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Barbie's Back at the Malibu Dreamhouse (sponsored review)

I finally got a Barbie Dreamhouse thanks to One2One Network and this sponsored review!

I love Barbie.
(My dream job would be a Barbie Designer!)
 My daughter loves Barbie.
As a young girl I wished and wished for the Barbie Dreamhouse.
I never got that Dreamhouse, but I never gave up hope...
and recently my dreams came true.
(OK...it is really for my daughter...but maybe she will share)

The newly renovated Dreamhouse is three-stories, has 6 rooms, two elevators, and unmatched “ocean views” of the Malibu coastline, and while it is actually for my daughter..that does not mean I cannot enjoy it too!


Fruttare in My Freezer! (Review and Giveaway)

In this house we take our treats seriously!
We happen to really love frozen treats and are always game to try something new. 
A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to try Fruttare 

Fruttare bars come in yummy fruit varieties and creamy milk and fruit options as well.
As soon as I signed on to review Fruttare I ran to the grocery store to pick up a box of Mango bars - we are crazy for mango in this house!
We had to try these bars NOW!!
We loved every single bite.

In fact my daughter eats frozen mango all the time,
but now she is asking for Fruttare Mango Bars.
During the next shopping trip I picked up the Strawberry and Milk Bars...
and now she has a hard time deciding which Fruttare bar to ask for! 
 (Today, it was the Strawberry and Milk)

Fruttare comes in these amazing flavors!

Why did we like Fruttare so much?
Well, flavor...it is there and it is refreshing and delightful.
When my kids keep asking for more,
I know we have a winner in our freezer!

We were able to test the Mango, which has a fruity fresh flavor,
and we tried Strawberry and Milk which was creamy and loaded with strawberries.
The two varieties offered a different taste experience
and both were delicious in their own way.

The bars are a perfect size for a treat too!
Not to small, not too big...just right!
The bars pack an amazing punch of sweet flavor.
If you like frozen treats and fruit...
you gotta give Fruttare a try!

Oh, wait, here's a chance to win some!
The giveaway is for 2 coupons good for 2 boxes of Fruttare Fruit Bars
(one coupon was for me, but I already am hooked, so I am giving away both!)

It's simple to enter
Giveaway open from 9/3/13 through  9/19/13 at midnight PST
Winners receives 2 coupons for Fruttare Bars (one coupon = one product)
Head over to Fruttare and tell me which flavor you want to try!
Leave a comment below!
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This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre
Content provided in partnership with Fruttare.


Dreaming of a Vacation #TroopOneX #HTCOne

If you asked most people I know, they would not say I am the traveling kind.
I have the wanderlust in me...but the plane rides do not excite me...
BUT the desire to see the world outweighs my fear. 
I will hop on one of those flying machines to get to amazing destinations...

My kids are on break from school next week and while we are not leaving on a jet plane...I wish we were, and so I am taking a moment to dream a bit about where I want to go.

How about Paris?
I have been before and really hope to go again with my kids.
But for now I will make do with my daughter's La-Dee-Da doll and a pink Eiffel Tower bank.

Or the Beach?
Then there is the thought of sitting on a warm beach in Maui. We were just there in June...but so much has happened in our lives since then, we all need another vacay! I will have sand between my toes, but chances are quite good it will be sand from the California Coast.

Italy is another dream.
I have been there too, but long to spend a summer in a Tuscan Villa. 

My son wants to go to China. Maybe his grandma will take him?

My hubby has been buying rice like nobody's business...
I though his vacation was going to be as a contestant on Survivor.
Hmmm...so much to explore...so much to do!
I will enjoy another mocha and dream.

Where do you want to go?
I have been having way too much fun with my new HTC OneX smartphone!
As a member of #TroopOneX, I am roaming my streets capturing what inspires me.

Disclosure: Content and/or other value provided by our partner, HTC. All images and opinions are my own. Phones provided by HTC.
This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre


Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend: Anjolee Review

I have never said no to jewelry...
well once...and I regret it!

Recently Anjolee.com approached me to review a piece of their jewelry...
and well, you don't need to ask me twice!
I was super excited to look at www.anjolee.com 
and explore their beautiful selection.

