Friday, September 25, 2009

An apple must have fallen on my head....

...and now I think I can really cook...or bake as the case may be. Yes, I promise to "stop with the apples already." After all, soon it will be strawberry season, and then I can go on-and-on about strawberries.

Well, back to the point...I was "challenged" by my friend Renee, a Certified Holistic Health and NLP Practitioner, AADP, to go into the test kitchen (I am chuckling when I write this, as up until 4 years ago, my idea of cooking was to make my husband a lasagna that would last the whole week and always make sure I had hot dogs in the frig for my son, and now I say I have a "test kitchen") and make The "I Love Apple Cake" Apple Cake healthier.

So, I am game...with some suggestions, I loaded up Jules and headed for Whole Foods (don't tell my husband) to gather up the supplies. There are some pretty amazing and healthy ingredients sitting in my kitchen write now.

Sorry to tell you this post will end anti-climatically...I am concocting The "I Love Healthy Apple Cake" Apple Cake recipe as we speak (or in about twelve hours).


  1. Holly, I'm dying to know how it turned out!

  2. Hi Holly! Your blog is beautiful, the pictures are terrific, and I love the ideas you write about. Really fresh and fun! We have 4 things in common. I went to FIDM in LA, my name is Holly, I live in California, and I have a new blog. LOL I'll definitely be coming by for a visit whenever I can. Come on over and visit us at


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