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Home is Treasure Hunting!

I remember heading out to garage-sale-it with mom and dad, and even with my grandpa. I don't remember specifics, but I remember the act of it...getting up early, rifling thought other people's junk...usually buying tools. When I was younger this was surely not my idea of fun. The one plus...donuts...there were always donuts on garage sale days!
Now, don't get me wrong. I love to shop...but in my younger years that meant mom dropping me and a group of girls off at the mall. Where, for hours we would walk around buying lip gloss, socks, pizza and cookies. Man, that was the life!

Maybe it was protest...maybe my memory played tricks on me, but for a very, very long time I refused to go to garage sales, thrift stores, or the Goodwill. I did not even like buying things on sale. {gasp!}

Yeah, well, things change. First I discovered the beauty of sales...I mean really discovered the beauty of sales. This was typical conversation at our house...
Hubby asks, "Where did you get that?"
"It was on sale." I say proudly {I thought this made me domestic}
Hubby cringes..."Did you need it?"
"It was such a deal."
More cringing.
Finally I came up with a motto to pacify him...
"Just because it's a bargain, doesn't mean you need it."
{Please don't think I really believe that}

Well, my love of shopping has come full circle.
I {heart} garage sales! I {heart} thrift stores!
I {heart} the Goodwill!
Heck, I even {heart} the dump!
Don't get freaky on me...
our dump has a store called Last Chance Mercantile.
I mean, "hello"... this is how much I {heart} treasure hunting...
that is how I spent my birthday!

Here is a little garage sale storytelling...
courtesy of Uncle Glenn.
My {Great} Uncle Glenn was the ultimate garage-saler.
I never went with him...He was serious.
His collection included a couple of Victrola's,
some Dictaphones, an antique post office box, some cameras,
and many, many gumball machines.
He has since passed away and I was lucky enough
to get one of his Victrola's and a few gumball machines.
{each grand kid got at least one gumball machine}
My parents have the Dictaphones, post office box, and
a few other treasures. I LOVE having these items in my house.
They remind me of my family.
Uncle Glenn had a room where he stored these treasures.
We {the kids} were allowed to go into the room,
but we were NOT allowed, under any circumstances to touch.
By the time grand kids rolled around, the rules had loosened up.
He actually let them play in "the room."

I chose to share some garage sale finds that hold sweet memories for me even though I was not the garage-saler...but make no mistake, I have my own treasures! I actually had a very hard time deciding what fun little bargains and treasures to show you...many...most of them are in some sort of transformation -
soon to be revealed with a spectacular to-do!
For now here's an oldie and a FAB newbie find from my growing collection!
I saw this old vintage door and had to have it.
It is tattered turquoise loveliness, and it has bottle glass. 
It had to go home with me! I bought it at the dump!
This is my fab newbie...
my Harvey's Seatbelt Bag.
I saw it, loved it...had to have it.
My first thought was it is a seat belt...this can hold up to my life.
I paid $8.00 - brand new tags on it. Retail price, $100+. SCORE! 
I really could go on and on...
remember I have warned you before that I like my stuff -
not the Hoarders-is-coming-for-me sort of like,
but like nonetheless.

What's you favorite garage sale, thrift store, roadside find?
Happy treasure hunting!
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