One of the many things that is very cool about Anjolee website is that you can customize the jewelry to fit your needs, style, and even price.

First you select a design
Then you can select the type of metal,
the quality and size of the stone,
and presto you have a beautiful customized piece of jewelry.

"Anjolee is the only jewelry website that offers customers the ability to customize any jewelry designs to the customers’ exact preferences, taste and budget. Anjolee’s product line includes fine diamond and bridal jewelry. "

Wouldn't that be a cool gift to give someone or better yet receive yourself?

I checked out the Bangle Styles and was so tempted...
such pretty bracelets and of course let's not forget the diamonds!
I eventually headed over to check out the earrings.
I like big statement necklaces, but like to keep my earrings small and sparkly!
I fell in love with the Romanced by Diamonds Stud Earrings 
and that is what I chose to review.

And...oh my goodness...I LOVE them.
I have been wearing them every day since I receive them and get so many compliments.
I love the little bit of sparkle they add to my eyes and face.

I also adore that tome anyway, they have a slightly vintage and classic flair,
 kind of like my grandmother once owned them.

I actually am really attached to the jewelry I have,
especially since a few very nice pieces were lost in our of our moves
(still mourning that loss).
I am so happy to have had the opportunity with Anjolee.

What is your favorite piece of jewelry?
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disclosure: this is a compensated post via Anjolee. All opinions are my own.


A Perfect Summer Cardigan from Fresh Produce

I have a background in the fashion industry
and I L-O-V-E clothes (and all pretty things).
I am also very picky (very picky) because of this.
When I find a brand that has great quality and style at a great price,
like Fresh Produce, I do a "happy dance!"

I am no longer interested in "just anything."  I refuse to spend money on junk anymore. I really look for quality clothing and if I can find something made in the U.S.A - wooo-whooo - there's a winner!  I want style and to look current, but I also like those pieces to be versatile. Pieces that I can accessorize differently and really make a part of my wardrobe. Fresh Produce delivers on my wants, needs and expectations.

Last year I was able to review some pieces from Fresh Produce and LOVED them. I then had the chance to stop in at their store in Old Orange during the SoCal Social. I could just hang out in the store all day long! So, you can imagine I was thrilled when presented with the opportunity to review another great piece from their collection.

Fresh Produce is quickly becoming my go-to resource an for casual clothes. The colors and styles are just fun, fabulous, and perfect for my life. You can read the super fun story of how the company began here! 

The clothing also has a great fit. I am no model and I am not a model size (and no one in my family can take a photo - so the shot below is the best I could do!), and the clothing fit true to the size guide and was comfortable.

I quickly took a peek at the women's cardigans and selected the Standing Ovation Cardigan in South Beach Blue. I always select black, so this deep gorgeous blue was a great compliment to a summer wardrobe. It is a versatile piece that will compliment everything from my jeans to my dresses.

I wear this cardigan all the time with my favorite jeans and ruffly tops...but thought I would try something a little different. Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE a flowing long cardigan, but on a whim I tied this up and it looked so cute with my striped dress - the perfect match! My hubby even said he liked it...and he usually keeps his opinions to himself on these matters.

I look forward to adding some more Fresh Produce pieces to my wardrobe throughout the year. One thing I know I will be looking at is the beach cover-ups for women....
I really needed a super cute cover up for my Hawaii trip!

Fresh produce carries a vast array of styles, colors, and prints. And...now, Fresh Produce ships to over 200 countries, so women outside the US can enjoy the colorful styles too!

Be sure to check out Fresh Produce when shopping and keep up to date with them on Facebook and Twitter

What is your favorite summer clothing?


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disclosure: I was provided with a garment for this review. I love it and my opinions are 100% honest!


Mirror Mirror Spa and Viewing Party

My daughter wears her dress up Snow White shoes around the house all day long. It was not surprising that when the movie Mirror Mirror was out in theaters, my daughter wanted to go and see it so badly. Somehow (not sure why) we never made it, so recently when I was given the opportunity to host a Mirror Mirror Spa Party
and viewing I jumped at the chance.
Mirror Mirror Party
I really wanted to see the movie…I knew this would tickle my daughter…and I was going to get to throw a party for some girlfriends! Sounds like a win-win-win situation to me!

