Friday, December 30, 2011

Do You Pin?

The Pinterest Challenge
It is coming...
The Pinterest Challenge!
Details on Monday

Get Labeled! Get Organized!

Look at organization project already!
And it is not even the new year!
Ever since I began the MASSIVE garage redo,
I cannot find anything!

Apparently my filing system of throwing stuff in bins was kind of working for me.
Now I just have bin of supplies and no way of knowing what was where...
then I remembered I had these chalkboard labels from Ten23 Designs.

I have had so many ideas for these labels.
I ended up using them on some "pretty" containers and some basic plastic bins too!

I need more for sure!

Go visit The DIY Club for the full tutorial!
DIY Club

Do you have any organization tricks you can share?


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DIY! Hallway Facelift

Late one night, I decided one of my hallways needed a facelift.
(or botox at the very least!)
Anyway, since all sane people paint at 10:30 pm, I was ready to go.
The mood struck and I had to get started on this hallway

I last painted this hallway - which is a thorough fare in my home - 6 years was so time for a facelift! The house is in a constant state of flux as it is...but I am really wanting some fresh paint on all of the walls.

I had some Refresh Paint from Dutch Boy all ready and waiting for me. The color is a gorgeous neutral shade called Water Fowl. As soon as I tested it on the wall, I knew I selected the right color.

It is extremely hard to get a photo of this hallway to show you the total transformation.
Just trust me - it looks amazing!
The perfect spot for my Family Command Center and sweet signs!

I just love what paint can do

Dutch Boy Refresh Paint, Satin Finish, Water Fowl
Purdy Paintbrush
Purdy Roller
Paint tray
Painters tape, optional (I did not use it)


You can see the full tutorial over a The DIY Club!

Prep the walls...Cut in...Paint away
Rehang and refresh!

BEFORE - Yellow

AFTER- Water Fowl

I LOVE the way this looks...
just made me realize how badly this hallway needed a little love!

What have you painted lately?
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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

DIY! Hanging Signs...finally

I won these amazing signs last years from Tattered and Inked via Mine for the Making.

 I have had them on display...just waiting for me to finish painting the family room, but recently, I painted the hallway and thought - there is the perfect place for them.
I needed to hang them and turned to my DISChangers to do just that!

3 - 2" DISChangers
Small bowl of water


You can see the full tutorial over a The DIY Club!
Here is a quickie view...

I love the function of the DISChangers and how easy they are to apply!

They are an amazing invisible way to hang just about anything!

I love this trio of signs representing the important places in our lives!
Come back tomorrow to see how they look hanging in my newly repainted hallway!

504 Main
Disclosure: Some products provided through The DIY Club. Opinions, an projects are my own. See my full disclosure by clicking in the top Navigation bar.

DIY! Welcome Anyone and Anything Sign

I had this vinyl "Welcome" sign forever...
and I loved it...
but it had me wracking my brain?
I had too many places I wanted to use it -
I loved the font!
Then a simple (but sweet) idea for a sign!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tickled Pink No. 79

Happy Holidays!
I have cut back on my Christmas craziness (seriously!)
and there still is not enough time in the day....
Last night I painted a hallway at 10:30 pm, organized (one of) my (messy) craft pile at 12:00 am and then made Pretzel Fries at 2:00 am.
I just finished making gingerbread houses for preschool,
and now to get ready for grandma and grandpa.
I bet many of you have a similar story.
So back to the "I am not going to lie part..."
Sorry, no features today...
time got away from me!

I just want to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Enjoy your friends and family!
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DIY! (Quick and Easy) Cookie Plate..It's Not Too Late!

Leaving cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer
is a not-to-be-missed tradition in our house.
Heck, I think I left cookies for Santa until I was like 18!

Last year Jules was very upset that we did not
have a plate for the this year we do!
(sorry these photos look awful - taking new ones)

Now, I know Christmas is right around the corner...but this is so quick! REALLY QUICK and EASY! It took me maybe 20 minutes to paint....write on the plate.

I have already done one project with them...but it is not to Christmasy/holiday like so I will post it in January! Seriously thought, these glass markers are so easy to use and really apply the paint well and easy!

