Sunday, August 26, 2012

Retro and Rad Duct Tape Vest

OK, I admit it...I am late to the game on the Duct Tape craze.
Truly I thought, "How fun could this be?"
Well, my answer is too much fun!

My first creation was an envelope/dress up clutch for a birthday party...
It was a super fun way to wrap a giftcard!

Now I have moved on to some other projects. It was really hard to decide where to daughter was in Duct Tape Heaven looking in that big old box Scotch Duct Tape sent me.

I did a few projects, including a handbag and a coin purse.
(tutorial coming very soon!)

Scotch Duct Tape has a fun  Style that Sticks Quiz over on their site.
A quick (like 30 second) quiz leads you to your
personal (Duct Tape) style and patterns and projects that fit that style!
Just for fun I headed over and took the quiz.

Just so ya know..."I put the glam in glamour" when I took the quiz.

If you take the will not only get to see some cool projects, but can also enter to WIN a free combo pack of Scotch Duct Tape!

I am also working on a necklace and hopefully fingers crossed some cool party decor!
Yes, I am getting a little carried away...but this is just pure FUN!

I almost forgot...I am using the Scotch Duct Tape Scotch Duct Tape to jazz up composition books and binders - it is Duct Tape after all...
nice and strong...but now super stylish too!

Now...on to the vest! 
I did not refer to any books, blogs, or websites (for projects) when working with the Duct Tape and coming up with my projects - there may be easier ways to do things...but this is what worked for me (and it was not hard).


  • Scotch Duct Tape 1 Roll of Scotch Duct Tape, Violet Purple*
  • Scotch Duct Tape 1 Roll of Scotch Duct Tape, Retro Tiles*
  • Hole Punch
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors or X-ACTO Knife
  • Cutting Board - I used a self healing board that has 1" guidelines.
  • Scotch Blue Tape, 1" (optional)
  • To make patter: Scrap paper, pencil, t-shirt
  • NOTE: *You will not use the entire roll, but a lot of it!

STEP #1: Make a pattern:
  • The easiest way to do this, if you do not own a vest already, is to use a (loose-fitting) t-shirt:
    • Fold it in half; line up the center/fold of the shirt with the edge of a piece of paper and trace off the neck, sides, and bottom. This gives you a basic shape of a garment.  There is NO NEED for seam allowance.
    • From there you can design the necklace, hem, and draw the armholes in. You will need to add a 1" extension or overlap in the front if you want the vest to "close."
    • Keep in mind if you keep the side seams straight, it is super easy to tape together...I realized this after I curved my side seam (it was not that hard to tape it together but straight is super easy!).
    • For the back, use the same pattern shape, but make the neck higher and round (no need for a v-neck in the back!), the hem slightly shorter, and cut the back on the fold.  You need to check your pattern - match up the front and back at the side seams, shoulder seams, etc. to make sure they match up. 

STEP #2 - The "Fabric"
  • Now you need to make your "Duct Tape Fabric" - the size of each sheet will depend on the size of person you are making this for. 
  • Working on my mat with the guidelines made it SO EASY to know how big my piece of "fabric" was and to keep everything lined up.
  • The main thing to remember about making sheets of duct tape is that one side is horizontal and the other vertical
  • I made my sheets by ripping strips of Duct Tape long in Purple Violet. Because I am a messy crafter, I lined up the strips of tape along the guidelines and then used Scotch Blue to tape down the ends (sticky side of the duct tape is UP!). I lined up my rows, secured them, and moved on to tearing strips of the Retro Tiles.
  • To complete the "fabric" tear a piece of Retro Tiles in the appropriate length. Line it up to you vertical guideline and place on top of the sticky side of the Purple Violet. Continue to tear strips of Retro Tiles and place side by side (the Purple is horizontal and now you are placing the Retro Tiles vertically to make the fabric). Once you get the first vertical strip down it goes quickly.
  • Once your "fabric" sheets are done, cut out the pattern. I fit the 2 fronts (cut two, one facing each way) on one sheet and folded the other sheet in half and cut the back from their. Now double check your shoulder and side seams.
  • Now it is time to tape it together...I used matching tape. Line up the side seams and using the matching tape, tape together (there is overlap on each side). Again I had curved side seams, so instead of y garment being flat, I rounded it over my thigh and taped it together. Repeat with the shoulder seams.
  • Turn "inside out" and repeat the side and shoulder seam connection with the matching tape.

  • TRIM the tape in the armholes, neck, etc. using an X-ACTO knife or scissors.
  • You can finish off the hem or front of the vest with more tape; press half of the tape down on one side of the pattern and fold over the other half, trim again if necessary.
  • For the tie, use a single hole punch and punch one hole in each front of the vest (line them up!). Then take a length of ribbon and knot it a few times on the back side of the vest. Repeat on other side.

Super fun, no?!
Scotch Duct Tape has over 10 colors, 16 patterns
and 10 combo packs of Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape

Be sure to take the Style that Sticks Quiz
over on their site and enter for a chance to win!
Connect with Scotch Duct Tape!

Have you created anything with Duct Tape?

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This post is a collaboration with Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape, whose celebration of unique personal style led to this post.  Get started to win some free samples. 


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