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Favorite Things Kitchen Edition: Sandra by Sandra Lee Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill...GIVEAWAY

Welcome to the second installment of
This is where I share some of my FAVORITE gadgets, tools, and small appliances. I may have received some of the items as part of a promotion at one point or another and some I have purchased...but I am only sharing the things I LOVE here!
(and sometimes there are giveaways - and this is one of those times)

This week we are talking about the 

In April I was SUPER LUCKY and headed to New York  for the launch
of Sandra Lee's Collections at Sears and Kmart. 
(you can read all about the trip if you want...FUN!)

One of the many perks of the visit was the opportunity to take home some items from Sandra's collection. I happened to be hanging out right by this grill when the time came for all of us to pick out products and snatched it up (amazingly there was room in my suitcase for it!).

Photo courtesy of the Sears and Sandra's Summer Carnival in NYC

When I returned home I could not wait to try this grill out.
I have owned other electric grills before and never been happy...
so I will be honest I was not expecting a lot...
I use this grill almost daily.
I love it for grilling vegetables, and even fruit (pineapple!)
Hubby uses it for grilling meat.
It grills the food so nicely.
It even has an adjustable heat dial...LOVE!
Photo from Sears website

There is not much I love more than grilled vegetables...
this is so convenient to have in the house!
I get my grilled veggies any time I want and also get perfect grill marks!

So I do use this in the house most of the time,
but you can also use it outside, just a little help for that big BBQ!

You know what else...my son loves this grill...
it is a great tool for letting him help make dinner.

A huge bonus is that it is EASY to clean up. the top part comes out and the cord/heat probe is removable. Yo can even pop this in the dishwasher.
I just hand wash mine though.

So, let me tell ya, this grill is a treat! It is a staple in my kitchen routine!
And, thanks to Sears,
you can enter to win one of these beauties too.
Trust me - you will love it! 

You can head over to the Sears website and check out the
Sandra Lee Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill 
for more details and product specifications.

open to shipping addresses in the continental U.S.
Opens 9/25/12 and runs through 10/4/12.
One winner will be selected randomness using rafflecopter's pick a winner function

NOTE: I am using Rafflecopter right now for my giveaways. 
You can enter by logging in with Facebook OR by using your email.
The only mandatory entry is to leave a comment.
All others are optional.

 This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre

disclosure: I did receive this grill for free back in April...but this post is written purely because I love it. Sears is providing one grill for the giveaway.


Favorite Things Kitchen Edition: SodaStream and GIVEAWAY

Welcome to the first installment of
Favorite Things: Kitchen Edition!
I am starting with one of my most FAVORITE THINGS EVER.
This is a necessity on my house...seriously!

The SodaStream Home Soda Maker

I am giving one away,
thanks to the awesome people at SodaStream!

Last year for our wedding anniversary, hubby and I bought a SodaStream.
We had been wanting one and figured the time was right!

My kids were thrilled...they were fascinated.
I think they thought they would be drinking soda all day long....
that did not happen. I won't lie,
I wish I could drink soda all day long...but I don't.

The main reason we purchased the SodaStream was to make our own carbonated water - a.k.a. fizzy water. We were going through at least one bottle a day...
lots of money when you add it up (and lots of waste too!).

We started using that SodaStream the night we brought it home
and have used it every day since we bought it.
We make a bottle of fizzy water every day.
And yes, my kids do get to make soda...not all the time,
but they love it as a treat and they love to make it when we have guests.

SodaStream has an amazing variety of soda flavors and syrups:
Good old favorites like Cola and Cherry Cola,
Sparkling Naturals like Black Currant Pear,
MyWater Essence Flavors and
even including Crystal Light and Country Time flavors. 

They taste amazing!
No joke...I need a T-shirt that says
"I (heart) SodaStream."
My raves have even convinces many a friend to purchase a SodaStream too!

Here is how it works...
it assembles in seconds, pop in the carbonator
screw the bottle in, push the button to add the carbonation and your favorite soda flavor...and presto you have soda!

Seriously...that easy
Just want fizzy water, skip the soda flavor.
And guess what in the year we have had the SodaStream...
we are only on our 3rd cartridge.
When a carbonator is out, just take it to the store in your area 
(you exchange it and buy a new one) or order a carbonator kit online.

