Friday, February 12, 2010

Rethink...PDA with Bare Escentuals

This week's discussion topic at Rethink What Matters is
RETHINK Public Displays of Affection.
{I know you thought I was talking about
blackberrys, ipods, cellphones, whatever!}
This topic was definitely more "light"
as compared to the previous topics and posts...
We don't really "do" Valentines day here.
I am not one who is much for PDA either...
but I have been known to flirt to get my way
...{shhh...don't tell!}..
although it worked much better about 10 years ago!
So, no in depth, thought-provoking comments from me today...
I am just going to ramble on about a little Valentine's Day story.

A Valentines 2fer
I seriously blow a big raspberry at Valentine's Day!
I have never liked it...maybe because I never had a boyfriend.
{yeah,, right.}

 Well, it would be my luck that one year,
I really had a V-Day celebration.
Yes, this story is going to make me sound like a "player,"
but I assure you I was not. I was just "in between" relationships.
One man trying to woo his way back...
and one just trying to woo.

I am at work...not expecting anything.
Then I hear the receptionist buzz my desk.
"Holly, please come downstairs. You have something waiting."
I was expecting fabric, buttons,
the garments back from the dye house...
Nope...Red Roses...BEAUTIFUL red roses!
WOW...a first for me!

Two hours later...
"Holly, please come downstairs. You have something waiting."
I was now definitely expecting fabric, buttons,
the garments back from the dye house...
Nope...Red Roses...AGAIN!
WOW...a second first for me!
I was feeling pretty special.

Then, somehow, I ended up with two semi-dates that night,
and a game of musical flowers.
Man #1 comes over, Man #2's flowers go in the shower.
My apartment was only 400 sq feet...
where else was I going to hide them?
Man #1 leaves, his flowers go in the shower...
Man #2's flowers come out of the shower,
Man #2 comes to pick me up.
I actually told Man #2 about Man #1's flowers.
Man #1's flowers come out of the shower too.
No need to leave pretty flowers in the shower!
It's all about honesty...
I married man #2.
Do you have a crazy Valentine's story? Please tell!
And go visit Rethink What Matters,
answer the five questions...
did I mention there are prizes?
{I have not won...maybe you will!}
Then come back next week for some more!
Happy Rethinking!

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  1. I love your Friday "rethink what matter"! In high school I got flowers from two different guys. I went to boarding school and flower deliveries were sent to the main offfice. I got flowers from a guy back home and from a guy at school I wasn't dating either but it was very embarrassing!

  2. My fave Valentine's Day story was when I was in college and drove all the way to NC to visit my boyfriend from another college. On V Day, he told me that he was going to Sorority Bid Day with his buddies and left me at the frat house alone. I ordered pizza and watched TV. He came back a few hours later completely hammered and passed out. When he woke up around 7pm, he told me he hadn't made dinner reservations for V day. We wound up eating at a local BBQ joint. I paid. And I went back to TN the next day and he never talked to me again.

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  6. You go girl :) Shows you were supposed to be with number two as you were honest with him.

  7. LOL thats a great valentines day story!! :) My husband and I were planning on going away for the weekend but he got stuck doing emergency work so we're rescheduling vday this year:) following you from the friday follow!

  8. I'm not much for "romantic" Valentine's Day stuff, the kiddy cards and decorations are much more fun for me. I don't remember any particular Valentine's Day it bad that I'm OK with that?

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  19. Most memorable Valentines Day....easy, last year. My husband and I had front row seats to a concert at an upscale auditorium. It started out to be a wonderful evening. We enjoyed a glass of wine from the wine bar and had time for child-free conversation. We took our seats about 10 minutes before the concert began. Just as the lights went down, a woman came running in and took the seat next to me. She was loud, obnoxious, and too big for the seat. I spent the whole evening with a wedge of her butt on my leg and her elbow in my side. It was miserable.

  20. How Fun! and GREAT story. I love Bare Escentuals. Thanks for stopping by, I am your newest follower from FF!

  21. I like your Valentine 2fer Story! Valentine's Day is just kind of cheesy for me. My guy friend told his fiance, that he didn't want to "cheapen" their love by exchanging gifts on Valentine's Day. I thought that was hilarious. Don't know what she thought, however!

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  23. I never cared much for Valentine's either. We don't do anything major here. And I am fine with that.

  24. Stopping by with Friday Follow. Went to lunch with my grandmother today. (she is the one who bought my Bare Escentuals) She asked why I wasn't wearing any of the makeup umm I was wearing foundation, eyeshadow, lip gloss and mineral veil. Guess she needs to Rethink the way makeup looks.

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  27. Loved the Vday story...I don't think I have ever had a romantic Vday..of course that doesn't mean I haven't had some good ones...Big Vday Mommie hugs and homemade cards work great for me.

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  28. I don't have a fun or cute or whatever the word you used. My husband proposed to me on Valentine's Day 11 years ago. It was totally unexpected. I mean, I knew we'd probably get married some day, but I didn't expect him to ask me that soon.

  29. Your story could be a scene in a movie. Loved the ending.

    We will not be celebrating at my house.

  30. Hi Holly! Thanks for following my blog... I thought I was already following you but I guess I was wrong! I am now. We are starting a new tradition where we make homemade valentine's (this after I saw that the card I bought my hubby cost $4.99-SERIOUSLY??).

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  32. We don't really celebrate Valentine's at our house. My husband and son get flowers for me and the daughter every Friday evening on their way home from swimming. It's a lovely ritual my father-in-law established with his boys when they were small, and it has carried over.


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