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How to Make a Sea Glass Pendant (Jewelry Tutorial)

I have been really excited about making jewelry.
It seems to have reignited by fashion designer roots.
and I am currently designing head pieces for a childrens fashion show
(insert a "squeal with delight!").
I have a few other tricks up my sleeve too...
but today I am going to show you one of my happy accidents...
and perhaps an
(hint, hint)

504 main by Holly Lefevre

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Three Ways to Embellish Leather Cuffs with Avocados! (And a GIVEAWAY!!!)

I am never one to back away from a challenge
(99% of the time anyway).
I was sent a lovely package of Avocados from Mexico...
and my first reaction was guacamole (because I could live on it)...
but then I thought what else can I create with The Amazing Avocado.
So of course, logically I came to the conclusion to make some jewelry.
Yep...I said jewelry!

I had a zillion ideas and was bouncing them off of my friends and then,
the next day one of my friends told me she had a dream about my avocados...
and then these very cool leather cuff styles were born!
These are Haas Avocados from Mexico and they know for their green-black pebbly skin -
 this inspiration for my jewelry!
 Seriously would you guess that these are avocados?

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Spring Bling Jewelry Collection and GIVEAWAY (there are 4!!!!)

Did you see all the amazing handmade jewelry from Spring Bling Week.
 I am so blown away by these ladies!
I will take one of each please...oh but wait...
you can enter to win some of these amazing pieces,
including a $50 credit for a Lisa Leonard Design! 
But first let's take a look at the beautiful pieces that have been created this week!

 Bingo Marker Spoon Pendant by Holly from 504 Main / Beaded Wire Earrings by Kate from Cheap Craft Mama / Mixed Media Bracelet by Adrianne from Happy Hour Projects / Color Block Earrings by Kara from Happy Go Lucky / Pearl Cluster Earrings by Kara from Happy Go Lucky / Stamped Washer Necklace by Adrianne from Happy Hour Projects / Woven Ankle Bracelet by Adrianne from Happy Hour Projects / Handstamped Ring by Amy from One Artsy Mama / Amber Dangle Necklace by Rebecca from My Girlish Whims / Druzy-Style Resin Necklace by Adrianne from Hour Hour Projects / Simple Statement Necklace by Natalie from North Shore Days

 The winner of prize package #1 will receive a woven ankle bracelet, a rose necklace- the winner can choose from ivory, gray, peach, pink, or turquoise for the rose, a pair of filigree earrings in winner's choice of color, and a pair of color block earrings.

The winner of prize package #2 will receive a bingo marker spoon pendant - winner can choose any number between #1-98, a pair of beaded wired earrings, a pearl ring and a simple statement necklace.

The winner of prize package will receive a bird nest necklace by TLC Creations, $25 shop credit to Bangle Wood Crafts, and photo bracelet kit from Photo Jewelry Making.
TLC Creations:  Shop / Facebook / Pinterest
Bangle Wood Crafts:  Shop / Facebook / Pinterest
Photo Jewelry Making:  Shop / Facebook

The winner of prize package #4 will receive a $50 Shop Credit to Lisa Leonard's Designs

Hurry on up and enter to win some great handmade jewelry!
This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre


Bingo Marker Spoon Pendant (Jewelry Tutorial)

I love crazy funky jewelry...
 and if that jewelry involves something odd -
something not jewelry like - all the better!
I started making some spoon jewelry about 8 months ago
and LOVE using the flattened spoons as a base for a pendant. 
jewelry from spoons

I used to make jewelry all the time...and really enjoyed it.
I am so excited to start doing it again!
 I had not shared these beauties because...because I am so behind...
but this week I am participating in Spring Bling Week with some other fun bloggers...
so now is the perfect time to share.

Best yet, you can totally customize this jewelry to suit your style...
I have made some with keys, costume jewelry, fabric, buttons, and gorgeous paper!


Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend: Anjolee Review

I have never said no to jewelry...
well once...and I regret it!

Recently Anjolee.com approached me to review a piece of their jewelry...
and well, you don't need to ask me twice!
I was super excited to look at www.anjolee.com 
and explore their beautiful selection.

One of the many things that is very cool about Anjolee website is that you can customize the jewelry to fit your needs, style, and even price.

First you select a design
Then you can select the type of metal,
the quality and size of the stone,
and presto you have a beautiful customized piece of jewelry.

