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Salsa on Over to Check Out Win, Lose, or Blog

Do you ever have one of those weeks
where you just cannot get it together!?
That is me this week
{it actually seems to be an on going theme}.

The kitchen is almost done...photos soon! Then we planned my son's birthday all around that Percy Jackson movie and they went and changed the release date {thanks Fox!} and my son was devastated {I think he may be a party planner in training} and so we are in scramble mode there too. And, honestly, I can live in chaos...but only for so long...I am so tired of looking at boxes and bins and crap in my living room! I think I need some serious quiet time - but that may not be until I head off to Bloggy Bootcamp in August!

WHEW! Thanks for letting me vent a little.
I could go on, but it could get u-g-l-y!
Instead I will share some of the sunshine in my foggy week...

The contestants for the Win, Lose, or Blog Challenge are up and running {maybe literally}. That was an amazing group of women who applied. Personally I just wish we could have picked them all. The group that was selected is FAB! So head on over to Win Lose or Blog and check it out! We are going to be having great posts about fitness, nutrition, and all sorts of other great topics...and you can still follow along even if you are not a contestant. You could be it next time!!!!!

In honor of the Win, Lose, or Blog Challenge, I thought I would share one of my favorite healthy and versatile recipes! I know I have shared my salsa recipe with you, but here is another salsa {at least that's what I call it} that is totally different and refreshing...a wonderful change of pace!

Come and taste my
Confetti Salsa!
 This salsa can be served with:
chunks of French bread,
a sliced baguette,
Pita Chips,
Corn Chips {store bought or homemade},
Carrot or celery sticks
{it doesn't stick to the carrot but gives a nice flavor}.
Confetti Salsa
1/2 red pepper
1/2 yellow pepper
1/2 orange pepper
1 medium cucumber or half of a large cucumber
3 large tomatoes 
2 cloves garlic, minced -Of course you can add more garlic!
Handful of fresh basil leaves, chopped
Salt and pepper to taste

Option 1: Use Italian Dressing (Fat Free or regular) to dress the salsa. It takes about 1/4 to 1/2 cup...Start with less and add to your liking.
Option 2: Juice of one lemon, 1/4 cup red wine vinegar, splash (or 2 T rice vinegar). Toss, pour, squeeze directly into the bowl of veggies and toss.
Any combo of your favorite vinegars can be used.

Red or yellow onion, finely chopped

I use the food processor - and chop each type of ingredient separately - for this recipe because I like everything chopped real small, and my knife skills are not winning me any competitions on Top Chef. Bigger chunkier salsa is also great.
-Seed peppers and cut into medium size pieces. 
-Place in Food processor and chop...place peppers in bowl.
-Slice cucumber in thick slices and chop in food processor, place in bowl with peppers.
-Chop tomatoes - your choice to do it by hand or in the food processor. Place in bowl with cucumbers and peppers. {or drain one can of diced tomatoes and add tomatoes to bowl}.
-Chop Basil into small pieces and add to bowl.
-Peel and mince garlic, add to bowl.

Add desired salt, pepper, and dressing to bowl and toss.

This is best if prepared in advance and the flavors are allowed come together.

-You can add or delete peppers depending on taste and what is available. For example, use 1 red pepper and 1/2 yellow pepper. You can also use the whole pepper to make more salsa.
-I have also used canned diced tomatoes (drained)
-I have used zucchini in place of the cucumber

Makes 2-3 cups depending on the amount and size of veggies used. 

Happy and Healthy Eating!

Now in complete contrast to this healthy little number...
a rich and delicious dessert is on tap for Thursday's Share a Spoon!

There's a giveaway going on for a copy of my book,
The Everything Wedding Etiquette Book at Hip Weddings.


Win, Lose, or Blog is Here!

There is a new blog in town
with a mission to promote a healthy lifestyle!
Win, Lose, or Blog is an fun, inspired, and original
weight loss challenge for the blogging world.

I am truly passionate about real food and the impact it, along with exercise, can have on your attitude, your body, your mind, and and your life. I do not have the answers all figured out...at all! But I work to educate myself every day on health, fitness, and how to improve my lifestyle, as well as forge a healthy and happy path for my kiddos.
That is why I am a part of this team of fabulous ladies!
Jill from Women Who Do It All, Fawnda from Fireflies and Jelllybeans, Maria from Huff and Buff, Lindsey from Fitness for the Rest of Us, Sumo from Sumo's Sweet Stuff, and Myself have worked to create this fun and exciting new blog! 
{I just may possibly also need to get back on track after spending all of my available workout hours blogging...shhh...don't tell anyone my secret!}

have to offer you? 
Want to be a contestant?
Each season of the challenge (lasting 8 weeks) we will choose eight contestants. This is your chance to win some MAJOR prizes! The "winner" (based on percentage of body weight lost) will win one big whopper of a prize. Second and third place contestants will also win some great prizes. And everyone else will get something just for participating.

Just want to follow?
We have multiple health and fitness experts on our team who are going to be posting information, recipes, tips, inspiration and more. So come follow and get a little help living a healthier lifestyle. Also, at the end of each season two followers will win a prize (worth at least $40) just for leaving comments throughout the season. And you know it will be fun to watch the competition play out and cheer on the contestants :)

Go check out Win, Lose, or Blog!!!! And spread the word! 
Remember how each comment you leave all season long counts as an entry for two great prizes? Want to get a head start on those? Head on over to Win, Lose, or Blog and you'll notice that you can leave three comments for displaying our button on your blog and five comments for writing an exciting post announcing us to your friends. We want you to invite others to join the the fun and gain some motivation to live a healthier lifestyle.

Grab our Button and Get Ready to Transform Your Life!