Monday, October 24, 2011

DIY! Halloween Boo Banner

Two amazing things happened today...
I made a Halloween banner and I used my Cricut.
I adore this paper from Canvas Corp and have had my eye on it for awhile...I am just slow in prepping for Halloween. BUT My daughter really wants to decorate for Halloween, so I am trying...AND she specifically wants a banner that said "Boo." I was trying to be more witty or original, but sometimes you just gotta go with it!
This is pretty simple and can easily be replicated with scissors and chip board letters (if you do not have a Cricut), or with different shapes and fonts (if you do have a Cricut). 
(don't those "O's" look like cat eyes!)
2 sheets of Canvas Corp Kraft Spooky Words (12x12)
2 sheets of Canvas Corp Spooky Diamonds on Kraft (2x 12)
1 sheet of orange paper/stock (12 x 12 or 8.5 x 11)
1 sheet of black paper/cardstock (12 x 12 or 8.5 x 11)
Canvas Corp black jute cord
Krylon Super Quick Spray Adhesive
Orange ribbon, about 1.5 yards
Optional: other various ribbons in orange and black for adornment

Cricut or scissors/X-acto
Cricut Cartridge: Essential Elements and Cindy Loo (I only have 3 cartridges, so I was going with what I have. You could use anything else)
Hole punch (mine is a 1/8" hole punch, but regular size can work)


Check out the FULL TUTORIAL and all the details at THE DIY CLUB

DIY Club
Cut the shapes and letters...I used my Cricut!
You can use scissors and chip board letters too.

Use Spray Adhesive to assemble

Hang and decorate it!

That's it - easy and cute and Jules loves it...
so that is what matters.
In fact she loves it so much we had to make a second one...
but slightly different...
...she wanted the witch hat paper! 

Disclosure: Some items were acquired via my affiliation with the DIY Club. Please view my full disclosure by clicking in the top navigation bar. 


  1. Adorable, Holly! And woohoo for digging out your Cricut!!! :) I love these papers from Canvas Corp.

  2. This turned out so cute Holly! Love it!

  3. Ca-yute! I may just have to bust out another banner now that I have some of those same papers!

  4. LOVE this Holly!! The background shapes are so perfect and I love the paper combinations you used! I really like the look of both of them!

  5. so cute.... i love your creativity. i have been looking at my canvas corp halloween paper and now i am inspired. off to make something fun with the kids {when they wake from their naps!!}.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE your BOO Banner!

  7. Incredible layering of patterns and designs. You always create with such a trained artist's eye, Holly! I especially love how that starburst pattern looks behind each letter.


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