"Anjolee is the only jewelry website that offers customers the ability to customize any jewelry designs to the customers’ exact preferences, taste and budget. Anjolee’s product line includes fine diamond and bridal jewelry. "

Wouldn't that be a cool gift to give someone or better yet receive yourself?

I checked out the Bangle Styles and was so tempted...
such pretty bracelets and of course let's not forget the diamonds!
I eventually headed over to check out the earrings.
I like big statement necklaces, but like to keep my earrings small and sparkly!
I fell in love with the Romanced by Diamonds Stud Earrings 
and that is what I chose to review.

And...oh my goodness...I LOVE them.
I have been wearing them every day since I receive them and get so many compliments.
I love the little bit of sparkle they add to my eyes and face.

I also adore that tome anyway, they have a slightly vintage and classic flair,
 kind of like my grandmother once owned them.

I actually am really attached to the jewelry I have,
especially since a few very nice pieces were lost in our of our moves
(still mourning that loss).
I am so happy to have had the opportunity with Anjolee.

What is your favorite piece of jewelry?
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disclosure: this is a compensated post via Anjolee. All opinions are my own.


Guest Post! Flamingo Toes

I have professed my love of this lady and her talents before,
and what is not to love...Beverly is just plain amazing...
she crafts fabulous things, she cooks, and is all around a great lady.
Today she is sharing (or re-sharing - is that a word?)
a little something I have had my eye on!
Hello 504 Main Readers!!
I am so excited to be here today - Holly is one of my favorite people and I think she is just amazing. :) My name is Bev and I blog over at Flamingo Toes!
I love to do Jewelry, Sewing, and Home Decor projects - and anything else that sounds fun! I'm here today with one of my favorite projects - the Anthro Paisley Rebirth necklace!
Here's my version:

And here is theirs:
This necklace is a blast to make.
I went with a little darker colors than they did because
I just fell in love with the fabric in the scarf I found.

Here's your handy dandy tutorial!!
• Sewing Machine (you can hand sew it, it will just take longer)
• Scarf or lightweight fabric (you need enough for a 33" x 12" piece)
• Silver chain - 4 yards
• Small pieces of different chains
• 2 Large beaded pieces or pins (I bought these at Michaels)
• Needle and matching thread
Cut out your fabric - you need a 33" x 12" piece.
I recommend you cut it out on the bias if you have enough fabric.
It helps it lay nicer.
(The bias is a 45 degree angle from the selvage. It's basically a diagonal cut.)
You can see that my fabric was pretty sheer.
If yours is a thicker fabric you might want to cut
down on the width of your rectangle. Try bunching it up.
If it is pretty thick, I'd recommend a narrower rectangle.
With right sides together, sew the rectangle into a long tube.
Turn right side out.
Turn the raw edges under and overlap them, making a circle.
Sew. I did two rows of stitching to make sure it would hold.
It helps to lay out your circle in a necklace shape.
Put the seam on the left, towards the top.
Place a pin on the right side of the circle,
about 1" above the point across from the seam.
That is where we will start wrapping.

Double up your chain so it is 2 yards long.
You will work with the chain doubled as you go - treating it as one chain.
Begin with the halfway point.

Leaving that halfway point with a little space,
wrap the chain around the fabric tube twice.
Feed the other ends of the doubled chain through
the halfway point loop and pull. Don't pull super tight -
you don't want to stress the chain - but so that it is snug against the fabric.
Lay the chain along the fabric for about an inch.
Hold the chain at that point.
Wrap the chain around the fabric tube.
Bring the ends up and run them under the wrapped part and pull snug.
Here is a handy arrow drawing to illustrate. Don't laugh.

Continue wrapping and looping around the bottom of the fabric tube. Keep the distance between loops the same, except for over the stitching line. That can be a bit longer.
When you get just above the stitching, wrap the chain around the tube four times.
Sew down the end of your chains.
If you have chain leftover, trim it off.
Fold in half your two small contrasting chain pieces.
Sew the folded ends to the fabric tube at the top
of your wrapped chain on the left side.

Sew on your large beaded pieces on the left side,
making sure you cover up the seam.
If you are using pins, you can just pin them on,
but I'd recommend sewing these on as well, for stability.
You have just created you own Paisley Rebirth Necklace!
Don't you love it??

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! I'd love it if you stop by Flamingo Toes to say hi!
Thanks so much Holly for having me over!
THANKS Beverly for sharing your talents with us!
I am feeling the need to break out the sewing machine
and try my hand at some jewelry making!

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