Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Home is Treasure Hunting!

I remember heading out to garage-sale-it with mom and dad, and even with my grandpa. I don't remember specifics, but I remember the act of it...getting up early, rifling thought other people's junk...usually buying tools. When I was younger this was surely not my idea of fun. The one plus...donuts...there were always donuts on garage sale days!
Now, don't get me wrong. I love to shop...but in my younger years that meant mom dropping me and a group of girls off at the mall. Where, for hours we would walk around buying lip gloss, socks, pizza and cookies. Man, that was the life!

Maybe it was protest...maybe my memory played tricks on me, but for a very, very long time I refused to go to garage sales, thrift stores, or the Goodwill. I did not even like buying things on sale. {gasp!}

Yeah, well, things change. First I discovered the beauty of sales...I mean really discovered the beauty of sales. This was typical conversation at our house...
Hubby asks, "Where did you get that?"
"It was on sale." I say proudly {I thought this made me domestic}
Hubby cringes..."Did you need it?"
"It was such a deal."
More cringing.
Finally I came up with a motto to pacify him...
"Just because it's a bargain, doesn't mean you need it."
{Please don't think I really believe that}

Well, my love of shopping has come full circle.
I {heart} garage sales! I {heart} thrift stores!
I {heart} the Goodwill!
Heck, I even {heart} the dump!
Don't get freaky on me...
our dump has a store called Last Chance Mercantile.
I mean, "hello"... this is how much I {heart} treasure hunting...
that is how I spent my birthday!

Here is a little garage sale storytelling...
courtesy of Uncle Glenn.
My {Great} Uncle Glenn was the ultimate garage-saler.
I never went with him...He was serious.
His collection included a couple of Victrola's,
some Dictaphones, an antique post office box, some cameras,
and many, many gumball machines.
He has since passed away and I was lucky enough
to get one of his Victrola's and a few gumball machines.
{each grand kid got at least one gumball machine}
My parents have the Dictaphones, post office box, and
a few other treasures. I LOVE having these items in my house.
They remind me of my family.
Uncle Glenn had a room where he stored these treasures.
We {the kids} were allowed to go into the room,
but we were NOT allowed, under any circumstances to touch.
By the time grand kids rolled around, the rules had loosened up.
He actually let them play in "the room."

I chose to share some garage sale finds that hold sweet memories for me even though I was not the garage-saler...but make no mistake, I have my own treasures! I actually had a very hard time deciding what fun little bargains and treasures to show you...many...most of them are in some sort of transformation -
soon to be revealed with a spectacular to-do!
For now here's an oldie and a FAB newbie find from my growing collection!
I saw this old vintage door and had to have it.
It is tattered turquoise loveliness, and it has bottle glass. 
It had to go home with me! I bought it at the dump!
This is my fab newbie...
my Harvey's Seatbelt Bag.
I saw it, loved it...had to have it.
My first thought was it is a seat belt...this can hold up to my life.
I paid $8.00 - brand new tags on it. Retail price, $100+. SCORE! 
I really could go on and on...
remember I have warned you before that I like my stuff -
not the Hoarders-is-coming-for-me sort of like,
but like nonetheless.

What's you favorite garage sale, thrift store, roadside find?
Happy treasure hunting!
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  1. I want the post office box. Nay, I covet the post office box. Must. Have. The. Post. Office. Box.

  2. I haven't been garage saleing in years! Might have to go out this weekend - you have inspired me :)

  3. I can't wait to hit more garage sales this summer!!~ You SCORED Holly!

  4. Maybe in was a growing up in the 80s thing, but I, too, hated sales and discount stores. My sister and I withered in embarrassment when we knew our mother might have been seen entering the (gasp) Dollar Store. Even she took a dim view of thrift stores and garage sales.

    Like you, I've changed...heading off to some thrift stores today, in fact :)

    And that turquoise door? LOVE. LOVE, LOVE it!!

  5. I love garage sales, but haven't been in a long time. I did visit one put on my daughters school a few years back and purchased 5 pairs of name brand (like Aeropostle)jeans and many, many t shirts, sweat shirts etc for under $20. Love it! I hate organizing it though. I need some stuff, maybe this weekend I should go! LOL

    You have been photo tagged! Check out the rules at my blog. Happy shopping!