OK, now to the good stuff.
Here is what
Fountain Jet Soda Lover's Start-Up Kit 
($99.95 value) 
open to continental U.S. address 

-          Fountain Jet – winner’s choice of color (black/silver, red/silver or white)
-          1 carbonating bottle, reusable for up to 3 years
-          Reusable carbonator to fizz up to 60L of soda
-          Variety 6-pack of popular sample-size flavors
-          3 full-sized flavors of the winner’s choice


disclosure: I was provided with one SodaStream for review and one for giveaway. All the gushinng about SodaStream is true and I love it!
This post is written and created by 504 Main by Holly Lefevre


Favorite Things: Kitchen Edition Starts Tomorrow

I never, ever thought of myself as a gadget-y, electronic-y person in the kitchen
(or anywhere for that matter).

In fact I did not even like to cook...or bake.

I assumed if I had
measuring cups,
a cookie sheet,
and a crock pot...
  I could make anything...

Image credit: baigeldinov / 123RF Stock Photo

"Why would I need that?"
(whatever that was)
was always my response to new things.

but oh times they have changed.  
Perhaps it is because I spend a lot more time in the kitchen,
perhaps there are way cooler things out now
than 10, 15, 20 years ago.
Whatever the case...I do not care.

I am proudly proclaiming myself as a
kitchen gadget-y electronic-y LOVER!

And I want to share the cool things I have discovered.
So for the next few weeks I will be showing off
some of my
Favorite Things in the Kitchen
(keep track ladies and gentleman...good ideas for the holidays!)

Tomorrow kicks it off with a SUPER DUPER...
I mean one of my favorite things on the planet 
and a BIG OLE AWESOME GIVEAWAY to go with it!

You need to come back tomorrow around noon PST to find out what it is!

This post is written and created by 504 Main by Holly Lefevre


Giveaway: Stress Less Kitchen Tools from Trudeau - CLOSED

I have a fondness for kitchen gadget and tools...
because they make my life easier!
Recently I had the opportunity to try Trudeau's line of Stress Less Kitchen Tools.

Stress Less Kitchen Tools are designed to make every day kitchen tasks easier for everyone! These tools are "designed to reduce the strain on hands and joints, these products are ideal for those with arthritis or limited hand dexterity." 

Not only is this ideal for tired, busy mothers but also I tested the items out with my son who is almost 11 and we are trying to encourage him to take more initiative in the kitchen.

We took a moment yesterday to make some salsa and quesadillas and test out these products.

Now, let's checkout these awesome products!

We have a similar type of can opener, but turning it is really not all that easy to turn...but Trudeau's can opener was smooth and easy...LOVE it!

The garlic press was great  - so easy to use and easy to clean with the pivot chamber (huge plus)

I love the way the salt and pepper mill set look and they make it so easy to grind up that fresh salt and pepper - essentials for every kitchen and cook!
style may vary from this photo

The cheese grater created wonderful thin curls of cheese (at first I used to large a hunk of cheese, but once I figure out that I needed to slice my cheese thinner...it was A-OK!). The grater can also be used for chocolate and other items you need grated...
and it can work for righties and lefties!

Everyone need s pizza cutter, right? I happen to like a pizza cutter for so many things...like quesadillas! I was a big fan of the large stainless steel blade - I happen to like thick crust pizzas...and cannot wait to try it out on that!
************GIVEAWAY CLOSED*********
Valid May 28, 2012 through June 5, 2012 at midnight, PST
Winner selected at random at the conclusion of the giveaway

(total retail price of each set is $143.00)

  • Stress Less Safety Can Opener
  • Stress Less Garlic Press
  • Stress Less Easy Grind Pepper Mill
  • Stress Less Easy Grind Salt Mill
  • Stress Less Pizza Cutter
  • Stress Less Rotary Cheese Grater

Visit the Trudeau Kitchen Gadget Page and come back and tell me what is your favorite gadget (one comment, one entry)

#1: Share the Giveaway via twitter (one entry, leave a separate comment).
Sample tweet:
Have fun in the kitchen! Win a set of Stress less Kitchen Tools from @504main and @TrudeauKitchenhttp://bit.ly/LDkofE

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disclosure: I was provided with a set of Trudeau's Stress Less Kitchen Gadgets to review and one set to giveaway.