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Mason Jar Valentine Vases (14 Days of Crafting Love)

You may not believe your eyes...I have another Valentines Project!
I am tickled pink with how this turned out!
And there is quite a story behind it!

   Way back last  year I started this project...
I loved it beyond belief.
Then I made a big mistake...
It was cold and wet outside, really cold and really wet.
I was not being careful - I was being impatient.
I thought it just need one more coat and it will be perfect...
well that perfect crackled and crinkled and ruined my sweet vase.
I may have shed a tear...or screamed.
And there was not time to start over...so I scrapped the idea.
But I had to try again...I will not be defeated
(but it may take a year...or two).


DIY! Museum Style Fossil Art

But it is one of my favorite projects ever!
I originally came up with this idea last year for my sons room.
I find it very hard to find sophisticated decor for boys,
especially growing boys, and it was time to update his room.

But quite honestly this art can go anywhere!
I even had one friend fooled...
she thought I bought this at a museum store!


(repeat this same process for as many canvases as you want to make)
  • Cover work area (and work outside during the spray painting process).
  • Paint canvas all over with the Krylon webbing. Let dry.
  • Paint canvas all over including the sides with the Krylon Brushed Metallic Paint. Let dry. It dries really quickly.
  • I sprayed a light coating of the Krylon Webbing Spray all over the canvas - this was for texture. Let dry.
  • Repeat the Krylon Brushed Metallic Spray Paint process, covering canvas completely.
  • Spray Krylon Webbing Spray in black all over the canvas again, lightly. Let dry.
  • Once dry, come back and "hit" the canvas again with the webbing spray in certain areas - you want it to look natural and there is no rhyme or reason - it is supposed to look like a rock. Let dry.
 (top with stain, bottom without)

  • Stain/Antique the canvas at this point (OPTIONAL). Mix equal parts Asphaltum Acrylic Paint and Staining and Antiquing Medium together; paint on canvas; wipe off.
  • Place the Ammonite stencil on the canvas and position to your liking. For the Ammonite, I choose to place it centered on the canvas. (I taped my stencil down carefully by wrapping ape around the sides of the canvas and securing on the bottom)
  • Mix together DecoArt American Acrylic in Asphaltum with a a little Acrylic in Ebony (optional). Then mix equal parts Thickening Medium to the paint mixture. Mix well. The thickening medium is great because it gives some weight and heft to the acrylic paint and makes the design stand out from the background. LOVE it - try it and have fun, you will too...better yet you buy a small bottle (about $2.50) and you can add it to any acrylic paint in equal parts to create this effect.
  • Use the palette knife or credit card to apply the paint over the stencil - swipe it in long motions. Be careful not to press too hard on the canvas (it is fabric)....I did and it caused some paint to get under the stencil which actually does not bother me - I actually like it for this project but on others you may not want that.
  • Carefully lift stencil off canvas when you have covered your area. Wash stencil with soap and water.
  • For the trilobite canvas, I used the same technique as above, but placed a trilobite on each side at different heights and then placed one in the middle, slightly off center (I did not want it "perfect")

I also did this canvas first, using the white webbing spray and a larger canvas. I sprayed some of the white webbing on the canvas first - prior to spray painting, and then continued to layer spray paint and webbing. I applied the staining/antiquing medium and finished it off with a light spray of Krylon webbing.

Easy-Peasy really cool looking museum style art! 

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Patio Furniture Update: The Bloggy Olympic - Outdoor Event

 I have had the same white "plastic" patio furniture for
a very, very long time...like 13+ years.
Every year I look, and swoon over the pretty furniture
I see in the stores...
and every year, I leave empty-handed.

On the other hand, this furniture is still in good condition.
The original cushions are long gone (think yellow flowers),
and so is the umbrella, but the chairs and table are sturdy
and well made (thank you Sears!)...
so why not spruce up these guys.
Beside, in the house we use stuff until their is nothing left to use!

This is where I started...

So, there is nothing earth-shattering about this DIY...
other than it looks 100% better,
and the lesson that just because something is old
does not mean it cannot get a makeover and be pretty again!


  • Old patio furniture (found in your own backyard, a street corner, dumpster or thrift store)
  • 8 Cans of Krylon Fusion in Black, Satin finish (it may take more, depending on the style of furniture). I used Fusion because it is the best for bonding with plastic. I will probably need another few cans to finish off the table.
  • Good scrub brush and bucket of soapy water.
  • Drop cloth/cardboard, lots of newspaper for protecting your surfaces
  • Eye, mouth, and hand protection (recommended)

1. Prep your surface - no sanding or priming needed...I just gave the pieces a good wash with soapy water and a scrub brush.

2. Let dry thoroughly.

3. Grab a chair - place it on the covered/protected surface. I found it easier to elevate mine on top of a table to work on.

4. I laid out one chair at a time - and worked on it over the course of the day. 
Begin painting/spraying in smooth even "strokes". Let dry between coats and reapply. I applied about 3 light coats - I was always finding a nook or cranny that I missed.

My chairs were of that textured plastic, so I practiced patience and took my time and the result was amazing.

5. Once dry, flip the chair over and repeat the painting process.

6. Repeat for all the chairs and table.

The results....

As for the table...it is not 100% done...I need (want) to take the glass out before I paint and really clean it good...but I need hubby hereto help with the glass and he has not been home (where we have not been at a party of kiddo function) forever!

I picked up some new cushion on clearance (about $10 each!!!!),
tied them on the chairs and love the new black chairs!

Now, I love a DIY that saves me money
(and so does my hubby!)

What outdoor projects have you been working on?
Link up to the Bloggy Olympics and show us what you have been doing.
There is also a give away...hop over to Directions Not Included to get in on the giveaway...and it is a good one:

WIN $50 in plants (for fall shipping) from

They sell native wildflowers and ferns nationwide. 

How awesome is that!?

Now go link on up!
If you are looking for Tickled Pink...it is right HERE!


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