  • Glass plate - square or round. I purchased my square one at Walmart for about $2.50 each. I know the craft stores and even Target carry the round plates.
  • DecoArt Glass Markers in your choice of colors - red, green and white for me! 
  • OR Elmers Painters Markers
  • Rubbing alcohol (to clean plate)
  • Masking or Painters tape (something easily removable)  for holding paper in place
  • Print out of message.

Step 1
  • Create a print out. Select a font you like; go to settings and have the printer print the document in mirror image; Print it out in black and white.
  • You need to create a print out because the marker is applied to the back of the plate. The marker, after baking in the oven, it dishwasher safe and durable, but you want to keep the food away from it.
  • I am no printable master, but I just went into Word created a 8 x 8 square and wrote two simple messages:
Dear Joe and Jules,
Rudolph would really like more cookies.
Dear Joe and Jules,
Santa would really like more cookies.

Step 2. 
Clean plate thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and try very hard to minimize touching the plate and getting finger prints on it…if you do (I did) just clean it again)

Step 3. 
Cut out the message and position on the FRONT of the plate with the message facing down. When you like the position, tape down on each side to hold.

Step 4.
Flip the plate over so it is facing down and you should be able to see the “backwards” message through the plate. Yep, it looks weird!

Step 5.
Start your glass marker, by pressing on the tip a few times to load the paint. Then start tracing over the letters on the print out. It takes a minute to get used to writing backward, but it actually adds character in the end.

Step 6.
After you finish writing, decorate. I just dotted the outside rum of the plate in a contrasting color and then added three little “thingies” in each corner.

Step 7.
Let dry for 4 hours, then place in a non-preheated oven. Start oven at 325F and bake for 30 minutes. Turn off oven, open door and let cool.

Step 8.
Repeat for a second plate in reverse colors.

All done and it is super cute (so hard to take a photo...I wish you could see it in person!

What cookies do you leave for Santa?
disclosure: some supplies were provided to me through The DIY Club. See my full disclosure by clicking  Disclosure in the top navigation bar

DIY (Not So) Extreme Playhouse Makeover, Part 2

Remember my Extreme Playhouse makeover post?
Well, it has been months since I started this transformation...
I am getting impatient (with myself)  and the little kiddo is too!
Finished product!


Compare! That gorgeous yellow brightens up the playhouse for sure!
It just takes paint to make a HUGE difference
So I have moved on to the door.
I have always wanted a red door on my home...
hubby doesn't.
BUT I thought I would test it on the playhouse...
guess what I love it and the front door on the
"big"house is getting ready to get its own makeover now!

I still need to get moving on the rest of this playhouse makeover!
The exterior trim, interior walls, and floor to be done!
I have the proper Dutch Boy paints ready and
waiting for the weather (and kiddos) to cooperate.

I was debating on the color of red,
so I headed to my hardware store to get a quart -
my store does not carry exterior paint in quart sizes,
so just realize that I may be using an interior paint right now...
BUT you should use the proper EXTERIOR Paint for your projects.
I LOVE this color and when I head back to purchase the gallon of
Dutch Boy Trim and Door Paint for my front door,
I will also repaint this door (if it needs it). 

Don't judge...I a a messy DIYER!

  • Dutch Boy Trim and Door Paint (see the paragraph above for explanation)
  • Purdy Paintbrush
  • Krylon Fusion indoor/outdoor spray paint, Black (I used the  Fusion because I had some handy. You can also use the Indoor/Outdoor product).
  • Painters Tape
  • Rockler Sanding Bug
  • 2, 2" DISChangers
  • Old picture frame or shutter
  • Screws, screw driver

NOTE: Some of the ways I have gone about fixing my playhouse is for convenience. This playhouse is older and has not been well tended to, long before we inherited it. I did not want to open a "can of worms" by removing doors and hardware. I painted around and made other adjustments to keep the playhouse in tact and on the economical side.

Go check out the rest of the DIY at The DIY Club!

Just a reminder...  BEFORE

SO EASY and I love the way it looks....and I love that color...
so I am headed back to get a Gallon of the Trim and Door Paint!

What color is your front door????
disclosure: this post is affiliated with The DIY Club, some products have been furnished by sponsors.