Pennant, centered.

10. Let dry.
11. String your Pennant and stars together: I laid my Pennant out in a rainbow, and then laid the stars in the same order but starting  from the opposite side. 

12. On a threaded piece of yarn go from the top through the pennant, using the slits cut by the die. Bring the yarn along the back and then up on the other side. Leave about 20" of yarn on the end.
13. Now, add a star. I simply "eyeballed it" and made a small top stitch on the star; move it over to the edge of the pennant.

14. Next, take the yarn, from the top, through the slit; run it along the back of the pennant, and back up on the opposite side, through the slit.
15. Continue steps 12, 13, and 14 until complete.

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