Friday, December 31, 2010

Best of Tickled Pink and your BLOG 2010...LINK IT UP!

Before I go further, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who comes by each week to link up!  I have met some really amazing people this year and seen and read some amazing posts. I am so happy to be a part of this bloggyworld!

I have gotten a little - a lot - overwhelmed in these last few months, and I have not been the kind of blogger I want to be. I believe what makes blogs so unique and fun is the interaction...I have been remiss in my visits and comments and I apologize. I have read you in my Reader and visited intermittently but not I thank those who keep coming back for their continued reading and support. {I still have not visited the links from 2 weeks ago...I will and I will post those this coming week.}

Over the next few weeks I will be finishing up a project and I am looking for some awesome guest let me know if you are interested and I will send you the guidelines...of course the content needs to be relevant.

Now....on to Tickled Pink!
Here's the recap of The Best of Tickled Pink 2010!
Part 1 is BLOG Info
Part 2 is Causes
Part 3A is Cool Ideas
Part 3B is Inspiration 
Part 4 is In The Kitchen
Part 5 is Creativity: DIY, crafts and Home decor
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I have a confession...doing these linky's were way more difficult than I imagined. I do feel I bit off a little more than I could chew. I had a lot of unexpected circumstances pop up over the last few weeks and that threw me off a little bit too...ultimately what it came down to...Family is more important than the blog {I already knew that of course...but I do sometimes slip up}.

Even as I wrote up the 5 parts of these linky's I was remembering other posts and realizing that there was NO WAY I could recap it all! As I type this up I am remembering more and more. So, if I missed you...I am so sorry. I plan on going back and spotlighting some of the other posts in the early part of the year.

Also, I said I was going to do categories...too complicated. What I like about my blog and tickled pink is that it is a mix of all things that I just link up with your favorite post of the year, the week, the month...whatever tickles you pink!
(be  kind...I keep finding tons of typos in my posts this week...too tired...too busy!)

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Happy New Year! I wish you all a marvelous 2011!
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  1. Holly, you are rockin' it. You'll find *your* balance and make whatever that is work for you (& you and your family, as a whole). While we don't know each other 'in real life', I am sure that anyone who can think as creatively as you will find what works best for your life. :> Wishing you the best success for 2011!!

    I went through my posts for 2010 and while there are several crafty ones that are more 'popular' among my readers, I'm choosing to link up the one that tugs at my heart strings the most and still has me Tickled Pink today (& I suspect will continue to Tickle me Pink *another* twenty years from now!), four months after I first pub'd it. :>:>:>

    You are sending 2010 out with a bang here! Looking forward to continued visits in 2011!! :>:>

  2. Holly. You write. You publish. You craft. You spend time with your family. You cook. You make amazing memes.

    Technically I should dislike you cuz you have it all going on...

    But I can't...

    Because I think you are amazing.

    And I like you!

    Joys and blessings for today and for every day of 2011!

  3. You rock for taking the time to put all these lists together. Seriously, I can't even put one together of my own stuff, and here you are putting five together with shout outs to so many people. Wow!

    Thanks for a great year of amazing posts Holly!

  4. Happy New Year, Holly (and family)!


  5. Hi Holly!

    I dind't join up today. Just starting to feel better but, I just wanted to wish you and your family a fantastic New Year!
    And I got the knitting kit and yarn on Christmas eve!

  6. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Hi Holly! I wish you a wonderful New Year. I can well imagine how time consuming these posts are... you just do what works for your schedule. Love your blog and look forward to all you have in store in 2011. Best Wishes for a great start to your New Year.

  7. Anonymous5:58 PM

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  8. Hey Holly... I don't know if the post I've linked up is my truly BEST post from 2010 but it is one of the ones that resonated with plenty of other women, and it was a bit of a revalation to me too. So I picked it because it marks a breakthrough in my thinking :)
    thanks for the hop!
    And Happy new year from NZ (where it has been 2011 now for 20 hours and 36 minutes already :)

  9. Holly, I am always amazed at you ladies who host link ups! I know it must take hours and hours every week, and I have always appreciated your taking the time to read or comment on a post. But family (and earning a living) always comes first.

    And now I have a confession. I've been linking up for several weeks, thinking I was a follower, and I wasn't-- so sorry! Fixed it, am following now :)

  10. I love your blog hop! Sorry for being a little late this week. I had my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday (Happy New Year to me, right?) and was a bit too out of it for blogging! :)

  11. holly,
    Happy New Year.. I am hoping to be more blog organized this year.. and visit more.. and comment more.. miss you

  12. Holly, you are the best kind of blogger -- you are thoughtful, fair, generous, open, considerate, communicative, talented, funny, etc. Your blog continues to evolve and shine.

  13. Nice blog, thanks for sharing the linky.

  14. Hi Holly, Thanks so much for hosting! And I appreciate that you shared that it's hard to juggle it all. I've been blogging for less than a year, so I'm definitely still finding my way. Some days, there's just way more to do than there are hours in the day! And I wanted to say THANK YOU for my surprise package!!! I've already picked some really sweet craft projects that I want to try and the journal is just lovely. Thank you so much! Wishing you all good things in 2011!

  15. You are totally amazing and I want to thank you for all you have done this year and for helping me when I didn't know what I was doing :) I too have been overwhelmed these last couple of months but I am determined to get organized and be a better blogger myself. Looking forward to what you have for us this year!

  16. Ack! How did I miss this? I can't wait to check out all the best of's. I'm guessing there's some amazing stuff here!


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