Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This Old House Goes to the Movies

I love my house.
I hate my house.
I love my house.
I hate my house.
This back and forth has gone on since the day we put in an offer on this house.The first time I brought my parents up to see the house (prior to moving in) I sat in the family room...a.k.a. The Pine Coffin and cried,
"What have I done?"

It is really nothing against the house. I remember when we were looking for houses and the Realtor pulled up in front of this house. I declared  - out loud even -
"I want a house like this one."
So what's the problem?...this house is older, our other two homes were newer. This house is mid-1950's construction. Most of the charm had been remodeled away. I am not quite sure how many different additions this house has...still! I think I was terrified of what it was going to take to make this house ours. However, I have tackled the projects, leading up to the two biggest ones...
the kitchen and master bathroom.

As I have mentioned, the kitchen is the task at hand and for now...and while we do have help in the process...it is a time sucker and has really pulled me away from blog land. My world is currently filled with dust, bondo, dry wall, faucets, granite, tile, caulk, and wires. 

My world is also filled with some super-fabulous DIY projects for the DIY Club - you all should head over and follow the DIY Club so you don't miss out! {this site is still under construction, but we are working on it...and you can follow along so as to not miss one single announcement}. I have also cut my coffee consumption {again}...seriously 8 cups of coffee a day cannot be good...so that is not helping at all....it will eventually but not for the moment.

So, as I finish up the kitchen, I dream of a new master bathroom, but for now I will be happy that the saloon doors are no longer a part of said master bathroom. And I will look for escapes, like the following, in my daily DIY routine to kill time...

Now for the fun part {sorry, I have never been able to cut to the chase}!
As I was driving to Home Depot the other day, the local (super-lame) radio show asked, "What is your go-to movie?" Ya know, that one movie that even though you have seen it 100 times cannot pass up if you flip by it. This got me thinking about all the good...and bad...movies I L-O-V-E to watch {or would love to watch if they ever showed them...just wait until you see my list} no matter what.
In no particular order, my go-to movies!
*Top Gun*
*Six Pack*
*Breakfast Club*
*Shawshank Redemption*
*Any Bourne movie*
*Witches of Eastwick*
*Strange Brew*
*Gentlemen Prefer Blondes*

Odd selection, perhaps?

So, what is your go-to movie?
PS-I do LOVE my house...I love and adore its quirks...I have found it's charm...
I have made it ours. It is not a just a house...it is home - sans saloon doors!


  1. ahh sorry about the house! I've never fixed one up myself but my parents always did and it was a lot of work but I know it felt great when it was done. I bet it's a daunting task at first for sure. And my favorite go-to movie, gosh so many but A League of Their Own is for sure one of the top, top ones.

  2. I feel your pain! I came from a 3000 sqft brand new home to a 1280 sqft home built in the '60's! We moved to be in the country & I LOVE it here! My problem is I am NOT a country decorating girl! I cant summons up my creative side here...I keep going country! lol

    Love your site, and will be check ing back for more ideas!

  3. ps...my "go to" movies:

    Anne of Green gables
    Pride & Prejudice
    The Proposal

    I love most of yours too!

  4. I have that same debate about my house too. We've had to almost completely redo it over the years to keep it from falling down around us. Still, it's our home.

  5. Great post Holly! Loved the charm of my home too, even tho it was 70s and really run down. Slowly we are making it what we want it to be.

    And I LOVE my new pantry saloon doors! :))

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    Happy Tuesday!

  7. All the home repairs get easier over time. We have been fixing our house up for three years. It was built in 1920. She needs alot of work. We are slowly getting there!!! Best of luck!!!

    My all time go to Movie is Gone With The Wind. Even though I have seen it over 1000 times (no joke) I still cry at the end.

    I did read the second book (which has a much happier ending!!!)

  8. Hello! I have the same love/hate relationship with my house....and we designed and built it ourselves! So you can never really win! I'm just stopping in for a visit, good luck with the house...I finally get a garage this year! Maybe a lawn next year.


  9. Holly, I am actually laughing out loud right now, because hubby and I are actually LOOKING for saloon doors to put in our master bath. Isn't it hysterical?! I wish I had your old ones! :)

    This is our first home to own, and I have to say, it never ceases to be an adventure.

    Go-to movie: Steel Magnolias, hands-down.

  10. Oh how remodeling can be a pain. Hate the dust! I love Pretty woman.

  11. At least I'm glad to know you are still alive. That's a step in the right direction.

    Caddyshack, Vacation, Christmas Vacation, Fletch, Princess Bride, Sound of Music, Grease... I could go on, but you can see the trend here. Need any lines or songs recited?

  12. You will make this house amazing Holly. I have no doubt! Just be you and it will turn out wonderful!

    Love the Hoosiers, Blind Side, Rudy, My Cousin Vinnie. Yea, I'm deep!

