Monday, February 3, 2014

Simple Solutions: Easy Storage For Your Kitchen Necessities

I admit that I am not the most organized person in the world,
but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve...
granted most of them have been passed down from relatives and long time friends...
but they are good! And now I am going to share one of them with you!
And, if you are like me...ways to maximize space and
create efficient storage solutions in the kitchen in a top priority.

Easy Kitchen Storage EVER from 504 Main

For the longest time I was frustrated with how to store my cutting boards,
baking racks, baking sheets and even pot lids.
Then I remembered this trick I learned from a family friend!

So you know those metal file holders/sorters...
they are AMAZING in the kitchen.
The keep you cabinets tidy and your necessities sorted and ready to go! 

Easy Kitchen Storage from 504 Main

And better yet...this is one of the easiest DIY's EVER!

I pick up my metal file holders at thrift stores - they are super cheap ($2.00-4.00)
I clean them up and place them in my cabinets.
Then I sort out my items.
Things like cutting boards, baking racks, etc. store great when "filed" like this!

Easy Kitchen Storage from 504 Main

In this cabinet I used the metal file sorter for my most used items,
but I also use a metal file sorter in other ways.
I store my pot lids this way and I store my baking pans -
like mini donut pan, mini muffin pans, muffin tins this way as well.

Easy Kitchen Storage from 504 Main

See super easy!
This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre


  1. That's a great idea. I never see those anywhere, but I'll start watching. Can you get a casserole dish in them?

    1. A standards Pyrex casserole dish fits right in. The spaces on mine are just about 2.5"

  2. Love it, Holly! I have a vertical stand for my cutting boards and baking pans too! It is a necessity in my small kitchen, for sure! Great tip! Have a super week!

  3. That is an excellent idea! I hate when my pot lids fall out of the cabinet every time I open it!

  4. My hubby was wondering if i knew what to do with cookies sheets bravo with wonderful idea. May i share this on face book and google?


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