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2010 ROCKED the INSPIRATION! The Best of Tickled Pink! Part 3B

Here's Part 3B!
Again {and over and over} I have to say thank you to everyone involved in Tickled Pink. It has inspired me and others and I thank you so much for coming back to hang out at 504 Main. 

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Best of Tickled Pink at 504 Main
There is no way anyone cannot be touched and amazed by this story...and every time I read  about this, think about this, or see a post on Facebook, I get the chills.
This is a nutshell version of the story...You can read the beginning of the story HERE, the next phase HERE, and another update HERE at Cathy's blog. 
Cathy's daughter, Heather has a rare liver disease that required a liver transplant, preferably a live donor transplant. After not being a match to donate, Cathy began to look for another donor. She posted her story on her blog and amazingly another blogger who lived near here came forward and her husband was tested and proved to be a match. The transplant has successfully taken place and all are doing well.

Cathy says on her blog...
"I never expected my little blog would turn into a life saving measure, but I used it as a tool to find a donor when no friends or family were a match.  My prayers were answered and  Heather has the opportunity for a long and healthy life as a result of this transplant. Robert and his wife Kayren are amazing people with a faith that is inspiring. I know we have been blessed and I wish  all of you the same!"

This is an amazing story and that demonstrates the power of social media, but more IMPORTANTLY shows us a beautiful spirit and compassion in people. It renews my faith in this crazy world.

It also make me and everyone more aware of the power of organ donation.
If you are not already an organ donor, consider being one.

Thanks Cathy for letting me share this!
This one was a unique birthday wish that Michelle at So Wonderful, So Marvelous came up is a little something any of us could do at anytime to make someone's day a little brighter. {and not just because we have the same birthday!} it is Michelle's idea that has me tickled pink. Michelle says it best...
"Will you give me a gift and do a random {or not so random} act of kindness? It's so easy.  You can tell someone how they have changed your life or how much you love them. You can rake your neighbor's lawn or help them clean out their garden. You can have coffee with a friend or buy lunch for a stranger. You can leave change in a vending machine for someone else to find or pay the toll of the car behind you. You can tell someone how pretty they look or make a donation to your favorite organization. Help a family that has been in the news lately or send a letter of thanks to your favorite teacher. You can drop off flowers to a nursing home or take balloons to a hospital. You can just start with a smile." {You need to visit her POST for all the scoop}
a poem to move you is
from Terra at Sitting on an Oak
I read this poem on my very first visit to Terra's and was moved.
It spoke to me. It sang to me. and I knew I had to share it.
Once I Knew
I knew a little girl once who dreamed in color -
Big bright rainbows and trees full of apples.
Ribbons and tassels blew in the wind behind her
and in front - the whole wide world.

I knew a young girl once who dreamed in gray-scale -
Stormy clouds and blue days of confusion.
Fear and distrust hovered behind her
and in front - the whole wide world.

I knew a young lady once who dreamed in a haze -
Blurry memories periwinkle dissolution.
Hesitant trust followed behind her
and in front - the whole wide world.

I knew a woman once who dreamed in color-
Big bright rainbows and trees full of apples.
Ribbons and tassels blew in the wind behind her
and in front - the whole wide world.

Is that not beautiful?
You will L-O-V-E Sitting on an Oak
a fairy tale redo
is Lourie from CA Girl 

Lourie is a fellow tall, CA Girl,
but that is not the only reason I {heart} her!
She is a top 2010 pick for her take on Cinderella  - it is inspired.
I cannot even describe just have to go read it!
Like any good princess, I am tickled pink about it!

a reminder to love yourself  from Java at Never Growing Old
I just read this little reminder about loving yourself
yesterday and it really touched me and spoke to me..
so I wanted to share it. Just go visit her and
read her post titled Perfectly Imperfect 
tending to YOUR bloom
with Suzicate at The Water Witch's Daughter
I read this post the other day, and as I go along the path of self discovery and awareness, I am moved more and more by the writings, findings, and insight of some really amazing women in blogland. Go read If You Can't Bloom Where You Are, Transplant Yourself. Suzicate writes some really amazing posts and this is one of my favorites!
Jenny off on a tangent
Jenny Matlock

You all know Jenny right? Oh you don't! Then you do not know what you are missing.
I Heard the Song of a Train This Morning touches me...transports me to a place where all is good and wonderful. I place I want to be and want to live in. This post sticks with me.
  One of the most touching, grabs-at-my-heart, and inspiring posts I have ever is all about a different kind of Independence Day. I shall say no more...just go read it.
A little Getting Over Myself is an inspired and touching post from Simoney at GreatFun4Kids.
A little reminder with a big message from Kludgy Mom
Do you do you get caught up in it? I know I do. I am perfectly happy, have a home, a car, kids, dog, etc. but find myself getting caught up in the "more is more" mindset.
Here is Kludgy Mom's reminder that Less is More.

The World I Want for My Daughter
Traci at A Star in My Own Universe wrote a really amazing piece, The World I want for My Daughter. There is so much wisdom and wonder in this post for those of you with daughters {although I suppose I want similar things for my son too} favorite line is this..."So the world I want for my daughter is one wherein she believes herself to be enough." You have to go check it out for the rest...and she references School House of course it ROCKS.
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***Part 5+: Crafting and DIY and Home***
{most likely this will be broken up into multiple categories} 

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