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Are You a Maker? A Trip to the Maker Faire

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the Maker Faire
in Northern California as part of the Delta Faucet Team.

After attending the Delta DIY Blogger event last year I have had a new found appreciation for all things faucet - the technology, the design, and that research and work that goes into making not just a faucet but an amazing line of products. It was a pleasure to see some familiar faces and work with some new faces.

As one of the sponsors of this year's Maker Faire,
Delta Faucet proves they are committed to the Maker movement and the community who lives to create and inspire and make our lives better, and more interesting!

Being a part of the Delta team at the Maker Faire was about more than faucets.
It was a pleasure to see people’s reaction to Delta's design, 
technology and innovations in their field. 
The Touch2O technology was especially popular.
Heck…I still am in awe of it!
I could play with water all day!

equation for capacitance

People LOVED testing their capacitance,
and taking a stab at the installation time trials –
with Delta’s EZ Anchor! So easy, even a ten year old (my boy!)
can install it in about 2 minutes
(more experienced DIYers did it in less than one minute!)
Oh, and since we are talking about Makers...
many wanted to know how they can use this same technology
in other adaptions and inventions.

I have attended the Maker Faire before so I knew what to expect...or so I thought. Attending the Faire as part of one of the Delta Faucet team put a whole next perspective on the Faire and what exactly being a Maker means. I honestly had never thought of myself as a “Maker.” Makers make amazing things...innovative things...things that use technology...things that are totally original and unique.

For two days we walked the Faire and were introduced to Makers
many, many Makers of all kinds - 
Makers  that make just about anything and everything
and personify this spirit of the being a Maker and an innovator.

Her are just a few samples of some amazing Makers.
(I will be highlighting some more of my favorite Makers in the next week too!)

The Electric Giraffe Project by Lindsay Lawler

Gorgeous soaps by Blushie
I have never seen handmade soaps this gorgeous!

The Viper…a motion controlled flight simulator built by high school students!

Living art! Terrariums from Living Ambiance

A Banana Piano from MaKey MaKey– oh yes they make music!

Mobile Muffins and Cupcake Cars from Acme Muffineering

Flameworking glass beads by Jenine Bressner

The simple magic of bubbles!

Unique treats!
Popsicles made with a wide variety of unusual ingredients
made this once typical treat gourmet heaven!
The perfect way to end a day!

The Makers at the Maker Faire are passionate and curious and creative and always looking for the next way to be innovative, to improve on something, or create something completely new.

This not only describes Delta Faucet to a "T" ( or a “D”)
but it also made me realize that Makers are all around us.
I attended this Maker Faire and was part of it with new eyes..
the eyes of a Maker!
...yes I do consider myself a Maker now!

Do you consider yourself a Maker????
I asked this question on facebook and it was great to hear so many say they did consider themselves to be Makers!
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disclosure: I was invited by Delta Faucets to attend the Maker Faire as their guest. All opinions are my own.


Kids and Cardboard: Cheap and Easy Fun!

Seven years ago today we moved into this house.
My son and I knew no one and were bored...very bored.
I used our moving boxes to make houses, dump trucks, and rocket ships.
The rocket ship actually survived for 3 years!
Image credit: bortn66 / 123RF Stock Photo 

I had forgotten all about this...
Until my memory was jogged when I was at the Maker Faire with Delta Faucet. We came across the Berkeley Institute of Design's Crowd-Powered Bridge Design and Research Project. I was reminded of the rockets ship and thought this would make a fun summer activity for my kids and their friends.

The exhibit at the Maker Faire

Fast forward to today...we had some friends over to celebrate my son's birthday
and I had tons of cardboard...
and thought, let's give this a shot!

We had 2 groups of kids:
older kids ranging from 9-11 years old and
younger kids ranging from 5 to 8 year old.

At first they seemed hesitant, but ready to give it a go.
I showed them the photo I took at the Maker Faire
and the older kids went with it-
taping, ripping, and building with cardboard for a couple of hours.

The younger kids needed a bit of help, but also got in on the action...
first they drew some picture to decorate it -
that was more important to the little ones.

Here is how to do it and what you need
to make your own bridge/ramp/contraption!

Cardboard: boxes, shoe boxes, poster board, craft paper - whatever you have around! I picked up a few rolls of kraft/shipping paper at the dollar store just in case.