  13. I can totally relate- we did the kitchen and den remodel this past January. So glad we did, but living in all that mess really takes it out of you!

    Princess Bride
    Any Pirates of the Caribbean
    French Kiss

  14. I have a confession...I have never seen ANY of your top movies! Geez, I feel so out of the loop! My favorites are a bit wacky. I love Bridget Jones Diary, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, and Lilo & Stitch. Yes, I am a little old for Disney, but I don't care :p

    I want to see some remodel photos!



  15. Hi Holly! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I thought I was already a follower of yours but I was mistaken..I am always checking out your blog..I must have missed that..Anyways...I am a follower now!

  16. Hi Holly,
    Great post! As a child growing up in an old 2 story house, we had a saloon door leading from the kitchen to the dining room. It was fun, unless you bump into someone with food in their hands.

    My most recent go-to movie is `Letter to Juliet`

  17. I'm living all that remodeling, too, so I feel you...I don't usually enjoy watching movies over, but I like "Dirty Dancing" ...Nobody puts Baby in the corner...lol, Lezlee

  18. Good luck with the kitchen! I know how that goes!

  19. I would love to be able to remodel an older home but then if I got the chance I may regret it ;) I am sure whatever you do it is going to be absolutely gorgeous.
    A go to movie? Well, we don't really watch movies so I don't think I have one ;)

  20. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Save the Last Dance...I think my husband hates them both now! Top Gun and Breakfast Club are favorites too!

  21. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Save the Last Dance...I think my husband hates them both now! Top Gun and Breakfast Club are favorites too!

  22. I thought I was going to die without my kitchen. It really stinks not having a kitchen. Our master bathroom was completely ripped out and it wasn't so bad. I'm sending you good vibes............... Can't wait to see the great photos=0)


  23. oh so sorry about the house. I bet it will love great when it is done.. It is hard to have change..

    I love Dirty Dancing..

    Have a great night..

  24. I think I have the same relationship with my house. Tight now it's more like hate, but hopefully it will turn into love soon.

  25. The beauty of any space, is that you can make it beautiful and your OWN. :) I bet your house is gorgeous (knowing you) You will have to show pics of the finished kitchen! Would love to see it.

    Shawshank Redemption is definitely one of my favorite movies too. I loved Walk the Line!

  26. Holly, I love this post. It's so funny the things that make a home...your own home. You have such a way with words and I love coming over here!

  27. You can make it perfect! Are we going to be seeing any "before" shots?

  28. i just want a house to have a love/hate relationship with! someday...
    my go-to movie is pride and prejudice, the colin firth version. it is like therapy for me.

  29. ooo, I have that love hate thing going too. Right now I love it, but that only because it's clean, tomorrow will be a different story! :) I can't wait to see the kitchen!

  30. Take off, you hoser! I didn't know you were a Bob and Doug fan, eh! LOL. My daughter LOVES the moose in Brother Bear. haha.

    Have you ever seen Tammy and the Bachelor with Debbie Reynolds. Super cute. I love those old ones.

    My go to movies:

    The Princess Bride
    Breakfast Club
    Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    Indiana Jones 1 and 3.
    Pure Country

    I know there is more.

  31. I'm so right there with you. The second I move into a house I hate it, hate the neighborhood, secretly covet houses down the block. Maybe I just can't be pleased? Maybe I'm a negative person? I never thought of myself that way, but I'm always looking toward the next house. What the hell is wrong with me? WAIT! Don't answer that. The list is much much too long!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

  32. lol I totally understand, we've been working on our lakehouse now since I've met Martin, almost 5 years ago, and he's been working on it even longer! In about a month we'll be getting a new kitchen put in, so I'm really excited about that, but its amazing how much time the house takes up, with painting, spackle, sheetrock (thats mostly done), planning, trim, staining, etc. its just never ending! :) I'd love to see pictures of your DIY projects, I'm off to check those out. My go to movies are: Little Women, 13 going on 30, the Holiday, Reality Bites & Under the Tuscan Sun. Love that one:)

  33. I know what you mean about the "I love it, I hate it!" I feel the same about mine. However, I think what I hate about my house is the furniture, the lack of decor and THE FLIPPIN DOG HAIR!

    My go to movie is Murder By Death. An old comedy spoof. Love it!

  34. I am just anxious to move from our condo to a house! :) Not that I'm not thankful for what we have because I am and is nice not to have to worry about yard work, having a pool, etc but man I would LOVE me some storage! My go to movie: Sweet Home Alabama, Batman Begins, or Serendipidy.

