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Swapping It Up For Spring

Hello all! 
Did ya miss me?
I have been a little MIA.
Soon to return...I see light at the end of the tunnel...
I am actually making a dent in those SITS visits.
In fact, I was not going to post again until 
I caught up with SITS Day commenting...
not to mention the other posts...
but then today, I received a
wonderful, fabulous super-dee-duper package
in the mail from Nancy at Tender & Crazeye Me
This was the first swap I joined in and it was so fun...
I cannot wait for the next one...
oh yeah, I had an awesome swap partner too!
I had to share with goodies!
If you want to see what I sent Nancy...
you have to go visit Tender & Crazeye Me.
A box full of goodies..what oh what can they be?
The pulled them out and set up this display for me.
And then they {carefully} had at it.
There were as excited as me.
**A stationery set based on Thomas Kincade's Heather's Hutch
{did you know I have a friend with almost that same name!}
{And that the Thomas Kincade National Archive is near me in Monterey}
**Beautiful butterfly album with some matching papers.
**Sweet butterfly stickers
**Peace, Joy, Hope, Love stickers.
{does someone know I cannot resist stickers, scrapbook, or craft goodies?}
**Scrabble Apple game
{we are going to love son has his eye on it!}
**Spa goodies - foot soak, body scrub, spa bath, and face mud.
{I swear Nancy knows me in real life!}
**Ice cream cone shaped pen/lip gloss
{My daughter is trying to steal it}
**Sassy girly tweezers - 
{One can never have enough tweezers! Seriously!}

Oh and then there are the treats!
*Eclipse Gum...Yeah! We all love gum!
*Clove gum...I have never tried it...
so excited to give it a whirl!
*Riesen - they are gone!
{you killed my will power for the day...I did share though!}
*A Twilight chocolate goodie
{my son hates vampires, but enjoyed helping me eat it...
until I told him it was filled with blood and
that sent him screaming to his room...
Mother of the Year here!}
*Charelston Chews -
I was just telling someone I have never tried them - 
notice in the photo the box is already open -
YUM! Addictive!

Finally, Nancy wrote the most fabulous poem to accompany this package.
I am so lucky...I had an awesome swap partner.
I leave you with one verse from Nancy's poem:
"When I am bored,
When I need a laugh,
When I need a break from the stink
I turn to your blog and read interesting and entertaining things.
And then I don't feel like I need a drink!"

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