Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Guest Post: OCD!

Happy Wednesday!
I am happy, happy, happy to introduce you to Jen at OCD.
The first post I read from Jen was in her
How Often do You Clean It Series
 (I may or may not have been guilted into clean some obscure areas of my home).
We all know I have professed my lack organizational skills
and this lady has some great ones and some fab crafty ideas too!
I am thrilled to have her as a guest poster...
and a huge thank you to her for being very patient with me!
Hey Ya'll! I am sooo excited to be here at 504 Main!
My name is Jen and I have hopped on over from
I adore Holly's blog and her writing style, she keeps me laughing and remembering just how busy I am! I figured for this amazing chance guest posting here I wanted to bring out the BIG guns and show ya'll the top 5 projects I have done this year.
I hope that you find something you like and if you choose to recreate it for your self, link back to me I love to see recreations!! And while your checking out the project you like the most don't forget to take a look around at the rest of OCD, it's not just for the craft lovers, but for the OCD, girly girls, mothers and wives! There is something for everyone!
So here we go:

I hope you enjoy! See ya'll at OCD!

Thanks Jen. Be sure to go say hi over at OCD.
She has great ideas and is so organized!


  1. I've enjoyed your post. Holly is such an inspiration. Love your blog! Thanks!

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  2. LOVE the family command center! Great idea!!

  3. I love Jen, I swear I could use around my house! So happy to see her over here Holly :)


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