  35. Good for you! It's funny, I just put up a short post about bonding with your home. As for movies, I like the classic chick flicks. Last night, I may have enjoyed How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days a little too much. :)

  36. I'm glad you learn to love your house. You had the chance to make it into a home so it was meant for you!

    I like breakfast club,good choices, mine would be Chocolat or La Vie en Rose
    I cannot wait for the finished product!!

    But I'll wait patiently.

    Off to join the DIY club! fab idea!

  37. I love old houses! We built ours new...but that was 23 years ago. I suppose if we keep living in it, it WILL be old some day! ha.

  38. Good to hear from you again! I can't wait to see the finished kitchen. Quirks are what make a house a home in my most humble opinion.

    Oh, and as far as go to movies, I also love a good Bourne Movie. Other faves are Juno, Office Space, My Cousin Vinny, and Gladiator (love me some Russell Crowe!)

  39. Good luck with the projects!!!

    My go to movie is "Bridget Jones's Diary". I first saw it in a very important part of my life and then I watched on tape almost every night that my husband was in Iraq. It's like comfort food for me. To this day, I have it saved on my DVR and I watch when I can't sleep.

  40. Girl I don't know how you do it .... blog, write, craft, remodel, & take care of your family. I know sleep less, but me thinks that may catch up, especially since you ate cutting back on the coffee.
    My movies - Dirty Dancing, Varsity Blues, & Sweet Home Alabama
    xo MJ

  41. Ha ha ha I have the same love-hate relationship with many things in my life...I can't understand myself sometimes...how can I love and hate something at the same time???

    Many thanks for the lovely birthday message dear Holly. Means a lot...

    Cheers: Evi

  42. I haven't seen some of those in a long time. Now I'm in the mood for a rental! I'd have to say Breakfast at Tiffany's is definitely on the list. Probably the Princess Bride too.

  43. I love my house because it is my first one that was almost new when I bought it. I hate my house, because the new has worn off of the carpet and the kitchen countertop. I want to replace both, but I don't want to spend the money. As for my movie...Dirty Dancing, no doubt.

  44. Yeah, I have a love/hate thing going with MY house, too! Right now, love is winning!!

    That's quite a vast selection of movie favorites you've got there! I can't criticize you, though, my list would include Dumb and Dumber and My Cousin Vinny, along with White Christmas and Singin in the Rain! Go figure!

    Have a great weekend!!

  45. Remodeling and redecorating can be difficult and time consuming, but one day you will be done, and then what will you do with all that free time? LOL.
    Top Gun is a great movie, also the new Blind Side, and Master and Commander, and The Christmas Story, with the boy who wants a BB gun.

  46. God Bless Ya! Our home was built in '52 and we have plans to remodel the kitchen but have been hit with other huge expenses that have derailed our plans. There's always something!

  47. First of all, I'm DYING to see your new kitchen. It's killing me, this waiting game. On the other hand, I'm super glad it's you, not me having to live through it.

    As for movies:

    Return to Me....just love that little gem of a movie.

    So I Married an Axe Murderer, funniest movie ever and most quotable.


  48. Holly, your home might be older, but it's no match for your artistic talent. The kitchen is the hub, the brains of the house. A new one always brightens things up. We're all looking forward to the before and after photos.

  49. I LOVE Shawshank Redemption! It may not be my absolute favorite...but it definitely makes the top 10. Raouly and I are movie freaks, so I have a long list of favorites in many genres and they all depend on my mood! One of my absolute faves, though, is Meet Joe Black. Don't ask me why...I just love it.

    And I'm NOT a Brad Pitt fan...go figure!

  50. Our house is was new when we moved in. But we have two active little boys... so as my boys tear through it, the house seems to be gaining quirks.

    My go to movie has to be pride and prejudice with Colin firth

  51. What a fantastic blog! I am now a follower. Come see me sometime http://southerncomfort5.blogspot.com

  52. Oh I feel your pain about the love hate thing...My dilemma is....I LOVE my house but I could have a newer beautiful one if I moved to our farm...I love my house...move to the farm dilemma. I don't know if I can move to a farm...I am a city girl at heart...oh now here I am rambling on :) You just got me thinking :) Agonizing :)

    My problem is that last line of yours...it is not just a house but a home...& I can't imagine leaving mine.

  53. 1950's? your house is a BABY! I live in a house from the 1860's!

    my favorite go-to movies (in no particular order) are:

    Emma (the 2009 BBC version, not the Gwenyth Paltrow version. I'm 100% obsessed with it)
    Bridget Jones Diary
    Briget Jones - The Edge of Reason
    13 going on 30 (I'm also obsessed with Jennifer Garner)
    Dumb & Dumber
    Pride & Prejudice (again the 6 hour BBC version, not the Keira Knightley version)
    The Holiday

    It would appear that on average, if it's a british movie, or a movie with a british person in it, I will like it. lol


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