Thursday, December 12, 2013

A New Christmas Tradition: An Unexpected Christmas

I did not grow up with religion in my life. I attended church on and off with some friends. I have celebrated Christmas with presents, Santa, and family, but here was never much religion involved, but my kids are very interested in all aspects of Christmas. Recently my daughter went to a church event with a friend called The Streets of Bethlehem. She was fascinated and has been talking about how she "Saw Baby Jesus in God's Old World." (I love how a six year old describes things) Clearly, she wanted to know more.

Thankfully, I had just received the book An Unexpected Christmas by Simone Graham. I have "known" Simone for awhile and was thrilled to read this story she created. It was exactly what my daughter wanted to hear. She could understand more about Baby Jesus, and the book did a better job explaining it all to a child that I ever could.

Whether you are religious or not, this book is a wonderful read. I do believe it will become one of our Christmas traditions.

You can also head over to You Tube to watch a short video of An Unexpected Christmas.

An Unexpected Christmas is available on Amazon, in print or Kindle edition.
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  1. Thanks for sharing this! We will definitely be looking into it this year for my little one :) Merry Christmas!

  2. Holly, I had not heard of this book or its author previously. I checked out the video and found it a beautiful rendition of the Christmas story through the eyes of children, which I believe is, after all, how a new Christian should experience it any way, no matter what age. As we age, we sometimes allow worldly views and cynical doubts to blur the message of boundless and unconditional love which is, first and foremost, why the first Christmas happened and why it is still celebrated to this day.

    I am passing the video and book on through my blog and I thank you for sharing.

    May your Christmas be very, very blessed!


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