Friday, June 18, 2010

Tickled Pink No. 11 with a HOP!!

What does it mean to be Tickled Pink?
"'s the figurative sense of the word that means 'to give pleasure or gratify'.
The tickling pink concept is of enjoyment great enough
to make the recipient glow with pleasure ."
-The Phrase Finder
I am most Tickled Pink because...
I spent time boating, swimming, hanging out and....
water-skiing for the first time in 15 years.
{I told you you were not hearing the end of this any time soon!}
My family used to spend our summers this way and I really miss it.
What a fun way to start off summer! kitchen is almost done!!!!!!!
Now, it is time for Tickled Pink No. 11!
I know some have not linked up because their posts isn't pink...
Guess what it does not have to be PINK!?
This day is about stuff we {heart} from our own blogs or from others.
And who knows I may pick your post to SPOTLIGHT next week!

Feel free to link up...
a craft...a recipe...a tip...a party...a short story...a poem...a fashion find...
a favorite product...your favorite post...whatever makes your blog fabulous.
You get the idea, right?

I am also adding a "I've Been Tickled Pink" Button
for those who have been featured and want to put it on their blog.
Click HERE for the featured button.
NOW...on to PINK business!
This week, I'm tickled pink about... 
getting organized
hanging out in the kitchen
tending to YOUR bloom
new places to play
for the DADS!
getting organized
with Renee at ReneW Your Space
I like to think I am organized...but really I am a disorganized-organized person. Oh I am constantly trying to organize...and I do and it remains that way for about 15 minutes...and then all bets are off...I am the only one who can find anything.
No wonder I love ReneW Your Space...

I need help...possibly an intervention! 

Since my kitchen is all dismantled right now...I figure, I might as well put it back and have it make sense, right? To the rescue comes Renee and her tips for the kitchen.

I have been making my own cleaner {thanks Heather} and working on laundry soap {thanks Nikki}, but seriously need to organize the cleaning closet... I have cleaning stuff everywhere!

Seriously now, some of you may have noticed my comments are time stamped at 2 am! So I have been looking for ways to make a dent in my daily tasks or improve my time management skills...well here is a list of what you can get done in 15 minutes. 

And finally, we all know I am on a healthy/lifestyle makeover kick. I loved my detox, but there is so much more I, and well everyone, can do to clear your body clutter. There are definitely some ideas I have yet to implement completely!

 Now that I have confessed how unorganized I am, do yo still like me?
Go visit ReneW Your Space and see how you can renew your space.
hanging out in the kitchen
with Holly - no, not this Holly...that Holly!
Holly and I have been bloggy friends for awhile and
she shares some absolutely delicious recipes and tips.

Holly has practical advice that makes you think
"Why didn't I think of that?"
Her recipes are simply perfection, like her pork chops - easy and fabulous!

I am the first to admit I get stuck in a rut...brown rice and whole wheat pasta on alternating nights! I cannot wait to try her Mayan Couscous...
Can you believe I have never made couscous!? I am making this tonight!

Now, I make it no secret that I like to start and finish my day with coffee...
Holly's morning prayer is just up my alley!

And because a girl can never have too many blogs,
you can also visit Holly at
where you can find recipes with a little something-something in them
  where she shares fun little tips and tidbits about caring for a home.
tending to YOUR bloom
with Suzicate at The Water Witch's Daughter 

I read this post the other day, and as I go along the path of self discovery and awareness, I am moved more and more by the writings, findings, and insight of some really amazing women in blogland. Go read If You Can't Bloom Where You Are, Transplant Yourself. Suzicate writes some really amazing posts and this is one of my favorites!
new places to play
There are some great linky's and meme's out there.
Here are a few new ones that tickle me pink!
 On Mondays from Kimberly at Terra Del Sol...Mia Mondays!
"A day that is all about you. A new theme to write about each week.  Tell us a little more about you, and make some new friends or learn about your old bloggy friends. Visit some of the other "Mia Monday" people."
On Tuesdays from Lisa at Wasabi Mommy...Your Town Tuesday
A place to celebrate what makes your little town,
your place in the world special and fun!
header 150x150
Party all week with a belle, bean and chicago dog, Taming Insanity, Mommy of a Monster (I Mean Toddler) & Infant Twinslinky is up from Sunday to Friday. Go check out this post to get the details!
The renovation is from Busy Mom's Guide 
Don't you just love the wall color?!
The creativity is from I Can Find the Time
Are you kidding clever is this!!!!
The sewing skills belong to Beverly at Flamingo Toes.
Why? Because it is an awesome vintage tablecloth
turned skirt that I would totally wear!
The THANK YOU's go to
Bumpkin, Shell and Erin for writing their own Tickled Pink 
posts over the course of the last several weeks.
I never imagined anyone would actually write a Tickled Pink post,
and these ladies tickled me pink by joining is so wholeheartedly!

