Monday, June 25, 2012

A Little Aloha at Home with Gain

I may have mentioned that I was in Hawaii a few weeks ago.
And I may be a little obsessed with "island life."
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Every time...severy single time I go to Maui I come home
and want to redecorate my house and make everything island-like.
I want Hawaiian floral prints, palm trees, lava flows (that's a drink peeps!).
I want my house to be full of the scents of Hawaii too.

I want pineapple, coconut sunscreen, plumeria, and hibiscus - any and all reminders of Maui! Little island reminders that I can carry around all day with me and even go to sleep with at night.

Yep, I am obsessed...someone must have known this.
As soon as I returned from my trip, I received an email from One2One Network asking if I would like to try one of the new scents from Gain...

There are so many and they all smell amazing...
but then I saw it...
Hawaiian Aloha and I HAD-TO-HAVE-IT!
The pineapple and coconut scent was calling my name!

did have the opportunity to check out the other fabulous scents like

Sunflower and Sunshine
that evokes the feeling of walking through a garden

Dazzle and Shine
with white flower and citrus scent

Be sure to head over to Gain to see all of the amazing scents!

BUT I was drawn to the Hawaiian Aloha....
I was so excited to wash my sheets and my towels and
my vacation clothes in Hawaiian Aloha....

There is nothing as magical as the Hawaiian Island and for those of us who cannot live there, being able to bring home a little of the magical scents of the islands is a dream.

Every time I do the laundry, the scent of Gain's Hawaiian Aloha
takes me back to Maui  and our wonderful experiences in the Hawaiian Islands.
How can you beat that!?

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DISCLOSURE: I was invited to particpate in this campaign by One2One. Product was provided for my review and opinions.

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