Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Easter Bunny Made Me Do It

The Easter Bunny Made Me Do It
Those of you who have been around since November will recognize part of this post...but I have been feeling very "family like" recently and a few other bloggers have some projects going on that have made me want to dedicate the next few Wednesdays to celebrating family traditions, bonds, and preserving family memories.

Let me begin by saying I am a cynic, delightfully so, but a cynic. Holidays drive me nuts. Why can't we just be kind and happy all year? Why can't families and friends gather "just because"? Why do we have to make a big deal about all of this stuff? I am not sure why the holidays and I do not get along {OK, I probably am sure}. I have tried...really I have! But alas I now have kiddos, so I put on my {semi} happy face and deal. 

Also, before I go any further, let me be clear, in regards to my distaste for the holidays, I am speaking from a purely secular family, as a whole, has never practiced a particular religion...although, recently my son and I have begun attending church. So I am not bashing anyone's beliefs...just the hoopla, the candy, and the crap!

Now on to the story...

The most amazing thing happened in our new home that April of 2006. It was Easter, and it was our first away from the family. Honestly, I try to ignore Easter {that is a whole other story NEVER to be told on this blog...EVER, except for $10,000,000.00}. I do not make a big deal about it, but it is hard to do that when you have a kiddo...and then here comes the Easter Bunny to mess with things even more.
Joe was 4-going-on-5 that year and we were still adjusting to life up here - carving out our niche in the community, creating new traditions, and learning to deal with the fog. That Easter we were sans was just the three of us. The Easter Bunny must have known this because he was awful nice that year. When Joe awoke on Sunday morning, that silly bunny had filled his entire room with balloons and left him a treasure map.

Joe was beyond excited - he raced around the house collecting his treasures. He thought this was just about the best thing that had ever happened...and I agree! At the end of the festivities, Joe looked up at me and asked, "Can we write Santa a letter so he can do this too?" I sure didn't want to hear the conversation between Santa and the Bunny that night!

Fast forward to December 25, 2006...and Santa came through! What a guy! Ever since that Easter in 2006, the Easter Bunny and Santa have left a special surprise for the kiddos. This is one of the things that could actually make me change me cynical is magical!
Just in case you want to let the Easter Bunny
know that you like this idea,
I thought I'd share a snippet of Joe's past hunts.
{Jules was not in the picture yet or too young to play along}
Also, it may say "Santa" below,
but I have talked to the Easter Bunny
and he can totally do this too!
  • 2006: He got a map of the house and backyard with X's to mark the spot of his treasure.
  • 2007: The kid was seriously into the Magic Tree House Books, and just starting to really read on his own, so the map became a list and it included rhymes as the clues (like the ones in the books...Santa could work on his rhyming ability...maybe he can chat with Matty?)
  • 2008: Joe was all about I Spy. Santa can totally sent him on a hunt using abstract photos from around the house. Once Joe began the hunt, at each location a new photo sent him to the next location, until he returned to the Christmas Tree.

    The treasures Santa or the Easter Bunny leaves are simple little things
    like rocks, small books (I am sure he gets them from thrift stores),
    Pokemon cards, playing cards, etc.
    Santa seems to know just what it is the kiddos are "in to."
    Here's a sample letter from Santa.

Do you have a special tradition?
I would love to hear about it!


  1. L*O*V*E IT!!!

    The brick back ground on your header reminds me of a brownstone / watching 227 growing up :o)

    I think your idea behind the holidays are right on!! Lets go back to celebrating what the TRUE meaning is & make it fun for our children. We should be enjoying family every day, not just the holidays.

    Those chicks are down right adorable (just like you)

    hmmm I think that is enough of just woke up rambles from me

    Have a great day dear!

  2. I agree. All the hoopla over the holidays make me feel like i just want to close my eyes and wake up after it is all over. I two love the holiday and family But all the craziness has got to go! My kids are grown but they would have loved your idea. I love your new blog. and your chics are to cute! I would love to win one. Thanks for the chance, Carol

  3. Backyard maps is a super idea. We don't have any traditions that are original. Just an egg hunt for small things, which turns into Dad rehiding the eggs for fun 25 times during the course of the day.

  4. I like your new look.
    For Christmas we open our gifts starting with the youngest working our way up to the oldest. As for Easter our boys (ages: 28, 18, 16) are too old for easter I'm not sure what we'll do. I love the Bunny ears your daughter is wearing.

    Please enter me in the giveaway.



  5. LOVE the new look!! I also love the idea of the treasure hunt!!

  6. I love the new look, especially the font for all the titles. Super cute.

    My kids are grown, but they would have loved your ideas.

  7. The makeover was a smashing success! Very clean and understated, yet warm and inviting! Very nice!

  8. It is wonderful! The new look is great!!!

    Good to know I'm not the only one that has the designing conundrums...right brain vs left....sigh...