A big huge-a-licious THANK YOU for all who have participated and visited. I am so enjoying visiting your links and seeing what Tickles You Pink! Who will be in the SPOTLIGHT next week?
Want to know who won June's DIY Club challenge?
Go over to the site and check it out!!!
And get ready for July!
There are always great prizes! 

To end this very long post {as always},
I want to say Happy Father's Day
 to all the dad's other there!
I am always tickled pink to do a project
or hang out with my Dad!
Dads are so important...go say thanks to a Dad!
I will be posting my tribute to my Dad on Sunday!
So, who one the super-cute Liberty of London 
for Target mini-journal set?
KaylaDanielle at kdl. blooms
Hope they tickle you pink! 

This weeks giveaway is a mystery!
it will be something super-fabulous.
I just did not have time to pull it together!

This There are 4+ ways to enter!
--Entry No. 1 {required}: 
*You need to be a follower of 504 Main AND
*You need to leave a relevant comment about at least one feature!!!! "Nice journal", "Nice post," "Learn how to work from  home," and the like - doesn't count!
--Entry No. 2:
Go Follow at the DIY Club, Inc.
--Entry No. 3:
Go follow along at Win, Lose, or Blog
--Entry No. 4:
Go give some comment love at any or ALL of the featured bloggers.{leave a comment for each blog you visit blogger}
Contest  closes Thursday, 6/24/10 at 11:59 p.m. EST 
The  winner will be announced on Friday 6/25/10.

What more info on Tickled Pink or how to nominate a product/person/idea/recipe to be featured, click HERE or simply email me! is cool to nominate yourself! Loving all of your ideas!!!!!! Bring them on!

****I reserve the right to remove posts that are offensive or do not adhere
to the rules, without any discussion, at my discretion.****
****These are my own opinions. No one has offered me anything, nor have I accepted anything to include them in this post. Prizes are supplied by me.****
{photos appearing here are copyrighted and property of the respective blogs featured}  
504 Main

Show Me What you Got!
*It does NOT have to be pink or pink-related* 
*Pretty please...add the Tickled Pink button to the post*
{people need to know what the heck they are doing!} 
*It does NOT have to be a new post*
*Visit some peeps on the hop*
*It would be great if you were a follower or subscriber {*wink*}


  1. Hi Holly, What tickles me pink is genealogy. This week I am writing about my husband, and one of his favorite dishes.

    Thanks for the mention Holly for Mia Monday. Monday will be all about Neighbors the good, bad, funny or indifferent. Come on by and join our party!

  2. As always you've posted some fabulous bloggers to check out. I stopped by Holly, a fellow food bloggie. Thanks for helping me find her, you were right that she has some great tips and tricks. Have a nice weekend!

  3. Hey Holly so glad that you joined the hop today. I'm flying in to take a look around.


  4. As always, some great new blogs to check out!!

    Thanks for the Word Up, YO! shout out - we've been having a blast with it!

  5. Anonymous8:11 AM

    I can't believe I won!!! Thanks so much, Holly!!

  6. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Oh yeah, how should I get my address to you?

  7. The renovation from Busy Mom's Guide is GORGEOUS!! And, of course, I can't wait to see your reno!

    Thanks for the Word Up, YO! Shout! You're fabulous, Holly!

  8. Thanks for hosting another great party!

  9. I love that you were the 1st one to link up to Fab Friday. :) Tickles me pink, in fact! Man, I'm with you I need ReneW to come do my teeny tiny kitchen...I have NO storage....(PS You know I'm a follower!)
    Heather @

  10. Sounds like you have been off having a lot of fun!

    Going to go check out the other Holly.

  11. I love those bracelets! What a great idea for the baseballs that the puppy chewed. :) Have a tickled pink day everyone!

