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Too Good To Eat Off?

I {heart} this project so much I am jumping on The DIY Show Off''s blog to join the Fall Festival

The DIY Show Off

Do I dare tell on myself...OK why not...A year ago I was checking out the local craft store and saw this really striking project...a glass silhouette plate. I fell in love because I {heart} silhouettes. Of course I had to make it...and this was the one project I had only a couple of the supplies for (which is too surprising for even me to believe!). I bought all the necesary supplies with the intent of going home to make thousands of plates...for everyone...NEVER HAPPENED.

Fast forward one year...a stack of glass plates, a bunch of paint, and I still {heart} silhouettes. I broke out the goods. I am having a little (very little) Halloween soiree and I said to myself, "Self, let's make some platters and dishes with a Halloween theme?" (I always love the answer myself gives to me!) So, here is the result and the DIY scoop.

Too Cool DIY {SPOOKY} Silhouette Plate
This plate can be customized with a monogram, a special motif…pretty much anything you want that can be done in silhouette style. If you want to check out a sample of a cool monogrammed plate (I am making one for the kids to use on their Birthdays), go to Hip, Stylish & Totally Cool Weddings- a glam guide for the savvy bride.

I tried to crackle the skull plate...don't do it...not my fave result.

  1. Glass cake plate (you could do it on a bigger plate, but the smaller works better for the cake)
  2. Enamel paint in black (paint for glass...make sure it is opaque)
  3. Paint brush
  4. Enamel spray paint in white (or your choice of color)
  5. Clear acrylic sealer in gloss
  6. Design, such as a monogram, silhouette, motif
  7. Masking tape
  8. Permanent marker with fine tip (Like a Sharpie)

  1. Clean: the back of the glass plate with soap and water, a cleaning solution, or rubbing alcohol to get it really clean.
  2. Design: Search for free clip art, silhouette clip art on the Internet) of just “blow up your monogram/initials in any word processing program to the size you want and print it out. I actually used Microsoft Publisher, made a text box that was 4.5 x 4.5 and typed my “L” into it. Then adjusted font style and size until it fit in the box (and thus on the plate) they way I like it. NOTE: It may be necessary to print “mirror image” so that the letter, etc. is pointing the way you want.
  3. Cut: Trim up the paper to be a size that is easily taped to the plate.
  4. Tape: Using masking tape, affix the image to the front side of the plate, centered or placed however you prefer. (see photo below)
  5. Trace: On the back side of the plate, use a permanent marker (such as a sharpie) to trace the outline of the design.Remove image and tape…it will be easier to see the outline better.
  6. Paint: Begin painting with the black paint, within the outline of the image. Finish painting and leave to dry completely. (see photo below)
  7. Clean: When you know it is all dry, gently clean the back of the plate again to get any smudges, etc. that may have gotten on the plate during the black painting layer.
  8. Prep: Cover a well-ventilated area with newspaper, paper bags, or a drop cloth and set your dry plate on it with the backside (painted side) facing up.
  9. Spray: With even strokes, spray the white paint. You may need to let it dry and spray again. (see photo below)
  10. Let dry completely. DO NOT put the painted side down, stack the plate, etc. until you finish the next step with the will chip!
  11. When dry, again, using protective covering for your work area, spray the back with the acrylic sealer.
  12. Let dry completely…and Voila! A super cute silhouette plate!
Yes! You can eat off of this plate...all the paint is on the back.
I recommend gently handwashing it.

See bottom of the post for Tips!
Here are some photo of the process.

Step 4 and 5

Step 6

Step 9
  1. Patience is key. This DIY is not hard if you have patience. If you don't (like me), it is easy to smudge and chip the plate. AGAIN LET EACH LAYER DRY COMPLETELY!
  2. Let each step of the painting process dry thoroughly (seriously I cannot say this enough).
  3. Do not move your plate while spraying the color on the back…until it is dry.
  4. Do not move the plate while spraying the sealer on the plate…until it is dry.
  5. If any paint gets on the rim or front of the plate, it can be removed with a gentle rubbing...I used Goof Off to get off a stubborn area. This should be done after sealing.
  6. Pick your deisgn based on your artistic level. For example, I have a bold hand, so fine details were not in the cards for me, but I have seen one with finer details...AMAZING!
If you try this…Let me know, I’d love to see a photo!

Click here for the link to the orignal (video) instructions (not made by me or anyone I know from Beverly's Arts and Crafts!)

Have Fun!


  1. Someday, when I have spare time on my hands, I am going to attempt the wonderful projects that you and Lissaloo blog about! Awesome plates!

  2. Oh to have the time and no little fingers to get into the paint.

    I <3 the spiderweb plate - great job!!

    Have a wonderful weekend! - MJ
    Dirty Little Confessions

  3. Those are awesome! I love the skull! I am so glad yourself talked you into doing this!

  4. This is so cool! What a great idea for any holiday!

  5. Oh what a great idea! I love the web plate! I am sooooo craft challenged, though. My sister is not...she is a genius. I have to show this to her!

  6. I love the silouhette plate. Such a great tutorial!

  7. Great and very thorough tutorial. :) Visiting you from SITS. Happy Saturday Sharefest!

  8. Awesome job! Your party is going to be fun with such nifty details like these!

  9. Holly, I absolutely love this project! I didn't see the spider web one yesterday ~ it's awesome! Thanks for sharing the how-to. I'm going to try this project for sure!

    Jenn @

  10. How did you know that I bought all the supplies for a similar project a year (or five) ago and still haven't finished it??? I was going to make personalized cookie plates for the holidays.

    Your designs are amazing! You may have even inspired me to go find that box of clear glass plates. If I could only remember where I put it......

  11. How cute!!!! I so have to bookmark this post!!! thx! Happy SITS Sat!!!

    m ^..^

  12. What a fun project! I am going to have to save this for a future project. I just saw these glass plates at the dollar store. Hmmm....

  13. How cute! I have never tried anything like this.

  14. These are fabulous. But I don't have any crafty bones in my body. So I can just admire your handiwork and buy mine from Etsy or something! Love the Halloween theme!

  15. This is awesome! I look forward to having the time to do stuff like this again! For now, I'll just have to buy it from other people :O)

    I should send you some pics of the wine bottles hubs paints. He did several VanGogh's for me. I've been hounding him for a Picaso to put on the wall...he did this kick butt mural on Girl's wall. Took him 75 hours to paint. Man it rocks. I think I'll have to take the wall with me if we ever move!

  16. You are so talented! Love what you have done here!

  17. I think this is such a great idea. I really like the bird plate at the top of the page. I am seriously thinking of doing this project. Thanks!

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  19. Anonymous1:13 AM

    Wow, that's really cool. I always admire people who can be creative. I'm not so much.

    Guess what? I have an award for you at my blog. Come by and pick it up:

  20. That is so neat! I can't wait to give it a try :)

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  26. Hope your party's as festive as your dishes! looks like fun!

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    I would Tweet you, but I don't Twitter (GASP - I know it is a sin)


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