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WINNERS! Purdy Paintbrushes and Elmer's Walmart Gift Card

THANK YOU to all that entered the recent giveaways!
I use random.org to pick my winners
 The winner of the Purdy Paintbrush Set is Mary Ellen from Mary's Meanderings
The winner of the Walmart Gift Card provided by Elmer's is Debby from Cozy Blanket

Please send me an email with your shipping information.

THANKS AGAIN to these great companies and to all of you!



Tickled Pink No. 64...SoCal Social Special Guest and WINNERS

Happy Weekend!
Happy September!
504 Main
Hi all!
Yeah for September! Yeah for FALL!
I have so many projects happening I can barely keep it straight!

Have you seen who is coming to hang out with us at the SoCal Social?
Oh yeah Mark Montano!

Mark is the author of the Big Ass Book of Crafts, Big Ass Book of Home Decor and the soon-to-be-released Big Ass Book of Crafts 2!
He is also a TV host, designer, and artist.

We are SO EXCITED to have him join us at this fabulous event!
The event is October 8 and we still have a few tickets left!
Go HERE to register!

Truly, thank you for coming by each week.
It does not go unnoticed!
Don't forget there is a super-duper DIY Giveaway
from 3M happening right here and right now.
Go to the GIVEAWAY POST for details.

Gevalia Coffee 1853 Heritage Blend winners are
Rebekkah from All Thingz Related

Mine for the Making Necklace winner is:

I know I am not the only busy lady or man out there..
I know I have been awful at returning emails and comments.
...so THANK YOU all for coming by! I appreciate it!

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whatever makes  your blog  fabulous!
That is what Tickled Pink is all about!
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I am Still Here, Rambling Away...and A Mocha Mitt WINNER!

Hello...is this on?
Just kidding.
FYI: There will be rambling in this post.
Yes, I sort of disappeared - just kind of necessary - my brain hurts. Just like everyone else out there, there is lots going on...and my kids are like 2 months from being out of school - I just had that revelation!
 And I have been playing and creating with a new machine
that I cannot wait to tell you about.
You are going to love it!!!! I do!!!!!
You may have noticed I never even posted the Tickled Pink link.
The spotlights and a new linky will be up this Friday...promise (I think)!
THANK you to everyone who contacted me about guest posting. If you emailed, by now you should have received a response back from me...if not, email me again, because maybe it was eaten by the spam (not the canned kind) monster. 


We Have A Winner! It's Stampendous!

Thanks everyone who entered and
everyone who comes to visit me...
I have some more FABULOUS giveaways coming up in October...
be on the look out!

as randomly selected out of a hat
by the littlest kiddo here
{who cannot read...so it's all fair}...
Jessica of Little Indiana! 

Shoot me an email and I'll tell you how to claim your prize!



And We Have A Winner!

Who is hosting game night?
It's Lourie from CA Girl 
She has been notified and claimed her prize.

A BIG thank you to CSN Stores!
Not only do they have their entertainment centers
but tons of other fabulous products too!
I am headed over there to buy my,
Ticket to Ride Europe edition. 
Thank you to everyone who entered!
I appreciate you comments and participation.

Come back shortly {like in one hour}
to see who I'm Tickled Pink about...
and who won the apron. 
There is still time to enter...ends at 11:59 pm PST.
Visit here



Pause...for Randomness

Are you having trouble adjusting to the New Year? I am!
I seriously woke up this morning, at 7:45 a.m. (I only hit snooze 3 times), and the house was still quiet...um yeah, no one (as in small kiddos) slept past 7:15 am the entire Winter vacation. I actually looked at hubby and said, "Maybe I'll let Joe skip school today."
I really did not want to get out of bed!

I spent yesterday trying to catch up on blog commenting...I always make it a first priority to comment on those who comment on mine...I think I did it...I must double check. Of course, I got sidetracked...and read some new blogs...and commented on those...and along the way I read a lot about resolutions and goals. A few blogs talked about selecting a word for the year. One blogger choose the word "pause"...at first I thought, "pause" - no way! I can "pause" when I am dead...BUT then it hit me this is what I need to do for 2010.

I do not pause ever. I am in a constant state of motion. When Renee was visiting she actually noticed this and made me take time to "just sit down" (I thought I was going to jump out of my skin!). By being in this constant state of "Fast Forward" I miss or rather overlook a lot...the joy of just watching the kids play together...of playing with them......of blowing bubbles...of watching a movie (you should see my list!)...of simply petting the dog. So, I am going to take time to "pause." I must get over feeling that if I pause the world will pass me by, because by not pausing the world is passing me by.

Random, Part I...An Award
Now, in an effort to maintain the randomness of this post. I would like to thank Crafty Chic Mommy for an award she passed on to me (and yes, I still need to update my award widget from the last go around!). I will play by the rules later and nominate 10 blogs, but just HAD TO SAY THANKS and tell everyone what a great blog she has - go visit!

Random, Part II...A Winner
Now I must also pass along a HUGE thank you to a blog that had a great giveaway...and that I won the honored recipient of. Daily Violets hosted a giveaway featuring her Mini Mosiac Artwear Collection...and I was lucky enough to catch it on the last day, pretty much in the last hour...and I won a sterling silver pendant with four tiles! I received my PRIZE and I am in LOVE with it! My son had a great time looking at her website and has selected a slew of other tiles for me to purchase. Below is what I selected, but you just need to go visit the site now because this is a fun and fabulous piece of jewelry.

Random, Part III...A Winner...Again!
I just cannot get enough of good stuff...yes, I realize this sounds greedy, but I was a winner again...but this time it was for my Mom. I randomly came across the Cosa Verde blog, and let me tell you I was H-A-P-P-Y! I am seriously in love with Cosa Verde now...really cool products and they donate a portion of the profits to charity...go visit and SHOP!

I caught them during Give it Forward 2009. In their words, "We're giving it away; you're giving it forward." 

I won the coffee sack messenger bag from It's Our Earth, for my mom with this comment...

"I am so in love with this bag! I would give this bag to Lynn...my mom! She and I love parrots...in fact she has a parrot (mainly because of me) for the last 25 years! So beyond buying me a parrot she also went along with my recycling craziness back in the day (20+ years ago) when you had to collect, separate, and drive it to the store or drop off center yourself...that's commitment. She is a selfless mom who, as I grow older appreciate more all the time."

Thanks to all for making 2009 fun and exciting and eye-opening! 
Back to pausing for a moment...
Do you have a word to "Live By" or a motto for 2010?

I am going to write a post for my much neglected wedding blog,
start preparing for Healthy Happy Hour posts (FINALLY!),
ponder the wonder and disgust of a sewer camera
(more on that later)
...and then to...
Happy New Year!