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Kid's Monogram Canvas Art: Making Colorful Magic with Crayola

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As a child, coloring was my favorite activity. My parents knew how to make me happy - bring me a nice big box of Crayola Crayons! The first thing I did every-single-time I got new crayons was to organize them all by color. I still remember how excited that made me. 
Kid's Monogram Canvas Art featuring Crayola #shop #cbias #ColorfulCreations #Walmart


Disney FROZEN Fun and Snowman Cocoa Treats (tutorial)

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Every little girl I know had one request over Thanksgiving weekend...
"To go see FROZEN."
My daughter and her friends were making plans to see FROZEN the Movie for weeks.
The FROZEN fascination in our house began the first time we saw the movie trailer...
a FROZEN book followed, and by the time the movie was released,
my daughter was already in L-O-V-E with Anna and Elsa and Olaf!

#FrozenFun and Snowman Hot Cocoa by 504 Main #shop #cbias


Harvest Table and Designing Ideas

When I hear the term "Tabletop", I get all dreamy eyed and my mind starts creating and dreaming up inventive ways to do things, and well, I get a little caught up trying to create something really special - my wedding planner mentality takes over - and I spend days fretting over what to do. Visions of lighting and draping and chandeliers, and custom linens...well, you get the picture.

Fall Tablescape by Holly Lefevre of 504 Main

I truly enjoy creating a beautiful tablescape or event space.
It is one of the things that makes me so happy and really inspires my creativity.
I love creating spaces outdoors, perhaps because I am from coastal California where the weather is pretty much the same year round.
I also love creating tables with texture, interest, unexpected surprise...and most of all tables that look rich and expensive...but are not!

Fall Tablescape by Holly Lefevre of 504 Main

You have to see the rest...click on READ MORE!


Family Time: Tea and Games

My kids are just like me...
they wake up around 8 pm at night.
That barely works for me,
but it works less for kiddos that have to go to school early in the morning.
In an effort to calm them, promote serenity, and togetherness...and sanity,
I have tried a new approach to our evenings. No electronics, no distractions...
just a quiet game and a cup of soothing warm tea.

Once homework is done, backpacks are packed, baths are taken,
we all sit down together to have a cup of tea and play a game.
This is a great way to pull us all together for an hour
or hopefully more each day without the distractions...
the sporting practices, dance classes, play dates, etc.
It is just quiet time to talk, be together, and relax with a calming cup of tea.
And honestly ,this is the time of day when I truly discover the most about
what is going on in their little lives.


Holiday Shopping Strategy: Coffee, Muffins, and Friends

 I am not a super-plan-ahead-get-all-my-shopping-done-and-wrapped-early-for-Christmas kind of girl.
I tried. It didn't work for me.

So every year, I wait, usually until December, to start my holiday shopping. Other than a few (almost) last minute gifts here and there, I seem to do OK with this plan of action...mainly because I have a PLAN! When it comes to gifting I have the following strategy:

Number #1
Make lists of people and possible gifts. When I see something on TV, in a magazine, on a blog or on etsy, I write it down in a journal (I am old fashioned that way). Guess what I always have a log of who got what, so next year when I am trying to remember what I got Aunt Sally, I can see that I bought her a scarf last year and don't buy her another one this year!

Number #2
Drink Coffee.

Number #3
Shop with Friends.
This year I invited my friends to my house to DIY some holiday gifts and then to hit some of the local shops.

I promised a pairing of coffee...

and chocolate chip muffins!

Did you know that particular coffees pair better with particular flavors? 
I did not. I have heard of pairing other foods and beverages, but never imagined that pairings would also apply in the coffee world. Thanks to Starbucks and a trip to to my local Walmart, I had a first run at the #DeliciousPairings Starbucks has to offer.

