Monday, September 13, 2010

Celebrating My Blogday and Getting "Back to Blogging" with SITS

Yep, it is the week - I cannot believe it actually!
My ONE year anniversary!
My Blogday!
{get it birthday - blogday} 
So, the actual date of my first post was 9/14,
I thought I would kick off the week by revisiting
the beginning of my blog and my first post.
In October 2008 I secured my blog names
and set up my blogger profile...
but did not a single thing until September 2009.
So what was the hold up?
I was scared, nervous, unsure...
and quite frankly still thought blogs were just weird.
BUT finally I did it!
Some of you are happy about that and some of you may not be,
although I assume if you are reading this you are at least OK with it.
With no further adieu...My First Posts!
Yes, I did three that night!
{Post 1}
Monday, September 14, 2009
I just got out of the shower - I shower at is the only way I am assured of getting at least one shower a day - and my mind is racing with dozens and dozens of thoughts about my blog…and then I had to stop! How can I blog about all these great ideas when I have not even had the nerve to write the first post, so...4, 2, 1 – GO! (That’s how my 2 year old Jules counts down!).
{Post 2}
Monday, September 14, 2009
My hubby and I attended a 50th b'day party awhile back. The birthday boy and his family have a tradition they shared with the guest that night - they toast each other with limericks...well, that got me all fired up. I needed my own limerick to explain my life...and here it is...  

There once was a girl from LA....
planning weddings was how she made her pay
and then one day…
her husband whisked her away
to a small little town on the Monterey Bay

where she worked as a mommy by day.

OK, no worries, I am not quitting my day job (as if I could!), but I have decided that I {heart} limericks! However this may be a tradition that only I will be participating in...everyone thinks I am nuts. 
{Post 3}
Monday, September 14, 2009
I {heart} mochas a little too much
Back in the day...I used to take a walk everyday down Main Street in El Segundo and get the best ice-blended sugar-free mochas EVER at the Blue Butterfly - I justified the calories with a walk! Then my husband came to me and told me we were moving...HUH!? Moving I am an L.A. girl...well not anymore...for now anyway...but all of that is another post...this is about mochas and my addiction, yes, I feel like I can and should call it an addiction (soon there will be a post about my addiction to blogs!).

Well, I have yet to find a mocha - iced, blended, or hot - that can compete with by beloved Papillon. So for the past four years (yes, four years later I am still mourning the loss of my daily Papillon - they are that GOOD!) I have been ordering sugar-free dutch chocolate powder from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and making my own. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! Besides, I have probably saved my hubby about $1,000,000 (OK, at least $5,000 - now that is scary how quickly those $4.00 coffees add up!). What did sort of kick me in the butt was the realization that now the components of heaven were sitting on my kitchen counter and I found myself making mochas all day long (it is cold here!)

Well, enough is enough. While I have known this coffee habit was a little naughty, I always justified it by saying there are worse things I could do! BUT, today I cut my coffee consumption in half. Yippeeee! Better yet, I didn't kill my kids or any other unsuspecting souls. Still better, I did not replace it with chocolate or wine!...Let's see what tomorrow brings.
{UPDATE: The coffee habit comes and goes}
That's it...aren't you sad you missed it.
Basically it was just time to bite the bullet...
I knew I had to get something written...
until I hit POST it wasn't real...and with those posts it was.
Well, my timing for my blogday couldn't be better...The ladies at SITS are having a "get back to blogging and jump start your blog" challenge all week long. I thought this was perfect timing - I was already planning on doing a few of the topics anyway. To sweeten the deal, the event is sponsored by Standards of Excellence, Westar, and Florida Builder Appliances, and someone may get to take Thelma and Louise home with them!
That is Thelma and Louise - 
Electrolux beauties in all their Turquoise Sky glory -
and they would look so good in my laundry room...closet!
Thanks everyone for reading and visiting,
especially during these crazy days.

????What was your first post about???? 

Along with another SITS "back to blogging" post: 
"Re-upload a post you wish more people had read
and explain why it was important to you."
P.S. There are two posts today! If you want to see the DIY post, click {HERE}


  1. Happy Blog Day! It is fun to look back and see how much has changed in only a year. You certainly have done a fantastic job with your blog! So glad you got past your nerves.