  6. I really, truly need to spend some time at a Goodwill, STAT. Or I might lose my already tenuous hold on sanity. I miss it, and there isn't one as close to as as there was before we moved. Sigh.

    I love your finds - especially that door! And the Victrola? I'm swooning! Makes me think of my great aunt's HiFi that we all fought over years ago, not to mention the AMAZING record collection that went with it.

  7. That purse is a total steal!!
    Garage sale season is in full swing right now.. actually I'm getting ready to sell some of my "stuff" at my Mom's sale. (Need to make some $$ so I can continue on my quest of garage sales)

  8. My grandparents used to take us to flea markets. They could haggle like no one else!

    My mom has some really great antiques from her family. She has an old Singer sewing machine that still functions, a handful of chairs, even the very first TV her parents owned. The greatest though are the trunks that came with her grandmother from Sicily.

  9. I am having my first garage sale this weekend! I hope that it goes well. Still getting used to life in suburbia lol

  10. I'm almost afraid to type this but I go one step further...not too the dump, but here where i live in the sprign and fall we have "clean-up week" were people put all the junk (and good stuff too) they don't want anymore out by the road and the garbage truck will pick it up for them. Many people put things out that they don't actually want to go to the dump in hopes that someone will come pick them up...I am one of those people...

    This past weekend I got an awesome antique wooden chair and ottoman! And last year I got a HUGE box of books that I in turn sold in a yard sale and made well over $20 from them (and still have quitea few left!). Considering I sold them at 25 cents/piece that should tell you how many I got!

    My mom and I actually go out with the story we are looking for plant pots (which we are - we sell plants each year and need all the pots we can get) but tend to come home with extra treasures. I still find it terribly embaressing so I make mom do the dirty work (scoping things out) and helping her when needed, but it is fun - it's like shopping for free!

    Okay I'll shut up now, this is getting embarassing!!

  11. I absoultely love that vintage door! The color is amazing - so is the pink seatbelt bag. Those are two of my favorite colors.

    I really want that door!!!

  12. Man, I used to HATE garage sales mother would drag me & my sis every saturday. it was mis, I thought it had ruined it for me but maybe I should give it another shot!

  13. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Oh, how I love my "stuff"-it's ridiculous.
    And now I desperately want a donut.
    I've never been to a garage sale but I have gone to the local dump. Ours is private and you have to beg your way in but we did buy a way cool iron bed head and foot board. My sister sawed one piece in half and put it together to make a corner chair with a stuffed and tasseled seat and my mom has the other piece in the garden as a trellis.

  14. I was the same way about yard sales! I hated them just because we always either had them or went to them when I was a kid! Now I am falling back in love with them!

  15. My next door neighbors have a phone booth in their house! It really has a working phone in it!

    I am not a good garage saler. Mainly because my husband likes to throw things away. I don't find any great things like that when I do go though!!

  16. I love garage sales and thrift stores! Though, I was embarrassed going with my mom when I was younger. So glad I grew out of that!

  17. I have had MANY a conversation just like that with my husband. Treasure your treasures!!

  18. Oh my, I am a huge garage saler - right from the start, too! My mom is SERIOUS, and I started out my life going with her! Every Saturday! Now I go by myself, with my hubby, or sometimes still with my mom. I look forward to spring so much every year!

  19. Ohhhh, you lucky, lucky girl! This makes me want to get my garage sale on. :)

  20. You did score! The bag looks amazing... and I do love the vintage door. Turquoise is a favorite of mine!

    My favorite thrift would have to be my huge wall mirror. It was originally $300, but I got it for $70 on craigslist! I thought it was a steal, since it is in perfect condition.

  21. Awesome finds! I love the door!

  22. what an awesome post!

  23. Love the gumball machine! that would be so much fun to have.

  24. Looks like some good finds.
    I would love to have the door. Don't know why, just cause.
    Have a great week!!

  25. OOOOhhhh I love that door! Good call. Great post, and I'm SO really to get out there and try some real deal hunting of my own!

