Saturday, October 17, 2009

While I Was Away...More Awards

I may leave town more often if things like this continue to happen...

While I was sunning (not really, it poured rain, but it doesn't sound as good) myself in L.A. and my hubby was powerless (really no electricity) in PG, I received two awards. Wooooo-whoooo! Yes, thank you, I will give myself a little cheer.

First up, Tattoos and Teething Rings honored me with the I Give Good Blog Award. I just love it! She has some really terrific and timely posts happening over at her place and it a great if you have not already done it...go check her out!


The rules for accepting the award are that I must pass it on to four more blogs. There are so many blogs that I LOVE and bloggers that I LOVE, so this is not easy. I figure the best way to spread the love is to pass it on to some othe rnew they can spread the love. I have selected this ladies and gentleman for many reason, so just go check them out.

And the story continues...
Erin over at The Mother Load honored me with the Honest Scrap Award. I am totally blown away. If you have not checked out her blog, you must do it...insightful, funny and witty!

The rules of this award require me to list 10 things you may not know about me. So here it goes:
  1. I wanted to be a wedding gown designer when I was seven…I still do, and hope to have that chance someday.
  2. Patience is not one of my virtues (I skipped that line and went straight to the OCD line), so being a mom is the hardest thing I have ever done. I try every day to be a better mother. I love my kids more than everything and the sound of their laughter is the single best thing on earth.
  3. I am a rules person, and people who preach the rules but then think the rules do not apply to them drive me insane. I think the idea of personal responsibility needs to be revisited. (That's my soap box for today)
  4. I was a Big Sister in Los Angeles, and I loved it. I think Big Brothers/Big Sisters is one of the best organizations ever. I woudl love to do more charity work, but there is just not that much time right instead fo time I donate coats/money/whatever I can do to help.
  5. My father took mu future hubby aside after we got engaged and asked him if he was sure he wanted to do this because “My daughter can be a b****.”
  6. My junior year english teaxcher told me I could write, but I didn;t care...I was goign to be a fashion designer. I skipped all that stuff...but since then, I have written four books and am on the fifth.
  7. I have been on a few TV shows as a wedding planning expert. It was fun, but not all it is cracked up to be.
  8. I always wanted to take piano, but never got to. Instead of $$ a month for piano, my parents spent $$$$$$ a year on ice hockey for my brother. Yes, I am bitter, and yes my parents know I am.
  9. I love serial killer documentaries and TV shows. My husband tells everyone if he disappears I did it. Honestly, I wouldn’t do it yet, he needs more life insurance.
  10. I refused to go to a concert until the Go-Go’s got back together, so when they did Lesley took me for my b’day. Since then I have only been to four adult concerts (Go-Go’s, Eagles, Garth Brooks x2). I have seen the Wiggles three times and Charlotte Diamond three times…aren’t you jealous?

Passing it on to:
The McDonald World
Dirty Little Confessions
Tattoos and Teething Rings


P.S. I am having some serious computer issues...sorry it took so long to get this out and excuse any crazy typos or has refused to save this post 4 times and I am DONE!


  1. I'm cracking up at #9. So if I need a hit woman the next time my husband pushes me over the limit, I'm contacting you because I bet you can take him out and not leave a clue! :)

  2. I love #5!! Sounds like something that would happen in my family. Thanks for the award, I will do a post soon (it's a b-day weekend at our house so I'm a *little* busy).

  3. Thanks Holly! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support of my little blog! I promise I am going to blog about Katie's wedding soon. I have so been trying to get to that. I will try and work on it tonight!

  4. Tats is the best, isn't she? You deserve it!

    Oooooh! New blogs to check out!

  5. Thank you so much holly!!! i have been such a loser lately...but now ihave to give good watch out!!

    My Best Day Ever

  6. Yay! A cool award! Thanks so much, Holly!

    I enjoyed reading your ten fun facts, and I'm sorry about it rained all week for your trip...same story here in VA, without the trip part...just rain. Every. Single. Day.

  7. I love # 5, too! My dad definitely should've done that with my husband. He might have escaped unscathed then!!!


  8. Holly - you are wonderful my dear! Just when I was getting bummed, you swoop in and save the day!!
    Dirty Little Confessions

  9. Congrats! You sure deserve it.

  10. You deserve them and I think your dad is funny!!

  11. Congratulations on your awards. It's really such a great idea

  12. Congrats on the awards! I love your 10 things about you! They are hilarious! I am right there with you on number 3!

    Thanks for the award!

  13. Holly you are a funny funny lady and I think maybe you might have inherited that from your dad? Cannot believe he took your Hubby aside, what a cack!

  14. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!
    Congratulations on your awards! The second one is particularly fun. I like the list.

  15. I Share your soap box,and love of serial killer stuff...Criminal Minds? best show ever..

    Thanks for following my blog!

  16. I love being able to learn all this about you! Thanks for stopping by! Happy Saturday Sharefest

  17. Oh my gosh!!! You dad seriously said THAT!?!?! (#5) Crazy haha.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I hope you enjoy the reading!

  18. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Congratulations on your awards! It's fun to learn new things about you!

  19. congrats on your awards!!

    I'm with ya on #2 & 3. We must be long lost twins or something. lol

  20. Congrats on your awards!

    You dad said that?? That is high-larious!

  21. Great list! Congrats on your awards!

  22. Congrats on your awards... what a nice surprise to come home to... thanks for stopping by my blog earlier... the door is open stop in anytime...
    Hugs... Deb


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