  9. Love your new look - I've grabbed your button, stop by and check it out!

  10. LOVE the new look! grabbing your new button now! :)
    (didn't see my button on your roll *sniff sniff*)

    One of our traditions on easter.. came from when I was a child. We ALWAYS got some sort of stuffed animal in our basket. I have always done this for my son. He is almost 15 now and still looks forward to what kind of stuffed animal he will get on Easter :)

    I LOVE personalized traditions :)

  11. like the look, and the chick on a stick! i'd love to be entered into the giveaway! :)

  12. Love the makeover! Great how you create such magic for the kids!

  13. I love the new look. I really get what you mean about the matching houses and the eclectic stuff too. I am pretty organized, like traditional stuff (not the chippy paint variety) in my house...BUT, I love to add the unexpected and often things don't really seem as if they should go together...but, they make me happy. So, I'm more china and crystal than burlap and rusty metal...but I just finished painting something for the coffee table and sanding the paint off in places. Go figure!

    I'd love a chick on a stick...count me in!

  14. LOVE the makeover!!! The tabs are so awesome, I want tabs too :( Now I have Tab envy, lol.

  15. Oh, I would love to win some of the chicks, since we didn't make ours quite right... though the kids still love them and play with them.

    For Easter we always had clues that would lead us to the next clue, etc until we found our basket. When we were little it would just be pictures of something, the bed, the piano, etc. but as we got older the clues got harder and riddles we had to solve. We do the same thing with my kids now and they love it.

  16. I really love the look of your makeover.

    When my kids were in elementary school, sometimes I would do a treasure hunt when they got home from school. I would hide and they would follow the clues to find me in the house. When they found me, they were so excited!!!!! They didn't even need a prize..they just loved the hunt and the clues!

  17. First- I adore your new look, it suits you perfectly!

    Second- My husband is a bit of a scrooge when it comes to holidays, he doesn't like being told when to celebrate and how. I, however, love any reason to have a party or decorate :)

    Third- I would love a set of chicks, please!! If I win you won't even have to send them very far!

  18. Anonymous11:47 AM

    I puffy heart your blog makeover!! I'm grabbing your new button too.

    We don't have any Easter traditions at my house, but I Like yours alot.

  19. Love your new look.

    We have a big Easter egg hunt with treasure map and a treasure at the end.I spread the eggs all over our neighbor orchard which takes the kids over 30 minutes to finish till they find the treasure....then we eat,lol.

  20. I love the treasure map idea-- that is so creative. I would have LOVED something like that as a kid (heck, I would LOVE something like that right now!).

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  21. Holly,
    I am just the opposite. I can NOT get enough of holidays; however I do agree with you that fmailies should get together for no particular reason AND that we should be happy all year long.
    I would give you a button if I knew how to make one... perhaps I'll find out how. Grabbing yours anyway!

    P.s. the chicks are cute... enter me away!

    Oh. and. I love your treasure hunting idea. I have a little buck-a-roo who isn't yet one mut of course I've gotta get my ideas ready for when he's old enough and I LOVED your idea.

    many thanks,

  22. I love the makeover, it's so you!

    Please enter me in your giveaway! The chicks are sooooo cute, I would love to win them!

  23. I like the makeover! I keep feeling the need for a major overhaul too.

    Easter is important to us but that's because we do go to church. This is the first year that my son is old enough to have any idea about chocolate so I will do an egg hunt in addition to our church service. I guess we'll see how successful this is. I may end up finding old chocolate eggs hidden under the couch months from now.

    If the giveaway is open to Canadians I'd love to be entered. Otherwise no worries.

  24. When we were little the Easter Bunny always hid the chocolate eggs. And always he would put at least one on a picture frame. Now he uses the plastic ones to hide and fills them with all kinds of stuff. That way the kids can play with them later. He also hides the baskets.

    I LOVE your new look. And I am taking that button of yours. ;)

    Do not, I repeat, DO NOT get sick. Seriously.

  25. Yep, I remember the other post and I thought it was a great idea. My plan is to do a hunt for my grandchildren. And anytime Santa or the Easter bunny want to look me up for some rhyme time, I'm right here.

    Your new look is nice and refreshing. But I'll pass on the chicks so that someone else can grab it.

  26. Holly, I love the new look!

    Every year when a holiday rolls around, I say...NO MORE, but then I always do more..and more..and more. I love holidays, but I want to scale down things around here..just a bit. I think a treasure hunt will be a perfect fit for my family this Easter! My Mom used to do that for me when I was little and I loved it. I think my kids will too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  27. I thought something was different. Guess I shouldn't stay gone so long. I'll come back to replace your button. I have your other one on my site. i'll come back to get it, just reading a few blogs tonight.