  2. Anonymous5:46 AM

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  3. Happy Blogday to you, happy blog day to you! Happy blogday dear Holly! Happy blogday to you.
    We are all so much richer because you have shared this year with us. And I am very thankful for your wonderful friendship and care!
    You are a blessing and a joy, my friend.
    Here's to many more blogdays to come!
    Love and blessings,

  4. Happy blogiversary! It's so funny to go back and read your first few posts when you were still trying to figure out your place in the blogging world! Here's to many more years!

  5. WOW! Congrats! It's so fun to read the beginnings of your blog. I wasn't around here or anywhere in blogland at all a year ago, and it's neat to read how it all began! Happy blogday!

  6. Happy Blogday to you
    Happy Blogday to you
    Happy Blogday dear Holly
    Happy Blogday to you!

    And many mooooooooorrrrrrrrrre!

  7. Happy Blogday!!! I am so glad that I found your blog and I am sorry that I missed your first ones. I just started at the beginning of the summer and it was terrifying! I am so glad that I kept going!!
    I look forward to many more of your posts!!

  8. Happiest of Blog days to you.. to you.. Happiest of Blog days my dear.


  9. wow, you waited a whole year?!? and you are such an established author, too!

  10. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Aw, happy blogday to you!!

    Ive been blogging for almost a year and I still feel like a baby blogger. Ive just barely gotten 200 followers! Im all excited.

  11. Sigh. I wanted to do this, too! Unfortunately I have had food poisoning since Saturday night and have done NOTHING but sleep the last 24 hours!

    Thanks goodness I work from home and can hang out in bed today.

    Happy "Blogday!" little Indiana just hit a year on Sept. 2. :)

  12. Happy one year blogoversary! Yay, Holly!

  13. Happy Day, Holly! Wow ~ what IMPRESSIVE strides you have made in the past year. I'm SO glad to have come across your blog and YOU!
    It's hard to move, isn't it, when feel settled and enjoy your surroundings? I hope you have been very happy in your new spot.

  14. Happy Blog day..I also created profile but did not do anything for a long time but now I am regular. It is fun :)

  15. What a perfect week to repost your first (and second) post! Happy Bloggy Birthday! The bloggy world would not be the same with out you!

  16. Isn't it surprising how fast this first went? I remember thinking I would never have enough to say...when actually, I don't have enough time to say all I want to.

    We started at about the same time...we've come a long way baby!

  17. Aren't limericks fun? I adore them.

  18. Happy Blogday!!
    I love your limerick!
    I need to go check out the challenge.
    Have a great week :)

  19. Somehow I thought that you started your blog before me. Anyway, you've come a long way they say. Look at you now!

  20. Happy Blogversary!. I still haven't gotten the hang of how to do a tutorial with photos and script in the same post. may take me a Thelma and Louise are some beautiful ladies. I think my first post was about trying to decide what kind of blog to have.

  21. Happy Blogday! I really love your blog, linky party, your inspiring ideas, and your quirky, sweet, funny posts.

    My first blog post was in early Jan of this was my new years resolutions for of them being to create a blog, craft more, and bake/cook more. THanks to blogland, I have been able to accomplish this!

    Kara @ Mine for the Making

  22. i am in LOVE with you blog. AND I am your newest follower. :) hope to hear from you soon!!!!

  23. Happy Bloggiversary/Blogday to YOU! I am so glad I found your blog just a few weeks ago!! So glad to be able to keep coming back. :> Oh the way, I think Thelma & Louise would have a grande ol' time here in my laundry room, partying with my Cal King quilt & comforter that do not fit in our current, completely NOT Thelma & Louise twosome!! lol :>

    Happy, Happy day to you! :>

  24. My first blog was saying goodbye to our VA home. It was supposed to chronicle our journey. "supposed" to.

  25. I just reposted my first post last month & totally forgot what it was about...When I reposted it I had to edit all my errors. Congrats! I was wondering what took you a year to post.

  26. My very first post was far too serious, you know the contemplations of life and such. No one read it but me and even when I go back and look at it, I wonder what caused all that seriousness! :)

  27. How fun was that? I totally loved reading your first three posts. So cute.
    I did the same thing with my blog. Wrote in my head forever and then thought - why am I doing this???
    My first post was just a set of pictures I'd made of things from other people's tutorials. But at least it got things going. :)


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