Tape: No need to get high quality tape...I bought the $1 tape and clear packing tape from the dollar store too. I figured the cheaper tape was fine, since I do not plan on keeping these forever. (just FYI - it has a strong scent so use in a ventilated area)

Scissors (optional)


  1. Gather the kids.
  2. Suggested they collaborate first and draw a picture so each kid could visualize the end goal. I think this helps the kids combine forces more easily.
  3. Explain to them they are to work together to create a bridge or tower or whatever you want using only the cardboard and tape. At the Maker Faire the goal was to get a small toy car to roll over the bridge and for it to be high enough for a toy cardboard boat to go under the bridge. Our goal was that Jules could ride her trike under it.
  4. Give them each a roll of tape.
  5. Then turn them took a bit for them to start clicking...but then they did and worked together to build this bridge (or ramp).

Well, my visions of a grand bridge did not quite materialize.
The kids bridge looked like a ramp.

 They proceeded to launch the empty rolls of tape and Hot Wheels cars and Zoobles off of it. The Trike did fit under it...but most importantly, they had fun in the sun for hours and worked together to get a finished project.

The little kids also created a smaller version of a "bridge"
(or something!) and enjoyed it too.

Moral of the story...
everyday recyclables and things laying around the house and provide hours of fun and teach the kiddos a little something this summer!

The kids actually asked when they can do this again...
now, that is a winner idea in my book!

Do you have any simple, cheap, and easy idea for summer?



Going to the Maker Faire

So, this is a post about the Maker Faire,
but can I just be a proud momma for a moment and
tell you that my son's team rocked the championship game
and are officially the PG Pony Mustang Champions!
A great group of boys and great coaches and parents made this year awesome.
As I have mentioned, life has been nutso around here, but there are certain things (other than the kiddos) I stop for. Jenn from Rook No. 17 (who will probably have a more detailed post soon) has told me about the Maker Faire awhile back, and after checking out the website I HAD TO GO! And I decided this was going to be a family fun day.
The Maker Faire is an amazing event filled with creative, inventive, think-outside-the-box people from all over. There was everything from crafts, to steampunk creations to tech innovations to sewing to a human/life-size Mousetrap Game to shopping at the Bizarre Bazaar. A little something for everyone!

As always happens with my family getting there was a long arduous process. It always family does not travel well together (that is a post all its own!).
Parking was awful...and there was a ton of traffic to get to the event center
and the crazy offsite parking was less than ideal, but we survived.
(advantage, we saved $17 and it was only a 10 minute walk)
Here are the highlights:
Don't you love our infrared photo (the only photo you may ever see of hubby). Thinking of using it as a Christmas Card. I think we look like monkeys!
And made it to the Expo Hall around lunch time, and and purely by luck I found myself at the CRAFT: craftzine booth. And even luckier, discovered we were just in time for the demo by Cathe Holden of Just Something I Made. Yippeeee! I watched the demo of making a journal and expanding folder from an old book and she was awesome.
This led to the highlight of my day...

Later as we arrived at the Bizarre Bazaar, I happened upon Cathe Holden...and I normally "play it cool" (or so I think)...but just had to tell her how much I loved her demo and her creativity...and she did not think I was a freak (perhaps if I would have made and been wearing my shrinky dinky bracelet she designed for Country Living she would have thought so). Cathe is amazingly talented and beyond nice! If by some crazy chance you have not been to Just Something I Made...go now.
Jules's highlight was getting her face - arm - painted at the Klutz booth.
We now own the Klutz face Painting book/Kit.
Joe thought the R2-D2's were cool as well as the sing-a-long with Tesla coils
Other highlights included having his name written with his DNA sequence and watching a dude play Rockband and simultaneously make fire.
We also got lucky and saw the Coke Zero and Mentos
sensational soda geysers as we walked back to the car.

Both kids thought we were the coolest parents for buying the world's largest waffle cone for them (6 scoops of gelato in a huge waffle cone). We all shared it and it was cheaper than each of buying a separate one.

I sadly missed the Happy Girl Kitchen Co. Sauerkraut Canning and Adam from Mythbusters, and a few other demos. There was no way on earth we could have done everything in the time we had. We tried...we really tried.
Apparently the attendance jumped from last year to this year and it was almost to crowded...that was my biggest disappointment. There was so much to see - I mean really incredible creations of all kinds and honestly just too many people (think Disneyland in the summer crowded)

I could have spent the entire weekend there. Next year, Just Joe and I are heading there. Joe loved it all, he took it all in...I knew he would be thrilled by what was happening at the Maker Faire. Jules was crabby and it was just too crowded to give her an inch of freedom.

Would I go back, yep...with a few changes to the itinerary.
The Maker Faire visits cities all over.
It is an event like no other I have ever seen.
If you are an artist, creator, inventor, or just love that innovative spirit,
this is an even not to be missed!
You can sign up for their newsletter and download the event program
for free to see what to is all about.
The website also has a good wrap up as does the facebook page.