    (p.s. I have used that same line on my hubs. He didn't buy it. I also tried "they were giving them away FOR FREE! He didn't buy that, either.)

  26. I love charity shops and car boot sales. I'm all about the bargains ;) But yeah, when I was a teenager, lipgloss was at the top of my shopping list too! (and you do not want to think about second-hand lipgloss.......)

  27. Ahhh yes, the garage sales. One of the few reasons to wake up early. Thought you might like this. It's from the end of last season.

  28. Isn't it wonderful finding something and knowing you got such a great deal on it!!
    I haven't been much of a garage saler in the past but have been meaning to check some out...I know people who have found some amazing things!!!
    Yeah for your great finds!!!

  29. That door is too cool! I love yard saling over Good Will, I think. Not sure why. Great post Holly. Thanks for linking up at RE today!

  30. Hi Holly, I changed my web address, please come by and follow me at my new address. I lost all my followers, sob!

    The donuts look delicious! my yard sale find was last Sunday as I was passing by a street near my house. I found a brand new bread maker $100 worth and bought it for $4. I already made delicious bread on it yesterday.

  31. Anonymous7:11 PM

    I could go for a donut now.....I used to go garage saling with my Uncle Dick. He was a maniacal garage saler.
    Kind of jealous of the seat belt bag.

  32. I love that Scarlet bag. I actually squealed a little when I saw it.

    When I was a teen I would not be caught dead at even K-Mart let alone a thrift store. I love thrift stores! Still not crazy for K-Mart.

  33. Anonymous7:53 PM

    I was thinking the other day that I should go back to garage sales shopping. I used to when the boys were younger. You've got some great finds there.

  34. Oh, you picked up some great stuff!
    I used to hate garage sales too as a girl! Funny how things change:)

  35. Loved this post . . .and hate to admit that I have not been a Garage Sale attender in past years (although I regularly HAVE garage sales.) That just doesn't seem fair/right, right? This spring - I'm hitting the pavement and doing the Garage Sale thing! I've learned from lots of blogs that there are gems waiting to be brought to new homes ... I can't WAIT!!! Thanks for the great post!

  36. I LOVE the vintage door! I need to start garage sailing more!

  37. just found your it!

    another junk junkie...I feel validated!

    "Just because it's a bargain, doesn't mean you need it."
    {Please don't think I really believe that}

    that made me!
    too funny!

  38. I am obsessed with garage sales! My mom and I go every Saturday and are surprised with our deals. Vases, shelves, books, mirrors, furniture of all sorts. I do not have a large living area, but I do have enough space to customize it with all of my finds. Going again this weekend!

  39. I haven't gotten the hang of garage sales. My family was not a garage sale family. Sure, we had them. But we didn't go to them. I have started going to the local thrift stores and Goodwill. My 7-year old loves the Goodwill! I need to find me a local buddy to show me the ropes. I need a garage sale mentor. Do you think they have 'em?

    Keep writing awesome stuff!

    Saving For Someday

  40. OOOO!!!! okay you gotta know that bag is mine! lol i love it love it love it!

  41. When I was pregnant with Lucas we went to a garage sale near the end of the day and the lady pretty much just gave us the stuff she didn't sell, including the vintage fisher price record player with lot of those records and books, a whole bunch of metal dye-cast Thomas stuff, Darda tracks and a few other things, all for $6. I turned around and sold a lot of things on ebay and made a profit of almost $200, and used it to buy toys for my son that I really wanted :)

  42. Loving your blog. I'm a new follower!

  43. Yes, this is great Holly...of course it was OK, it was better than OK it was perfect!~ I hit up some sales yesterday and can't wait to share what more I found. This will be my new weekend thing now....I tried to get my younger son to come with me and he said NO thanks MOM lol....thank you so much for participating in my first linky party:)

  44. I live in an area where Garage sales are every weekend, all year! The snow-birds come down for a few months, buy what they need then have a garage sale when they go north/home! If they don't sell it, it go's in the trash! Yes.. Sunday afternoon is a good trash day! We get some 'good stuff'! I need a uhaul on the back of my car!
    Great finds!


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