  28. I thought something was different. Guess I shouldn't stay gone so long. I'll come back to replace your button. I have your other one on my site. i'll come back to get it, just reading a few blogs tonight.

  29. Gorgeous Holly!

    I struggle with that left brain/right brain thing all the time too.

  30. Holly,
    Thanks for the tips about the buttons. I have one now for you to grab!

    Check that out. All you do is enter your blog url and your photo url from photo bucket into an HTML code she has already written up. SO easy!
    Grabbing your button!

  31. That is really funny! A little crass, I suppose, but oh well!
    Thanks for all the help.
    One more question:
    What function does one use if one is trying to have a LIST of buttons? I'll play around but if you get this before I figure it out (which is likely!) let me know.
    Have a fab day.

  32. Hi Holly! Your make-over is fabulous. I'm taking your new button so I can update your link on my blog. Parts of this post made me cry. And the photos made of the kids made me cry too. I know, I'm a blubbering, over emotional old fool. So happy to see today, really I am.. these are happy tears. Love, Keri (a.k.a. Sam)

  33. Love the makeover...fabulous! You have been working so hard on your deserve an awesome facelift! The Christmas makes me nervous. Just so many details to keep track of...I'm just sure I'll let a ball drop. Every year I simplify and it does get a little easier. Also helps to have older kids now that want to help wrap, buy, etc... My favorite thing in the world are impromptu get togethers. Friends just stopping by, 5pm - lets see if that family wants to go out for pizza, 8pm - lets see if this other family wants to come over for dessert. It just makes me happy. It also shows informality and an ease to a relationship when people feel free to do that. I've never been the, "Let's plan a cocktail party" girl. Just not my style. I feel like every week I just want to come over here and celebrate your great blog success! Yeah Holly...Yeah Holly...Yeah Holly! Keep up the great work. (the other) Holly:)

  34. Thanks for following my blog! :) I love those cute chicks you are giving away! I can't wait until my two kids (3.5 & 1) are old enough for treasure hunts. You are so creative!

  35. Thank you so much Holly. You are just awesome! I really appreciate all your support.

  36. Your new blog design looks GREAT!

  37. You know what I discovered?! If you hit enter after pasting a button's HTML code you can just keep adding codes and have one long list of HTML codes on ONE gadget.\
    NOte: I hit enter and then enter one more time so there's a space

  38. Your makeover is perfect--it's so YOU!

    I love your chicks on a stick. Of course you know I'm a Jew, but my girls are learning about all the holidays and I'm trying to teach them which ones we celebrate and which ones their friends celebrate. You are so creative. BIG SIGH.

  39. I have no idea what your blog looked like before, but it's gorgeous now! :) I'm a bit of a cynic myself when it comes to the holidays in regard to the commercialism of them. I find myself softening a bit, though, now that I have nieces and nephews. There's something about seeing the holidays through their eyes that makes it more fun for me. Really glad to have found your blog. :)

  40. I love your new blog. and your chics are to cute! I would love to win one. Thanks for the chance,

    Work From Home

  41. I enjoyed hearing about your family's Easter and Christmas traditions.

    Another fun thing to do is make cascarones - dyed blown-out eggs filled with confetti.

    I would love to win some chicks - so cute!

    Hope you're feeling better!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  42. I'm visiting via Friday Follow..
    *sighs,and I don't think it's Friday anymore. lol. I've been having so much fun as a new Friday Follow participant,and have been reading along and enjoying new blogs. I've really enjoyed your writings and have become a follower. I hope you visit and follow me as well. I'll be back to visit more..

  43. What an adorably fabulous idea! My mom always made a HUGE deal out of holidays, no matter the holiday. St. Patty's Day? Green breakfast and leprachaun footprints to follow. I mean, she was serious about this celebrating stuff. Just to let you know, this is the kind of stuff my sister and I remember the most about our childhood and I'm sure your son and daughter will too! Oh man, now I've got a smile on my face for the rest of the day thinking about great memories. THANKS!

  44. Love your new design! Just perfect! I also love your ideas about the letters to Santa and the Bunny. I wish I would've done something like that for my kids. They would've loved it. Guess I'll have to wait for Madelyn ( the grandbaby) to get older!

  45. My Chicks on a stick that I made from your directions and posted on my blog about you. Not nearly as nice as yours so I sure wouldn't mind a chance to win them. Love you posts and pictures. Thank you for sharing.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  46. I love the picture with your daughter and the bunny ears. It's too precious! I'm not wild about holidays either. I only do anything because I have kids. I know, I'm a boring mom.

  47. Chic chicks!!! Those are adorable!!!


  48. I love this!! Thanks so much for sharing!


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