  12. Hi Holly!
    I could use a mocha right now :) You got a lot going on here so I'm gonna go check it out. Thanks for popping over.

  13. Sounds like your trip was devine!! I'm going to check out the other pink ladies :) Thanks again for the honor!!!

  14. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Hey Holly! I'm linked up and posted my own tickled pink blurb! :) Glad you enjoyed a vacation with your family. It sounds like you had a lot of fun! Thanks for stopping by yesterday. Be sure to come and see what tickles me pink!

  15. Awe, You're so sweet! So, does this mean I get to grab your button and display it? Looks like your week has been tickled pink! I'm heading out to the mountains which I hope will tickle me always does!

  16. I am tickled to have finally found something I find pink worthy to post! On my other blog, Metabolism Blues I am discussing what is beautiful.

  17. Thank you soooo much for featuring my skirt! I appreciate it! :)
    I'm of course I'm a follower.

  18. I'm also a follower of DIY Club - yea to All Thingz Related for winning this month. :)

  19. holly, YOU tickle me pink! you say you're disorganized, but look at this post! all these fancy pics and links to other fabulous blogs, etc...sigh. i wish i could stay up late and play in blog land like you. so many blogs, so little time.

    thanks for the shout out. i didn't get on the ball to post anything pink today, but i will for next week!

  20. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Very nice picks again this week. Glad to hear you were able to enjoy some boating and hanging out fun. Gotta love it!

  21. Hello Holly
    Thanks so much for all of your comments! You made my day! I know what you mean about time management! I used to be pretty good at it, getting all or most of my to do list done each day. Well, that was before I discovered blogging recently! I need to figure out a happy balance of it all! :)

  22. I am a self-styled organized person trapped in an unorganized person's body. ReneW- what a great find! I'm following her for some organization inspiration!

    And I love Busy Mom's Guide's renovation- that couch is fantastic!

  23. YOu've been so busy lately. I love the eclectic mix here!

  24. Hey Holly, I've linked up a post i wrote this week - I was tickled pink by the response to it... especially a comment from a girl of 13. I'm tickled pink that there are plenty of women of all shapes, sizes and ages, who are truly beautiful inside and out - and that beauty is more than just skin deep. Hope you like it :)

  25. Yay, so fun you got out in the water after all that time!! It is such a great way to spend a day isn't it? I feel like I forget about it sometimes during the off months. I'm glad your kitchen is almost done, I want to see!!! And that orange room looks surprisingly amazing, i love it! As well as the baseball bracelet, when I was little- I would have LOVED that. Also, I about died in the comment you left me about 3 -4 dollar designer clothes... oh me oh my!!!

    ps I am a follower :)

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Hey Holly. I've awarded you with the versatile blogger award. You can come pick it up off my blog. Have a great day :)

  28. You find the coolest things! I can't wait to see the pics of your new kitchen! *jealous panda*

    We are doing desserts this Thursday! Please Share your Spoon with us if you can! :)

  29. Oooooo - this is the first time I'm linking up to a Tickled Pink Friday (I'm usually not clever enough to come up with ideas!) But this week, I have a good one! So glad your kitchen is almost done and thanks for sharing links to some organizing sites - I NEED THE HELP!! Have a great weekend!

  30. Anonymous11:12 PM

    hey holly! i'd love to learn more about your tickled pink feature but i can't access your email. has it changed? thanks!


  31. I love the play on works on Renee's site. I want to be organize but I've been unorganized for so long I don't know if I'll be able to function as an organized person.

    I kind of like organized disorganization.

  32. A little late as usually Holly....I just can't seem to get this party down pat. Of course I am in blogging balance mode too now. I joined in though and will go check out a few others. Thanks for hosting.

  33. Hey! I'm a disorganized organized person too!

  34. Thanks for following Dropped Stitches! Your blog is Fab! Y am returning the follow!

    xo Erin

  35. Thanks for following Dropped Stitches! Your blog is Fab! Y am returning the follow!

    xo Erin

  36. This week I am writing about my husband, and one of his favorite dishes.
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  37. Anonymous2:51 AM

    Once again I love the site you featured! You always find such neat ones... I am so curios what you giveaway will be????

  38. Anonymous2:52 AM

    I follow Win, Lose or Blog

  39. Anonymous2:52 AM

    I follow DIY Club, inc


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