Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Learning About DIY Letterpress

Letterpress makes me swoon!
Letterpress is made my pressing the words or images into the paper along with the ink. Letterpress is elegant and gorgeous and chic and well, all around awesome.
And now you can DIY it at home!

Coming from the wedding industry,
I saw the beauty of letterpress for years in invitations and other paperie...
and now you can make your own letterpress designs for invitations,
scrapbooking, party supplies/accessories, stationery...
and well pretty much anything you can dream of with
the Lifestyle Crafts Epic Letterpress.
It can Letterpress, die cut, and emboss!

Lifestyle Crafts has a beautiful collection of
(none of these projects are mine...visit the links to see the details)

You must go see the custom letterpress creation
on the Lifestyle Crafts blog right now!
Here is a sneak peek - this is such a cool idea!
(design and project from hue and hum)
Fictionist letterpress by hue and hum via Lifestyle Crafts
Here are just a few of the Letterpress projects that caught my eye..
Here is a beautiful Custom Letterpress Invitation created by Lifestyle Crafts
Here is another creation by Lifestyle Crafts. I love this printing plate

And look at this wedding invitation! So unique.

Letterpress has always been one of my favorite methods of "printing," so the ability to create letterpress accessories at home was beyond my wildest dreams.

When I first started using my Epic 6, there was a learning curve (because I kind of always rush things). BUT I took my time, got the hang of the ink and inking the plates and I was very impressed with the experience and results.
I have so many ideas on what to create with this machine.

The process is simple:
(you also also visit the how to page at Lifestyles Crafts for a tutorial)
1. Place the guide and paper
2. Position the printing plate
3. Ink the Printing Plate
4. Run the prepped letterpress platform through the machine


And guess what...The Epic Six also is a die cutter....LOVE!
I also experimented with die-cutting (can you believe I did not have a die cutter).
More fun than should be legal, I tell ya!

Lifestyle Crafts FABULOUS Epic Combo Kit is a dream.
It is a wonderful tool for brides, party planners, card makers...
and well everyone who likes to create.

If you already own one of these amazing machines
or want to start stocking up on product,

Use the code "504MAIN" at checkout -
for a great discount on lifestylecrafts.com.  
Be sure to visit the Lifestyle Craft website for great ideas and designs.
As well, don't miss out...
the Lifestyle Craft Facebook Page is also full of amazing ideas.

When I return from New York, I have a few projects to share using some of the Letterpress plates!


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Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Lifestyle Crafts and may receive product as part of this affiliation. Opinions are my own.


  1. This seems like an awesome investment. Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Delightful

  2. I have one and I have yet to try letterpressing for fear of mucking up my machine. I am so silly that way. I really need to just buckle down and do it.

  3. I've had one for a year and still haven't used it. I'm with Carol on this one!

  4. It just seems like a lot of work...but really Lifestyle Crafts has made the process so "easy" and accessible for us to do it at home. Just give it a go...you won't be sorry! Check out some of the video tutorials on Lifestyle Crafts blog!


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