Hubby and I headed to Walmart to purchase Starbucks Caffe Verona (I am always excited to find a new blend to brew at home) and the complementing chocolate chip muffins in the bakery department. Some Walmart's have special displays in the bakery department showcasing the Starbucks coffee and the delicious pairings with the Walmart bakery items, but alas my Walmart did not have a Starbucks display. So, I grabbed a couple packages of chocolate chip muffins (chocolate chip muffins have to be my favorite!!!) and headed to the coffee aisle to get my Caffe Verona!
The Caffe Verona was almost out, so I am guessing this is a favorite brew.
Now, I will admit, I am an avid Starbucks fan. I frequent their stores (way too much)
and I have purchased some of their coffee for home brewing.
I had never tried Caffe Verona prior to this pairing.
When we were shopping my hubby focused in on the Caffe Verona,
and was quite happy when I told him this was the brew we were purchasing.
This brew has o many notes and flavors in it that we have grown to love,
it was the perfect option.
When I got home, I was so excited to sit down and enjoy a cup of the Starbucks Caffe Verona all by myself. I took this time to really enjoy the rich dark cup of coffee and experience how well it paired with the Walmart Bakery chocolate chip muffin.

The Caffe Verona has complimentary notes for Milk and Dark Chocolate and for Caramelized Sugar. It also really reminds me of an Italian Roast (which happens to be a favorite in this house). To be quite honest, I was totally blown away by how nicely the coffee and muffin paired. The coffee had a deep robust, cocoay flavor on its own, and the muffin was also delightful, but the combination of the two seemed to make the muffin melt in my mouth!  I eventually let hubby try it too, and he LOVED the Caffe Verona.

I was excited when the morning rolled around and my friends arrived.
I had the Caffe Verona brewing and the chocolate chip muffins waiting.
After we all shared a cup (or four) of coffee,
we were ready to tackle our project list:
4 gallons of Arancello and Limoncello
Homemade Vanilla Extract 
Some embellished wood frames
and a few holiday banners.

Then we headed out to the local shops to continue with the fun.

I even took some of that Caffe Verona along with me (in my Starbucks to-go cup) - iced with a touch of milk and sugar! I do love an iced coffee as well...and this was delicious!

  I cannot think of a better way to tackle my holiday gift list than with a cup of amazing coffee and a chocolate chip muffin, and friends.

Stay up to date with the latest by following
 Starbucks on Twitter and Starbucks on Facebook
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This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre

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A Magical Disney Princess Halloween Tea Party

I L-O-V-E to plan parties and weddings.
Seriously, just about any reason, any occasion will do!
I love the magic and happiness that can be created
through some well thought out plans, a few perfect decorations...
and of course great guests!

I recenty had the pleasure (and it was a pleasure!) to shop for and plan a Disney Princess Halloween Tea Party for my daughter and her friends. On Wednesday we celebrated a magical tea party with some real life princesses.

For weeks my daughter has been excited about this party, watching Cinderella, and playing with the Royal Ball Augmented Reality 2.0. She has embraced all things princess and loves dressing up like her favorite princess and attending the royal ball using this app. You can download the app for your princess by searching "Disney Princess Royal Ball" in the iTunes App Store or Google Play store. You can also read more about the app and my path to purchase on Google+

It was so fun to watch the girls arrive in their "Princess Best"  and ready to enjoy the entire princess experience. We even had a "tween" Princess join us!

A few of my plans veered from the original idea due to time constraints and, most importantly...I have learned one thing...when young children are happy doing one thing...let them keep doing that one thing! So we skipped the craft and let their imaginations take over instead.

  The girls were so enchanted  playing with all of the Princess dolls we pulled out. Belle, Jasmine, Merida, Rapunzel, Jasmine, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and few Cinderellas joined the real life girls to celebrate.

I just had to decorate and create an environment perfect for a lovely group of princesses.
From the ceiling I hung miniature tissue paper "flowers" and groups of various ribbons hanging down (I just paired 3-4 different ribbons in coordinating colors)

I set the table with a simple white cloth and then used Disney Princess Fabric as overlay. I did not hem the fabric (so I can reuse it!), I just ironed a "hem" all around the length of it (2 yards).
I pulled out my glass plates (like a glass slipper...get it?),
flatware and plain white cloth napkins.
This party also gave me a great excuse to buy some of those cute mason jar lids!

Each girl had a miniature white pumpkin on her plate with her name tattooed onto it.
The perfect princess place card if you ask me! (tutorial here).

For the centerpiece, I pulled out a cake stand and placed a pink Cinderella pumpkin on it...LOVE...I wanted one of these pumpkins so badly and this was the perfect reason to buy one. I placed lengths of ivy (cut from the garden) around the base of the cake stand and added a couple of miniature blooming plants, with the pots wrapped in ribbon.