If you have not seen Mirror Mirror here is a little about it:
“One of the world’s most beloved fairy tales takes a hilarious turn in this fresh, exciting film starring Oscar® Winner Julia Roberts. After she spends all her money, an evil enchantress queen (Roberts) schemes to marry a handsome, wealthy prince (The Social Network’s Armie Hammer). There’s just one problem – he’s in love with a beautiful princess, Snow White (Lily Collins, The Blind Side). So, the sinister queen banishes Snow White from her own kingdom! Now, joined by seven rebellious dwarves, Snow White launches an epic battle of good vs. snarky in this funny, magical movie that the whole family will love.” (taken from press release)”

One of the most interesting parts of the movie – it grabbed everyone’s attention was when the Evil Queen gets her beauty treatment – fresh bird droppings as a face mask and bee stings to the lips are just a couple of the unconventional beauty treatments the queen undergoes to stay beautiful.

The beauty regiment inspired the Spa Party I threw to watch Mirror Mirror with my friends. I decided to forego the bees and bird droppings, and tweak the spa theme to fit our crazy “mom schedules.” Yeah, in my my perfect world, I would have had pedicures and manicures and I would have loved an Botox party (not that my friends need it…but I want it!)…but that was not in the cards.

Instead, I opted for a magical setting complete with Spa-Inspired Menu. I had so much fun making the décor and coming up with the menu! I was pretty tricky too…my daughter also had a Mirror Mirror themed birthday party 2 days later – LOVE when I can make things do double duty!

Here’s what I did for the décor: I will have tutorials for all of this in the coming week.
Hanging “garlands” of mirrors and deep red lamp shades with woodsy florals hanging from the ceiling.– Love these! So easy to make!

The lamps and mirrors looked perfect hanging over a table dressed in reds, creams
and a touch of woodsy burlap.

Mirror and paint markers used together to let the guest know what they are eating
(this is always a “biggie” for me at my parties!).

As for the menu…I wanted to keep it healthy, light and spa-like.
I held the party during dinner so I provided some hearty items as well.

All recipes that are not linked to follow!
What is great about this menu is that almost everything
can be prepared in advance so you can add a few thing
and toss a salad and also enjoy our guests!

Spa Sangria (make it ahead and add the ginger ale right before the guest arrive)

Lemony Lentil Salad (I served feta on the side, but you can mix it in): This salad is best when made many hours before the party or sometimes event he day before!

Thai Cucumber Salad: This salad is best when made many hours before the party or sometimes event he day before!

Kale and Avocado Salad: I purchased washed and cut kale, and right before serving chopped up the avocado and tomatoes and dressed it.

Hummus with flat bread and carrots: All store bought (thanks you Trader Joe’s!)
Chicken apple sausage (again…thank you Trader Joe’s)
Apple Crisp and Raspberry Torte!

After much catching up and chatting (we lost track of time and started the movie a bit late!) we settled in the family room to watch Mirror Mirror.

The movie is visually amazing.
All of us were in awe of the costumes created by Eiko Ishioka.
I truly could not take my eyes of the costumes.
We all enjoyed the movie…but the costumes enthralled us.

Of course there were party favors…
Mirror Mirror water bottles, a mirror (or course!),
a nail brush, and a book mark.
Of course we had shiny red apples – how could you have a snow white anything without a shiny red apple?

There were also some activity sheets…which the adults spied…and then enjoyed!

All in all the “girls” and I had a great evening full of healthy food, sangria, and a whimsical enchanting movie – I mean who doesn’t love a fairy tale!?

Be sure to grab a copy of Mirror Mirror available on Blu-ray and DVD June 26 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

MIRROR MIRROR DVD Special Features:

• Looking Through the Mirror
• Prince and Puppies

MIRROR MIRROR Blu-ray Special Features: All of the DVD Special Features, plus...

• "I Believe in Love" Dance-along
• Mirror Mirror Interactive Storybook
• Deleted Scenes 
• Digital Copy of the film

Have you seen the movie?
What was your favorite part?

This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre
disclosure: this is a compensated post. My ideas and opinions are all original and my own