Thursday, July 28, 2011

Party with Tampico

A couple of weeks ago, I threw my daughter a birthday party (or two).
of course there was food...and beverage.
AND I wanted to do something really fun for the kids...and adults,
so I whipped up a couple of festive punches using Tampico!
Have you heard of Tampico?
I had heard of it, but never tried it before...
and then we were at the store and the kiddos saw
a bottle and really wanted to try it.
Well, then, "Let's try it!"
Um yeah, they loved it.

So, when it was time to create the FUN for the party,
Tampico was the obvious choice!
We headed back out to pick up some of the
new single serving 20oz. bottles and even a few gallons!
The kids had lots of ideas too!
Tampico has a ton of flavors!
All unique and fun and tasty!
To celebrate all that is unique, Tampico has a FAB contest
happening right now (through 8/21/11)...
Here's the scoop on the Unique Like You contest:
upload a photo, "trick it out," and have a chance to win a Digital Rockstar Kit: a laptop computer, digital music player, headphones, and a $100 music card!
Sounds fun! Go check it out all the details and contest rules.

For our unique party we chose to use the kids favorite flavors:
Strawberry Banana, Island Punch, and Citrus Punch.
It was seriously hard to keep their hands off the Tampico until party time.

  • The punches were simple - all made in about 5 minutes.
  • Quantities can easily be increased - I did most of mine double
  • Also the sparkling water can be increased or decreased based on your liking..Many of the adults added some more - more fizz, more fun!
The party was for 4 year olds...
but the big kids were easier to contain for the photo!
And they loved it...Not a drop of punch left!

Strawberry Banana Punch
  • 4 cups of Tampico Strawberry Banana Punch
  • 2 cups Sparkling Water of Club Soda (the kids always feel fancy with bubbles!) You could easily do ginger ale.
  • Mix together
  • Chop up some bananas and throw in some fresh strawberries (minus the stems)
  • For fun I added the juice of 2 limes too.

Fizzy Island Punch
  • 4 Cups Tampico Island Punch
  • 2 Cups Pineapple juice
  • 2 cups club soda or sparkling water
  • Limes - a little juice but just because they looked pretty too!
  • Mix is all together! Ta-da

Tampico Citrus Sherbet
I also made some sherbet (my first time for sherbet) with the Citrus Punch. I felt these fruity flavors screamed for a sherbet. The kiddos loved it!
Especially in these cute little cones!
 Notice she is licking her fingers already...YIKES!

We had fun with our Tampico Creations.
I really cannot wait to try cooking something up...
yep there are recipes on the Tampico website too! YUM!
Go visit the Tampico Facebook Page and
click here to enter the Unique Like You Contest

And, wait...this week there is a Twitter Contest running.
Between 07/26 – 08/01. All users have to do is answer a simple question posted on Tampico's Twitter Page at random times throughout, tag their answer with #Tampico20oz. The 20th person to answer (no worries, questions are open-ended), will win 20 bottles of Tampico in the 20oz bottles.

Do you have a go-to party punch?
I think these are mine now!
Disclosure: Tampico product samples were provided to me free of charge, courtesy of Tampico Beverages, Inc.

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