The table looked perfect and the girls sitting in their princess dresses and looking absolutely adorable were the cutest thing EVER!

A few of the girls, I mean Princesses. I tried to get a good shot of each girl...a few f the photos were too blurry...so sad!

Once the girls had all arrived we sat at the Princess Table to have our tea party.

Jules helped plan the menu too.
Turkey croissant sandwiches
PB&J sandwiches
Fresh pineapple
Mini carrots
Apple slices and caramel
Berry punch with raspberries 

Check out the tea cup tutorial!!

Then, we enjoyed chocolate mouse in Edible Tea Cups,
topped with whipped cream and pearl "sprinkles.
(We were so lucky)...One of the girls fathers is a master pastry chef
and brought us pastries too! Such a sweet treat!

I just had to make some Princess Pretzel Wands too!

Once the girls ate, I turned on the Cinderella Blu-Ray and the girls were eagerly anticipating the viewing of this classic movie. The girls played with the princess dolls and enjoyed the movie and then, the clock struck 5 and the princess went back to being young school children! But they left with a special princess cup full of princess goodies I found on my shopping trip!

Be sure to experience the magic and wonder of #DisneyPrincessWMT
Disney on Twitter
Cinderella Facebook
Disney Princess on Facebook 

On of course on the Royal Ball Augmented Reality 2.0 app

You can also join in on the princess fun by joining a
Disney Princess Party on Pinterest (now through 10/31)

Who is your Disney favorite princess?

This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre 

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Planning a Disney Princess Halloween Party #DisneyPrincessWMT

I remember growing up and going to Disneyland.
There were only 3 princess at that time:
Cinderella (my favorite), Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty.
Now my daughter has a host of new princesses to love, adore, and be enchanted by.

Last year, our Halloween was all about Rapunzel.
Jules was just in love with her (and still is).
I would say this is when our princess magic began in this house.

For Thanksgiving we headed to Disneyland and attended the Princess Lunch at Ariel's Grotto. I am one cynical lady, but my heart melted seeing the excitement
and wonder in all of the girls faces at this lunch.
Disney knows how to make some magic for sure.
This year, my daughter and I are creating some magic at our home.
We have the extreme pleasure of hosting a Disney Princess Halloween Party for some of her friends. Jules has been so excited about this party from the moment we found out we would be hosting.

She really got in the spirit of all things princess by playing with the Royal Ball Augmented Reality app 2.0 (you can get this app too by searching "Disney Princess Royal Ball" in the iTunes App Store or Google Play store).

The whole family got in on the action with this app...
we eventually ended up with it downloaded on all three of our phones.
Of course Jules loved that.
 She was able to visit the Princess Boutique,
where she got to dress up like a princess.
and head to the Royal Ball in a carriage. 

Then we all went shopping at Walmart.
While shopping, we used the Royal Ball app, to unlock more activities and outfits. 
I do not think my kids have ever  had so much fun shopping.
It was like a treasure hunt to find the items they needed to scan.

We purchased party supplies, a princess costume,
and the recently released "from the vault" copy of Cinderella on Blu-Ray.
You can see all the goodies we found at Walmart by visiting my Google+ album and checking out my path to purchase.

Since this is Jules's party, I asked her for input on what she would like to see.
In no particular order, here were her requests:

"A fancy dessert. Just like the one we had at the Princess lunch!"
A Cinderella costume and high heels (glass slippers).
A Tea Party.
Dolls and treats for all of her friends.
Pink and sparkles.

With Jules's requests in mind,  ultimately we decided to host a Disney Princess Halloween Tea Party, full of magical princess colors and sweet princess-like details.
Each girl has been invited to wear her favorite princess costume...
or select one when she arrives. 

When I host a party for my kids I try to keep it enchanting (or magical) but not go overboard. Now the overboard part is relative, I was a wedding planner after all! I like simple, inexpensive decorations that have drama, like tissue lanterns with ribbons hanging from the ceiling - inexpensive and easy to pull off but really take the party to another level visually...and my kids appreciate it.

I also like to use real plates, utensils, and tea cups, along with cloth napkins. I did purchase some Princess plates at the request of Jules for this party though.
I also try to stick to food with quality and high likability factors.
I keep the menu pared down, but with enough variety that the kids will like what is being offered.

I try to do one thing that is really special.
For our tea party, we are making edible tea cups.
(which are inspired by this pin)
I just love these (we have been practicing!)

Originally I wanted to make each place setting reflect a different princess...
but all of the girls wanted the same princess,
so I choose to use a Disney fabric that highlights all of the princesses
to make napkins and accessories, as well as to incorporate all
of the princess dress colors using different ribbons.
Of course there will be one craft...royal banners with the girls names.
And each girl will receive a crown to wear.
Shouldn't we all have a crown?

Jules is so excited...she has started a countdown calendar, and has proclaimed
"This is better than Christmas!"
I guess I have to agree - how much more fun can a 5 year old have
than shopping for princess costumes
and fantastical toys and surprises for her friends.

Be sure to experience the magic and wonder of #DisneyPrincessWMT
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Cinderella Facebook
Disney Princess on Facebook 

You can also join in on the princess fun by joining a
Disney Princess Party on Pinterest (now through 10/31)
or joining us for a Disney Princess Twitter Party (10/25/12 from 1-2EST).

Be sure to stop back by next week to see the party in all of its enchanted glory (I am so excited...I love planning parties!).
But for now....tell me...

Who is your favorite princess?

This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre 

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How I Clean Naturally with Vinegar

I am a girl who likes to over complicate everything
(yes, everything!).
A very good example of that has been my cleaning supplies.
I used to buy one product for bathrooms, one for the kitchen,
one for floors, one for window, one for sinks...get the picture.
(yes advertisers must have loved me)


Bliss in a Cup #NaturalBlissWM

I have a lot of bad habits...
drinking too much coffee is one of them
buying too much coffee (from coffee houses) is another...
a B-I-G one.
I am not even going to think about the amount of money I spend.
But I am changing my ways.
I have a new single serve coffee maker
and now I have discovered Natural Bliss from Coffee-Mate.

These two little things are going to rock my world.
Finally I will get what I want:
Fresh hot coffee that is rich and creamy.

I have tried other creamers before, but never really found
my "Mr. Perfect" to share my morning, afternoon, and evening coffee with.
I also am not a big fan of preservatives and crazy ingredients I cannot pronounce.
I have used half and half and I do like coconut milk in my coffee,
but I like a little flavor as well...so I find myself adding in some flavor.

I recently had the opportunity to try Coffee-Mate's Natural Bliss.
With Natural Bliss, I can get the best of both worlds.
It is all natural with 4 simply scrumptious ingredients!
This is a coffee creamer perfect for me...
and I feel good serving it to my guests!

I set out to find Natural Bliss to add a twist to my regular coffee routine
and to satisfy my coffee-house-coffee cravings.
I explored all the different flavors
and other brands of both refrigerated and dry creamers.
There are some tasty selections...
but ultimately I ended up purchasing 3 of the four
Natural Bliss flavors at my local store:

Sweet Cream (only 35 calories)
Caramel (only 35 calories)
Low Fat Vanilla (only 20 calories!)

If you have not seen Natural Bliss in your store just shoot on over to the website to locate "Where to Buy" this.

And before you head out to get you Natural Bliss,
be sure to grab a coupon for $1 off 2 at Walmart.
Seeing, I am saving money already.

My daughter and I shopped around a bit.
I was quite amazed at the number of coffee creamers out there...

...but Natural Bliss was just calling my name.
I was anxious to try it.
Of course I needed to pick up some more coffee while I was at it!
Walmart has a really nice selection of coffee to choose from.

Check out all of my shopping trip on Google+ right here.

Of course I had some whipped cream to top it off!
Natural Bliss is a tasty addition to my coffee.
And I did mix things up a bit.
I also tried it with my mocha powder...
That was one creamy and rich cup of coffee...
the perfect afternoon treat!

I am testing out the flavors on some preschool moms -
there is nothing like 14 opinions, right?
But I for one, give Natural Bliss a big thumbs up...
and my favorite is....Sweet Cream.

I enjoy the creaminess it adds to my coffee,
but also appreciate the fact that I can pronounce all of the ingredients!

Tomorrow I will be testing out the flavors of the #NaturalBlissWM
on some other "unsuspecting" guests!
I will keep you updated!

So, how do you like your coffee?

You can get all of the nutritional information and other goodies right HERE!
Be sure to follow Coffee-Mate and Natural Bliss on Facebook!

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